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 The King of the Gods

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PostSubject: The King of the Gods   The King of the Gods I_icon_minitimeFri Aug 14, 2009 11:19 pm

In the beginning. The monsters were of mortal flesh, born of nuclear firestorms and sciences not meant to be known to humankind emerged from the abyss.

Of these the most powerful monsters turned out to be Godziila. Born in the heart of a nuclear explosion, burned and twisted into something truly destructive there was created. But it would remain hidden from human eyes for nearly ten years.

Then in 1954, the beast emerged from the watery depths and completely raised a city of six million people to the ground in a single night. The event was remembered forever. In the next fifty years, Godzilla would play all kinds of roles, from destroyer to savior and back again. He would defend the planet from horrible space monsters and invaders, and even robot clones of himself created by men and aliens alike. He has even defeated genetic monsters made from his own cells.

But, like all things do. The time of the monsters passed, Godzilla vanished into the sea, and was never seen again. At least until the mad scientists of the world discovered the basic laws of a superpower known as magic! Then the race for the more powerful magic powers began. Humans were never ready to control such power, and thus, the third and last great world war began. The ambient magical energy flooded all corners of the earth. Nothing remained unchanged. Godzilla, sleeping at the bottom of the ocean and fed of of the natural radiation of the earth was infused with the magical energies, he was changing.

Godzilla, the King of the monsters, was becoming a God. The most powerful one, due to his natural immense power. The human race waged magical warfare for sixteen years. It would have gone on longer, but the newly changed Godzilla, awoke. Rising from the ocean alone caused all the magical powers to shatter, and this effect caused the whole world to shake and shift, all the magic was flowing back into the earth, and all the cities and battlegrounds of the world were shifting into something primal, something harsh.

The cataclysm destroyed all of modern civilization, all but a few spare spots, the human society was wracked with horrible destruction in the course of just one terrible day. It would have to restart.

Godzilla came ashore on what used to be New York City, and with one breath of mystically charged breath, he began the age of the New Gods.


Height: 392 ft tall

Weight: 60,000 Tons

Godzilla is the living embodiment of radiation. His creation has created a whole new kind of magic. Radiation based magic is his to command, and it is with out mercy with the destruction it brings. His powers are equally based in radiation. They are as follows.

Radioactive Aura: Godzilla's very body seethes with radiation, it is deadly to most humans at a close distance and it infects the land he passes through to a large degree and makes it unsafe. Godzilla can be detected up to five miles away with even the weakest detect radiation spell, anywhere he has been will easily be detected. This horrid radiation, if faced with no protection, is promised to cause horrible cancer, and mutations of the wildlife that lives near here. Despite this. Godzilla is notoriously hard to track down, and it is unclear as of why. The theory is that while he is inactive his body takes in radiation, and the aura dissipates entirely.

Super Regeneration: Godzilla, is the king because, mostly of his healing powers. Ever since his magical transformation, this has only increased twice over. His skin is nearly impervious to damage, even to other gods. He is immune to all poisons and biological warfare weapons. Any true damage done to him will regenerate within mere seconds. Serious damage, if ever inflicted will take minutes to heal. This regeneration is directly connected to his power level. If Godzilla is active for more then a week with out resting, his power level will drop and his healing ability will diminish with the lack of radiation.

Thermonuclear Breath: Godzilla's main offensive weapon is his atomic breath. This will completely obliterate nearly anything man-made in one shot. The color of this normal ray is a bright blue. It inflicts fire and radiation damage, and has a distance of at least one thousand feet of effective killing power before it begins to lose it's power, three thousand feet before it is completely harmless to any radiation resistant creatures. Before he uses this, his spines glow blue. This is an unintentional warning, but it usually isn't enough to help anything. This attack can be used eight times a day, it is draining on his internal power source, but it only usually needs to be used once. Few get hit by this and live to tell about it. Used anymore then eight times and it gets progressively weaker.

Breath of Destruction: If Godzilla so chooses. He can increase the strength of his breath attack. This attack is Blood red and it is wrapped with a magical spiral of pure magic. This attack makes the gods quake in fear for most can not withstand it's power. It is ten times the power of the original breath weapon, with just as much of the duration to be added to it. Any creature killed by this ray, may not be brought back to life through any means other then the most powerful life spells. Even Gods face twice the amount of regeneration time when struck down by this ray. This attack is used very sparingly, so much so in fact that some disbelieve he can even accomplish it at all.

Nuclear Pulse: Godzilla, has the power to unleash all of his energy in one massive attack. This attack has a radius of five miles to be considered the center of the destruction blast, in this five miles, almost nothing lives. From 6-15 miles. Protected beings live, but the land becomes unlivable for at least fifty years. From 15-25 miles, The radiation becomes safer but mutations and cancers are still very highly reported. This power completely drains him, however. It is truly a last ditch move to end any battle. However. If the gamble pays off. Godzilla will regain most of his power as he absorbs the radiation in a few hours. If it fails. Godzilla is extremely weak, and any other evil god can deliver the killing blow to the beast. If Godzilla's body is left in the radiation, and is not dismembered, the body can regenerate back to life in three days and skip the spirit process altogether.

Godzilla's strength, endurance, and intimidation levels are all at the supernatural level, most mortals are naturally afraid of him, and Even the Gods fear his wrath. The monster does not even need to breathe, he can survive underwater, or in any airless environment for an unlimited amount of time.

Godzilla's realm: Godzilla has magically created his own realm. This place is nothing but barren land filled with the most powerful radiation, some say the source of all radiation in the omniverse. The portals to this place are few and far between. Godzilla only retreats here in his weakest moments, otherwise he spends most of his time on the material plane of the earth in hidden places of the ocean. As Godzilla is the king, he goes where ever he wants, when he wants to. Nobody dares to stop him.

