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 Abysmal Tale Number Four: Untimely Resurrection

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PostSubject: Abysmal Tale Number Four: Untimely Resurrection   Sat Aug 15, 2009 7:40 am

Welcome Back.

Questions and Answers are things that haunt our minds on a daily basis but some questions were not meant to be answered, can we truly resist the urge to fight the unknown or will it consume us in the end?

This is a story I like to call, Untimely Resurrection

Black is the world where I live. Memories of the world as it used to be are fading so quickly now. Well, I really am not allowed to say that anymore it has been almost a year since it took place, that horrible event that took her away from me, even though the cold winter air chills me through my clothes almost to the bones my spirit remains warm with the terrible memory.

There is no sound as I march through the snow save for when it crunches beneath my feet. The graveyard is always quiet and dark, but this time of the year the chill adds a most disquieting quality, a quality of terror unlike one that can be produced from any story or movie they attempt to make these days. The angelic statues watch me with unmoving eyes, judgment absolute as I pass them, they judge me and I am guilty.

Guilty of witchcraft, guilty of being different. We both would be guilty of this, but death frees all things. There was some freedom that I could do with out, In my case I needed an answer, I would not be denied this, I refused to be denied. As my trek into the neglected part of the cemetery continued it got harder, the snow much deeper and the cold was threatening to bite into my very soul, I would not give up.

My mind went to Rose, my dear Rose taken from me too early, too soon. I remembered her as she used to be. Her skin was pale as the snow I tread upon, well ok it was not that pale, but it was pretty close. Softer than most things, she was named well. I remember so much, but the details in my mind stick out much better than the most obvious things. Her eyes were green, and they could look through you if you let them do it. She hated her body and to this day I cannot imagine why. To me it was perfect. They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and I did behold a beauty. It was her soul that attracted me the most, burning brightly and it was still innocent from most of the evils of the world, however it was a cracked soul. She was innocent from the evils of man, but not of the darkness, not the true evil that lurked just beyond the shadow. This was my fault. Or at least I believed it to be true. I had ruined her soul and I had to restore it and I intended to do more than this.

Not more than three nights ago my request was answered, a man in black came to my dorm and gave me what looked like it was something far older than man was, but oddly enough it was able to be read by me. It must have been an enchantment or something, when I had wanted to thank the stranger, he was gone. Predictable but at the same time it was unexpected. This enchanted miracle was exactly what I had asked for! Even though they say there are only two great tragedies in life, getting what you asked for, and not getting it at all.

For three sleepless nights I toyed with idea, temptation was digging its claws into me deeply and the thought of being saved was not uncommon to me in the past year, but the only thing I truly needed to be saved from was myself, this was a fact I refused to see. There were many other factors that claimed this spot, chief among them the fire that stole her away from me.

It would have been almost a year ago when I decided we should make the jump from simple witches to elementalists I may have been greedy and I also may have over stepped my limitations. Rose, such and adventurous and innocent soul offered to go first. Her element, of course happened to be of the flames. The circle was completed in our sacred spot. We were foolish to believe we could control the flames in our weak little containment circle. We summoned up the great spirit of the flames. It did take some doing and most of my energies. The whole ordeal took no more than ten minutes and after we did the ritual, it seemed like it did not work. It was seeming to be like an ordinary night, but this night would begin the the journey I am finishing now. Rose stood up and she screamed. It made my mind and body retreat a few steps. How could such a horrible noise come from such a sweet little thing such as her? I was going to rush over to her and find out what was the matter, I was not fast enough.

Before I could even get up to move her eyes burst into flames and she fell to her knees screaming covering those once green eyes with her hands. The rest of her body followed suit and she burst into flames, her clothes burned away and offered me a rare glimpse at her body, then it was gone, all of it was gone in a inferno. The police were called, the news and town went crazy with news of human sacrifices to the devil, satan worship and other crazy things. They could never prove I did anything wrong and the charges were dropped. That never stopped the local abuse, and all the police attention I received from then on. All of the evidence would look really satanic to an untrained eye, and this event alone made me retire from the scene. Doing so made me a legend and a so called mistress of the black arts.

I snapped my self back to the present time period, back to the cold that was attempting to give frostbite an entirely new meaning and the ever deepening snow. But there it was just in front of me her grave site. It had no snow on it and when I made my way to it I found out why. The ground was warm, no not warm it was down right hot! I unfurled my supplies and proceeded to set up the ritualistic patterns described by this ancient parchment.

This did not seem to make any sense and it had something to do with spirits I had never even heard of before. I will not repeat their names out loud until it was absolutely needed to be done. Speaking names aloud could prove to be disastrous. The odd set up did not seem to take long, either that or I was in complete auto-pilot mode and was not realizing what I was doing.

I was nervous now and my heart was racing, I was willing to give anything to learn the truth of what happened to my dear Rose. I would prove it. I began the ritual. I focused my energy and I could hear, something crawling around in the darkness around me, no slithering. I tried to ignore it, I really tried to ignore it the best I could. I spoke the first name out loud. Then it happened.

The snow came to life around me like a massive swarm of insects or something, the only thing I was sure of is that is was not snow anymore, it was something alive. It screamed my name over and over again in this high pitched voice. What happened, what did I do wrong? I never had time to ask this question, but there she was, the one I had come here for, the one I had thought about for almost a year. Rose was standing there, on her grave site clothed in green and black flames that swirled around her constantly.

The reason came directly into my mind, and it was painful. The reason she burst into flames is because her soul was truly cracked. The fire spirit would not grant her powers, instead her chaotic and impulsive nature was granted something, higher. The spirit of the flames had taken her in and they had become one, something special and powerful. They just needed one more thing to become complete. They needed a sacrifice, a willing or not was not specified.

She smiled a wicked and terrifying smile at me, then I knew the price for my willingness. The stranger had given me the key to my own destruction, but he had not forced me to use it. I could hear a distant laughter as the flesh from my body began to sting and be devoured by the flames, I screamed and fell to my knees and had one last single thought before I was consumed by the overwhelming pain and the stench of my own flesh and hair burning into nothing.

My last and final thought was simply that somethings are better left unknown, but if I had the chance to do it all over again, I knew I would do the exact same thing over and over. Now that the spirit of flames was released, perhaps it would grant my dying request of revenge against the ones who had oppressed me so much. I would never know for soon sweet death took me, and all went black.
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Abysmal Tale Number Four: Untimely Resurrection
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