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 Baragon, God of Depravity and Cannibalism

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Baragon, God of Depravity and Cannibalism Empty
PostSubject: Baragon, God of Depravity and Cannibalism   Baragon, God of Depravity and Cannibalism I_icon_minitimeSat Mar 30, 2013 9:54 pm

Baragon, God of Depravity and Cannibalism

There are places in the world humanity was just not meant to go and live for very long. The foolhardy and the glory seekers alike venture to these places, usually only to never be seen again. Most of the time these people are done in by their own greed and nature of just being who they are. Sometimes though these people disappear to something far worse. The great and hungry maw of Baragon consumes these people as they travel into the lonely wastelands, seeking something that will cost them everything.

This terrible beast is completely insane. It has lived underground for most of its life and it has lived alone, until the very end. It emerged only rarely and witnessed too much for its mind to handle at once. Seeing the world for what it really was for the first time, realizing there was more then himself in the universe. The beast went insane nearly instantly. Its simple mind turned to terrible things. It attacked the rest of the Gods in a full on attack, intending to devour them all. All Baragon ever truly seemed to know was hunger when he roamed the darkness, now it was all he would ever know

The Gods watched this laughable attempt at an attack and stopped it before it could even mean anything. There was no reason to fear this tiny beast charging at them, compared to them anyway, it was tiny, insane and lower class, They didn't even consider Baragon to be a god of any kind, but he was. He was the last of his kind, earth travelers that lived through the great destruction millions of years ago. They lived and traveled underground through the ages. By the time mankind came around there barely any left, those that remained inspired the ancient dragons legends, and other monsters. Some were killed by men, others died quietly underground. Eventually only Baragon remained. Sleeping on an island, prepared to die at the end of his life, he never got the chance to do this. The nuclear fire burned his skin and at the first light he panicked and dug as fast as he could into the ground, but it was too late.

Baragon did sleep under the ground but his unique nature took the radiation and mutated him into something far bigger and more powerful then he was before. He woke up starving and tunneled to Japan, not knowing what it was other then being close. He rose out of the earth and began to eat his way through the countryside. Anything that moved was a target to be eaten. Baragon was relentless in his attack and just as unstoppable because he could bury himself and disappear with ease.

Baragon met his match in a beast nicknamed Frankenstein. A huge humanoid beast rumored to have the heart of original European monster of legend inside that was infected with radioactivity. It had regenerated to massive size, but was peaceful by nature. The two creatures though seemed to be natural enemies only because they both needed the same thing. They both needed to eat. In a nightly raid by Baragon, the meeting that had been fast approaching came and the two battled. Even though Baragon had a heat beam, he seemed to be no match for the oversized humanoid.

Their battle happened to take place near a nearby an almost active volcano. Nobody knew this at the time but their intense battle was more then enough to offset the inner forces into a chain reaction. During their battle the magma split the earth, the quake sent both monsters to the ground and the loose ground shattered into a deep, lava filled pit. Seemingly destroying the both of them in the process.

Baragon was not destroyed, but he was entombed deep under the earth and the only thing he would know for several decades. It would end up driving him insane. The magical disaster touched him as it did those others like him. Enhancing his natural talents and his new mind set to intense levels. Baragon became a god, of the worst kind.

Baragon's stats

Height: 100ft

Weight: 20,000 tons

Baragon is the living embodiment of depravity, cannibalism and hunger

His powers are as follows:

Earth Connection: Baragon's main source of energy comes from the earth itself due to his original connection with it. As long as he is in contact with it, his energy is nearly unlimited.

Omnivore: Baragon can eat anything and gain energy from it.

Heat Beam: Baragon's main form of attack is his oral heat beam. It has a devastating withering attack as it burns nearly everything it touches.

Influence: Baragon can drive people into madness just by being near them.

Dark vision: Baragon can see in total darkness, magical or otherwise and is immune to all kinds of blindness.

Baragon is a true creature of the earth and as a God is the weakest of his kind to be sure. Far beneath the attentions of most others besides being just a bother most of the time, but to humanity he is a much greater threat.

Baragon's realm: Baragon's realm is nothing more then an endless system of caves. He created this maze to remind him of home, even though he is the only one here. There is nothing in these caves but bones of people who thought there was. Baragon allows everyone to come here and he spreads stories of vast treasures for people to try their luck at finding them, however, there is one artifact in his realm, a book he writes. A book of magic, dead names and horrible things that he dreams about. It is a nameless tome.

Personality: Hungry. Baragon is always hungry for anything that moves and this is what drives him most of the time. There is only the next meal to him. Sometimes though he breaks through and is very curious about things and likes to learn about people before he eats them. The more interesting the person the longer they get to live.

Worshipers: Baragon has no official order, however cults live in the dark places of the earth and they do worship him in secret. Depraved acts of sacrifice and madness occur here and they are granted dark dreams, also, Baragon grants these twisted people to gain strength from the people they eat, as long as they are of their own kind.

Temple: Baragon has no temple to speak of. Nor does he need one. He considers the whole of the earth his temple.

Afterlife: He is only concerned with this life.

Future: Baragon is one of the oldest of the gods and his dreams are memories of terrible things that had come before, he doesn't realize it but he is the only connection to a threat to every god, he will come to realize this and warn the others someday of the looming terror that exists beyond the black. No one will believe him.
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Baragon, God of Depravity and Cannibalism
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