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 Planes of Existence!

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PostSubject: Planes of Existence!   Mon Aug 17, 2009 6:04 am

The world is a funny place sometimes. Most people live and die living in their world and never even imagine what else is out there.

In this entry of mine I will attempt to open up a whole new idea of other realities of existence. Here in Rhydin most know of the other worlds, it is after all the center of the multiverse and has a connection to everything, little do people realize that any material plane has a connection to almost every other plane. Here is a preview of what this tome will include.

The Elemental Planes: These realms are the base homes for the four basic elements, from these flow the energies that fuel elemental magic and power. They must all connect to one another to even have the basis for a material plane to even hope to exist, even so each of their realms holds cities and wonders of their own to behold.

Para Elemental Planes: Sometimes two of the four realms mix together and create a world of their very own, these are often dangerous places and most of them are pretty unstable and dangerous.

Spiritual Realms: These are the realms of the Gods themselves. Some are ruined wastelands, others are paradise for good. And others are hellish plains of evil demonic forces.

The Abyss: An eternal living darkness that holds many secrets, and older than any other realm with an agenda all its own.

Quasi-Elemental Planes: These are when either the worst or the best aspects of the planes mix together to form worlds that are amazing or filled with terror.

Outer Planes/Beyond reality: There are pocket universes out there that have nothing in common with anything else there is also a realm outside of normal reality where things unknown and unseen are imprisoned to be removed from reality and everything else.

Check this out for updates when I can put them here, you never know this may help you some how.

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Planes of Existence!
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