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 Varan, Lord of the Lakes

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PostSubject: Varan, Lord of the Lakes   Varan, Lord of the Lakes I_icon_minitimeSun Apr 21, 2013 12:23 am

Varan, Lord of the Lakes

Varan is an oddity among the gods. Generally considered one of the lords of darkness, he is not quite up to par. Not much his known about this god, and everyone that knows about him rarely takes him seriously as a threat. He is still a god though, and spends most of his time near a random lake, and is seen mostly as a fisherman just enjoying his time there doing nothing. Varan is always trying to get into the official ranks of the dark lords, but they reject him each time due to his lack of power.

Varan isn't generally very good at doing evil as well, usually when he does he regrets the things that he does. Varan is a strange god that is very hard to read, he's never actually killed anyone, but he's destroyed many boats. He is very protective of all lakes and anything inside of them, besides people. He does not like people inside of his lakes, and he considers every lake in the world to be his. Even though he does this, he usually can be found among the largest lakes in the world most often and leaves most of them alone.

Varan spends most of his time in human form, this makes him a rarity among the gods who mostly only take human form if they feel they have to. Varan though, he tends to like it more then anything else and nobody really knows why. He's even made some human friends and makes no secret about who he really is. Even though he claims to be evil, most of the time he ends up doing the right thing for people, even if he doesn't admit it was him if asked.

Varan live a very quiet and solitary life. He doesn't talk to most of the gods for any reasons, he finds them annoying and pointless most of the time. The only reason he wants to be in with the lords of darkness is because he feels he doesn't belong any where else. Varan can generally be described as a depressed god most of the time if he is left alone for too long with out anyone to take his mind off his own thoughts.

Varan's Stats

Height: 120 ft

Weight: 30,000 tons

Varan is the protector of the lakes of the world.

His powers are as follows.

Lake Transport: Varan can appear on the shores of any lake in the world instantly.

Barren Lake: Varan can control the life inside of any lake and cause all of it to disappear into his realm, if angered this power can devastate any community that relies on the lake to live.

Hydro kinesis: Varan can command water as long as he is near it

Liquid form: Varan can turn himself into water at will to avoid most attacks.

Varan is a lake god, and he must stay with in twenty five miles of one at all times or his strength will begin to leave him quickly. He doesn't mind this though because he likes where he lives.

Varan's Realm: As one might imagine it is nothing more then a massive lake, the shores of the lake are perfect and the place is surrounded by a vast forest that has no end, or beginning. If one were to walk in any direction long enough they would find themselves back at the lake shore once again. It is home to untold numbers of wildlife and the occasional lake monster. Varan allows them to come here and to their home lake at will. They live here most of the time. The lake rivals that of the deepest ocean in depths. Time moves normally here, but the lake is filled with so many creatures that give off it's own light that the lake often glows brightly.

Personality: Depressed most of the time. Varan does enjoy good conversation and fun when the time is right for it. If he can keep busy he never thinks about all the things he figures he can't have. He likes to swim and oddly enough likes kids, little kids and all other kinds. Ever since the disaster that created the gods, not one child has ever drown in a lake because of Varan's constant vigilance. He likes his lakes to be happy places, peaceful places. Varan rarely ever gets angry, but when he does lakes everywhere are not safe to venture into for some time. To make a friend with the God is to make a friend for life and maybe beyond.

Worshipers: Varan has no official order, but fishermen everywhere pay him respect. Anyone who lives near a lake knows of him and even though Varan doesn't really want that much attention, they give it to him anyway. Most of them do it personally, and try to be friendly with the god if they meet him. Meeting him is a common event sometimes.

Temple: Varan has a temple in his own realm, It is at the very bottom of his lake. No one has ever been there but him.

Afterlife: Varan offers any friends of his to remain forever near the lakes if they wish. Or move on to the great unknown. Beyond this he is aware of nothing more he can do.

Varan's Future: He is destined to never join the forces of darkness and eventually come to terms with this. Someday, something will turn him against them and he will be one of the biggest players in their downfall. No one believes this.
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Varan, Lord of the Lakes
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