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 Souls of the Gods

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PostSubject: Souls of the Gods   Souls of the Gods I_icon_minitimeWed Aug 12, 2009 7:16 am

The Monster Gods, Can not die. Ever.

But their bodies can be destroyed. And their souls roam around the various areas of the world. These spirits are powerful enough to be seen by anybody, but they are horrible versions of the said god. Their eyes usually burn with some kind of ghostly light, and their body is a decayed version of their living self. They are, in short. Terrifying.

These spirits are usually angry at everything due to their state of being. They are not allowed to touch, or interact with any physical thing there is. Even the most friendly of Gods may become destructive in this state. They will remember anything they see in this state after they return to life.

There are exceptions, of course. Kiryu, the Metal God. When His body is destroyed, He is destroyed, his metal body takes three months to repair itself. Bakugon, the Guardian of the Afterlife is in this state permanently but he is not dead. He is the only one who can ward of the spirits of the Gods on their own level.

Lesser God Spirit.

Powers: Materialize at will, Intangibility.

Spirit Duration: 2-3 weeks.

Greater God Spirit.

Powers. Materialize at will. Intangibility, Entropy Touch

Entropy Touch is a mystery at best. Anything these monster ghosts touch will decay faster and it's not known why. Organic beings effected by this, will, from 4-6 weeks after wards experience weakness, sickness and a general lack of energy, and be racked with pain with no source.

Superior God Spirit.

Powers. Materialize at will. Intangibility, Entropy Touch, Possession.

The greater Gods are so powerful, that after death they can possess any of their worshipers for any amount of time they wish, however this stops the regeneration process. If the host is killed, The spirit is released and the physical regeneration begins once more. Evil gods will often destroy themselves inorder to possess the leaders of their cult to make them into effective demi gods on earth. Good Gods defeated in battle will sometimes take over leaders, to promote healing, and protect innocent people. The neutral Gods, like Godzilla sees no point to possess people unless there is a horrible shift in the balance of power, otherwise they stay out of the affairs of humanity and the mortal races.

Reasons a God may Die.

Body destroyed in battle with other Gods. Humanity finds an old weapon to defend themselves against these monsters. Or the God commits suicide, or accidently destroys themselves in some kind of failed super magic experiment.

The spirits of the Gods may not be harmed with physical weapons. However. Sufficient magical attacks can cause it minor damage. The worst thing that could happen to a God is that their soul can be trapped in a large enough container, laced with magic spells. This action however will bring the wrath of the Gods upon you. For Containing the soul of a god is punishable by not only your death, but your entire settlement.
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Souls of the Gods
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