The realm is instantly deadly to all forms of life, but Godzilla, and other superior Gods. who dare enter the realm even suffer damage.

Personality: Godzilla is Intelligent. To say otherwise is to be mistaken. He is not good, or evil. He can play both roles equally well, for he embodies destruction itself. He does care, on some level about humanity because they are easily the victims to the twisted plans of the Evil gods who wish to destroy, and not renew the cycle of creation. But he remains above the ideals of good and evil and does not get involved in battle unless he has to. Godzilla does not wish to destroy everything there is, but he will destroy with out mercy, at any given time like a living nuclear weapon. He has very little in common with humanity, and his rage knows no limits when provoked.

Worshipers: Godzilla has very few worshipers, but everybody respects him. They pray to him to avoid disasters, or to rain death upon their enemies. When he is rampaging through a city, sometimes he hears the cries to turn away from people's houses, other times he hears them and does not listen. This is his nature.

His order of worshipers, are scattered. They have no real temples for it is against the idea of their beliefs. Instead, when they do meet. It is in places where Godzilla has been, or places that cause great natural destruction. Volcanoes, or other wrecked places. This cult is not evil, per say. They just believe that the destruction cycle is essential for the renewal process to happen. When they meet together in places, most of them will dress in the torn clothing of a disaster victim to drive the point home that even they are not above their God's fury.

The Priests of the Order, what few there are, Will often dress in better clothing and carry the favored weapon of the staff at their side. This group has been the select few chosen by Godzilla to be responsible for using the newly created radiation magic through a trial, that if one fails it, it destroys the one attempting to become the priest.

These powers are in the likeness of their god. They include the Detect Radiation Spell, Thermonuclear Ray, Regeneration, And if killed, their body dissolves into a nuclear dust that attempts to cover what ever killed them, and Godzilla is at once aware one of his chosen has been killed, and the killer got away. Revenge will be had to restore the balance, but one will never know when it will come. So being a priest of this order has its distinct advantages. But it also makes you a target for the cults of the evil gods who'd like nothing more to destroy the king.

This order has serious issues with the Order of Kiryu, for they believe completely different things. The Order of Kiryu believes once something is made, it should never be unmade. Sometimes fights break out over what seems like the smallest of issues to anybody who doesn't understand, but if needed they can put their differences aside to defeat a greater threat.

This Order often tries to avoid the orders of the Good Gods, for while they basically get along, their beliefs are so different that violence often is the result. But like above they will put all that aside to battle a threat that threatens them all. But friendships between sects is not unheard of, if even it is an uneasy peace.

The only order this group gets along with fully is Rodan the Sky Lord's Order. Their nature to never stay in one place for long and general indifference to worldly affairs makes them the closest thing to a friend they could have.

As for the Evil Cults, they despise most of them, for their destruction is to remain forever, their plans are played out against them, and everybody else. And they have some Powerful Gods backing them up. But above all, they hate Death Ghidorah the most, for when he destroys, he kills the renewal cycle at once by creating the abomination known only as the undead, and his touch decays everything to a point worse then radiation could ever do.

When they come together as a fighting force on a rare occasions, they are relentless in their battle. And show nearly no mercy for those who have been defeated! This practice makes the other orders turn their heads to the action, but they know that sometimes it is needed to be done, so let those who are willing to do it, proceed. They are mostly fighters, well trained in the use of the Longsword and a Staff, most of them are more then capable of using heavy armor and still be quite effective. These events don't happen very often, and for that. People are thankful.

The Trial: To become a Priest of the order, one must equally understand that destruction is a needed part of life, to make way for the new. However, the undead exist against all known laws. The Trial is simple. You must, on your own, destroy a horde of the undead, in their nighttime element. One is granted all the powers of the priest and sent out into the wild. Once a horde is located, it must be destroyed within that same night, or the trial ends with the death of the would be priest as his body melts down with the sunrise. The reward is great, but the risk is also great as well, this is why there are very few priests of the order. Godzilla admires not only strength, but the wisdom to use it, and proof of loyalty to his beliefs.

The group tends to stay away civilization and if one is part of this group, and living in civilization, they tend to keep it a secret. The gods have no use for money, so the group has to make their own methods of making money. They specialize in demolition. They are the best in the land, for it makes them happy to destroy things anyway, why not get paid for it. There is no job they will not do to destroy something. But the other side of this they do not show distinction between condemned buildings, and ones newly built. They ask no questions. For the right price, they will destroy anything that stands regardless of who owns it.

Temple: Despite their destructive nature, there is said to be an actual temple on an island far out to sea somewhere. It is said to have a life size statue of Their God, and an actual portal to the Radioactive realm. The Priests know where this is, but its location is kept a secret to all people. Even their own group. For this statue is said to be made out of pure gold, and hold countless secrets about the other various Gods around the world.

Future: Godzilla's future was foretold, only once. It said he was destined to walk the earth forever, sometimes with the other Gods, sometimes alone. This has prompted an all out war against the beast in order to break this vision, but the Gods of Evil Have yet to succeed in their mission. But as of right now. Godzilla seems to be living up to his said future.

Afterlife: Godzilla makes no promises of a happy afterlife, and his followers wouldn't have it any other way. For their lives are usually not peaceful ones. After they die, and face Bakugan, they can choose to go to Godzilla's realm and wait for the call of battle there. Or they can go onwards to the so called "Light" Very few souls move into this light, and they wait for the final battle call, or sometimes go into the realms of the evil gods and cause havoc. At will Godzilla can summon his spiritual army to swarm through a city, and cause it to be destroyed within minutes, or reinforce his order in battle too.
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The King of the Gods
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