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 weird, yes

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PostSubject: weird, yes   Fri Aug 07, 2009 2:02 pm

there's been a lot of crazy crap going on lately... snakehead fish invading the eastern side of north america, squid and octopi are changing their territories and terrorizing the fishing industry, the bees are dying off or going into hiding... hahaha scientists are talking about some star called nemesis destroying our galaxy, there's an oil crisis and people still watch nascar, umm... i dunno, a bunch of stuff that's confusing at best. AND... to top it all off, the dimensional barriers are cracking and crumbling as we type, and noone is aware enough to do anything about it! troubling times my friends... pray to the ones you know as gods and ask them for guidance through this new millenia. or go out and party your @$$ off, is what i say.
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PostSubject: Re: weird, yes   Sun Aug 09, 2009 11:31 pm

Weirdness...Weird...Odd...Hm...Um...Well the only thing that pops into mind right now is the fact that here in Texas we have mutant sized mosquitos. Seriously. I've seen one bigger than a quarter try to take a bite out of me! It was insane! Okay. More weirdness will come tomorrow I can assure you. Oh yeah...How about this global warming, eh? What happened to it raining for like a long ass time? Today it rained for like 2 minutes tops. And didn't make one damn bit of a difference to the weather. In fact...It got worse! It was all hot, muggy, and yucky outside. See...This is what happened because we greedy bastards of humans took everything for granted. We fucked mother nature up the ass now she's raping us right on back. Yeah...Alright. Now I'm done. Honestly.
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weird, yes
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