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 Machina City

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PostSubject: Machina City   Machina City I_icon_minitimeMon Aug 19, 2013 10:03 pm

Machina City

When the world ended and the chaotic magics stormed through the world, not everything was completely destroyed. Pockets of the old world still existed, and continue to do so until this day. The city is nothing less of a shining place filled with electric lights and advanced technology. Towering skyscrapers and is not like anything else in the world that remains. Other tech cites exist, but none match up to this one. Machina city's location is something of a secret, as the people who live here do not and have no reason to leave here. The defensive mechanisms that hide the city work very well and walking right past it and never knowing it is a complete possibility. It is rumored to be north of the Killing fields somewhere.

This is Kiryu's city and the capital of the Technocracy as it stands currently, no matter what status a one of the machine gods are, they will protect this place for it is the only place in the world where they are truly welcome.

The city is protected by a very high and holographic wall that is nearly impossible to detect, if a threat manages to see through this the city is protected by a various degree of weapons ranging from missiles, lasers and an army of mechanical soldiers ready to fight to the end at a moment's notice. Also, if the threat is serious enough the God himself will rise to the challenge and do his very best to turn back the threat. Machina is a generally peaceful place because it's a common story of the vicious defense the place tends to have.

The city has the population of about a million people that live and die here. They are all educated and understand the sciences that keeps the city running. Most of them are convinced the world has ended and have taken an isolationist stance on the progress of the city. Technology has destroyed the world, the human race just isn't ready to have such power again, and with the rise of the magic forces in the world there are no real promises that it will ever be accepted again. Any who leave the city are never allowed to return. Mostly, those who leave are trying to be teachers to the world.

Machina city is home to some of the most advanced places left on earth. It is a unique place unlike any other.

Machina College.

This is a place where it is rumored all of the old world knowledge is held. People can come here and live here for free. In the past people used to have to pay for such things. Now though you are allowed to live here based on how well you do, the better you do the better your living conditions will be. Anyone is allowed entry provided the commit to at least three years of studying. The place is one of the oldest structures in the city, and it is well maintained as well because of the automated systems here. The place is full of secrets though and experiments are going on here all the time in various labs. To go here and get out with all your limbs intact for a full four years is almost as an impressive achievement as graduating from the place. Those who graduate from here usually rise to power with in the city. The study of magic is accepted here as well but it is not a popular choice of study. Occasionally the Machine lords will come here in human form and teach a class when they are feeling bored. The teachers of the sciences and other academic fields are the best in the known world. Occasionally the college will fund expeditions to the stranger parts of the world to study them. Also it has scouts in nearly every city of the world in secret paying attention to the population, if a gifted child is born they will have the chance to become part of the College.

The Machina Library

This is the largest known mortal collection of books in the world. The book keepers here are also warriors. They have to be because they are the only faction besides the college allowed to venture into the world seeking knowledge and books in the ruins of the world. They are relentless in their quest but not with out emotion. They are more then willing to copy a book if the people using it are using it for good purposes. They also obtain spellbooks as well, some times they are home made, sometimes they are written by the gods themselves. This is a dangerous profession that requires an extreme amount of training. The library itself is well protected by automated guards at all times. Anyone can enter but you need special permission to go into the forbidden part of the place. This place is considered by most to be part of the college but it is run by the book keepers alone. The building itself is massive and people have gotten lost in here for days at a time.

The Black Spire

This building sticks out in this city, it is a shiny black skyscraper among many white ones. Nobody is quite sure what goes on in here. The truth is that this is the information center of the city. They use the remaining satellite networks to keep an eye on the rest of the world and more importantly they keep an eye on the giant gods of the world as best they can. It is well known that any of the gods of darkness or Godzilla himself really wouldn't mind taking this city to the ground. They seek to keep one step ahead of the disasters as much as they can. They also predict the weather and track the movements of the orders. Machina city is neutral. They only use this information for themselves and own protection. However in their quest for information they have been known to talk to Iris and other shadowy gods to make deals with them.

The operatives that work here could be anyone, their order is completely secret and they are only talked about in rumors. It is said they have members in every aspect and level of the city and are never unaware of anything, some say they are controling the destiny of the city.

The Dragon Tower.

This is where the Kiryu dwells in his tower. It is not the tallest building in the city but it is the most respected. The god oversees and is connected to everything in the city from here, it is here that the entire Technocracy pantheon meets three times a year to talk about the world events. It is protected by the automated guards constantly and there is at no time any human is allowed into the place with out a special invitation. Once invited into the tower though, he or she is allowed in for life, unless the exiled by the God for what ever reason. Little is known about this place.

The Foundry.

Machina city is a very protected and armed city. It has, supposedly several thousands of machine warriors ready to fight any threat with out fear. This factory is run twenty four hours a day, all week long by people producing parts for weapons and golems to fight for them. Every person in the city is required to own a weapon just in case. The factory is always working to make sure this is possible. Every year they come up with better weapon designs and all the guns are turned in to be traded for the new guns. This is a large place that is not visually impressive, but it is one of the most respected places in the city.

The Armored Barracks.

This is where the legendary mechanical army of the city is housed. It is located deep under the ground and actually located just beyond the walls of the city in order for faster deployment. Each armored warrior is seven feet tall, they are identical. They all use energy based weapons and are very fast in combat. They work well together and are very dangerous. Only the leaders of the city can give the order for them to be deployed besides Kiryu itself. This place is said to stretch for miles holding the most vicious fighting force on the planet.

The Courthouse.

Machina City is a place of extreme order. Anyone who breaks the rules here is judged quickly and fairly. The worst punishment is Exile. They have abolished the death penalty ages ago, having no use for it anymore. This place is an imposing building that handles all of the day to day legal operations to make sure everything runs smoothly. The system involves lawyers and prosecutors just as it did in the old way.

The Irontooth Mine

The city is one of steel, and all of this steel is mined from the nearby mountains. Prisoners are expected to dig the raw materials out of the ground here. This is the fate of all people who try to attack the city and fail, or citizens that break the rules. This mine is a dangerous place due the infestation of insects that tend to come in here from time to time. Usually it is under control for the most part. It runs very deep and operations never stop. The mine does have it's own workers though as well.

Machina City is filled with all kinds of wonders, working cars and roads. It has all the comforts of the modern world before the destruction. Communication and order are the most important things here along with creativity. The keep their power safe and hope that someday the world will be ready to handle what they have to offer, yet at the same time are sure that this day will never come. Those who leave the city are never allowed to return, but sometimes the thrill of adventure goes deeper then just what is on the pages of a book.

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Machina City
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