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 Angurius, The God of Defense

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Anguirus, God of Defense

Out of all the Gods of the light. Anguirus is the one most often over looked, not seen as important or very powerful and many are not sure why he is even in this group at all. The stalwart God of defense though is much more important then one may realize than he seems to be. Anguirus is a beast that never gives up the fight and never actually starts one. He is not only the God of Defense, but the very first line of defense in the Pantheon of the Light Gods. He is always improving this line as well to make sure anyone who tries to cross it who isn't wanted has to really work for their prize. He generally keeps to himself and doesn't interact with the other Gods often and sees their defense as his job, if he makes it to personal with any of them he believes it may compromise his ability to do what is necessary to complete the mission at hand and the mission never ends.

Out of all the Gods of light, he is the only one to have a friendship with the King of the gods as close as it is. Him and Godzilla are best friends and if the King is in a very destructive mood, he is one of the only few in the whole of existence that can convince him to calm down or at least have a second thought in going ahead with his plans. If anyone messes with Anguirus, he knows the King has his back in any situation. It is one of the strongest friendships among the Gods currently known. This is one of the main reasons the Dark Gods don't attack in a frontal assault.

None of them want to deal with the Wrath of the King at his worst. No one is quite sure how this friendship was made and neither one of them are talking about it. He also is good friends with Kiryu as well, being a fellow god of Protection the two have much in common

Anguirus was one of, if not the first of the Kajiu beasts to go into hiding and hardly anyone noticed because the creature was rarely seen to begin with. People who paid attention to this kind of thing took notice though and it began a new age of the world when all the massive beasts on the planet began to vanish.

Anguirus was a vicious fighter but with all of these ultra powerful beasts coming to the planet he was fully aware that he had become outclassed in every respect as just about anyone of them could have killed him with one shot and it didn't even have to be a direct one as well to get the job done. So, he ignored the plight on the planet and went to sleep in a deep underground chamber to be left alone.

When the magical disaster took place, the under classed beast was infused with power in a great degree and it woke him up. Before he was a tooth and claw monster, fought with what he had been given by nature and science gone wrong, now though he had power that to him was unimaginable at any other point in his life and he rose up from the ground only to discover that he was not alone in this new world and all of his enemies and the enemies of his friend, Godzilla had been given similar kinds of power.

Anguirus quickly sought out allies from the past and beings he could sense as being good and non destructive. He made fast friends with Gamera and the other Gods. He tried his best to convince Godzilla to join his side, but the King refused knowing that balance had to be maintained but swore to always be friends and be there if he was needed. Anguirus had knew friends and as he did in the past, he swore to protect them from any kind of harm and has been doing that effectively ever since and became the official God of Defense, protecting anyone who might need it if he could.

Anguirus's stats.

Height: 250 feet tall

Weight: 30,000 Tons

Like other protection based Gods. Angurius will rarely start a fight but once he is involved in it he will never quit until the enemy retreats or is dead. He will protect his fellow gods and the people who trust in him, always giving his life to the fight and all of his attention to the situation at hand. Very few are willing to attack anything he protects due to his unwillingness to quit any kind of a fight.

Angurius's Powers are as follows:

Force Field: The god can create a massive force field around himself and nearly any kind of target he wishes. This field is nearly indestructible, but will break under enough force. Rare is the opponent that can break through it in one shot.

Call to Arms: The God can unleash a special kind of roar that will dispel any magical or physical effect that is making an army unable to fight, also he can summon any allies willing to fight for his cause nearly instantly at the same time nearly raising an army instantly.

Wall of Spikes: Angurius can raise a massive wall of flesh tearing spikes from the ground to surround any encampment to protect them. These spikes regenerate very quickly and the pieces that fall to the ground begin to grow outwards. This wall can last up to a full week before it dies out, even then the spikes must be broken through.

Golem Sentries: Angurius can summon up to sixty ruthless Diamond Golems to his side if he feels he needs it, they follow his orders, or his general's orders with out question. These sentries are as strong as the material they are made out of and immune to magic of all kinds. The Golems are eight feet tall and can carry ranged weapons such as blasters and crossbows or close range weapons as swords and axes. The weapons can be mixed.

Healing factor: Angurius can bestow upon his soldiers or the one he is defending a healing factor that resists injury, hunger, thirst and diseases of all kinds for up to a week at a time. It is said Godzilla taught him this power, he can use it on himself as well if he needs it.

Angurius's personality: Obsesses with plans and weakness in said plans. He is always looking for the weak spot and trying to find ways to fix it. On the rare time he isn't he is making new strategies nearly all the time and improving upon old ones. He takes his job with a deadly serious approach few others can claim to. He is warm though and always has a few spare moments for those who need him. He is always aware of his followers who might need help and when he can, sends them aid or goes to the battle personally. Angurius though does not only heed the prayers of great generals and warlords. He also listens to the pleas of the weak and children unable to defend themselves and sends help where he can. He is a kind hearted being most of the time but one should never mistake kindness for weakness.

Angurius's realm: The God has created a great hall of various armors and has them on display. These armors are legendary artifacts on their own and each of them have mystical powers that can not be denied. The God had them commissioned by other gods to be created for him and most have offered their help, but he in turn decided that these powerful suits of armor would be abused by anyone who used them so he keeps them here and offers special trips to special humans he deemed worthy to see them. The place is massive, but it is just a hall for displaying things, no one is meant to live here.

Worshipers: Angurius has a special order of followers that calls themselves simply The Shield. They are protectors and often they form up local area's police force. They defend those who can't and are seen as heroes among the local public and the most trusted of all of the orders and the one most related to the people. It takes a lot to get into this order but once you are you're in it for life and betrayal is punishable by death. This order is recognized all over the world and accepted as local law keepers in the far out places.

They work well with Leo's Light Lance Order and the two often have the same goals, even if the Lancers are sometime too quick to judge an enemy. The Defenders defend everyone and do their best to figure out what really happened. The worst thing a Defender could do is protect the wrong person and not know it. They are seldom interested in power, only balance and protecting people from people who would do them harm and seeking out justice where they can. In return for this service the people usually support them with all they need, they never usually ask for much.

Temple: Angurius has several so called Temples. They are usually Defender's headquarters. They all have a shrine to the god and prayers can be offered here but the Defenders usually ask if they can take care of the problem first because their God is usually pretty busy. Also, the Defenders sell armor from these temples and shields to people, and sometimes personal defense weapons. The main Defender Temple is located near Xeon City and one of the legendary artifact armors resides here for all to see. It is said the God himself visits here frequently to check in on the place and his people and sometimes he hold conversations with people in need, or who just want to talk and often times they never realize they were talking to a god.

Afterlife: Angurius knows that sometimes people fall in the defensive fight. He offers these people a chance at peace, at the same time he offers them a permanent body in a Diamond Golem. With the gift of free will and the ability to fight for the defense of others for as long as they wish to fight. Once they get tired of it or do what they needed to, the offering of peace remains and they can take it. They can also return to the battlefield at a moments notice as well.

Future: It is said the God of defense will be the first to die in some future epic battle, being the first line of defense this is his fate. He accepts it but has no intention of making it easy for who ever wants to attack and because of this never stops improving his plans and tactics.

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Angurius, The God of Defense
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