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 Elemental Plane of Water

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PostSubject: Elemental Plane of Water   Mon Aug 17, 2009 6:12 am

The Elemental Plane of Water

This is the source for all water in the multiverse. A never ending ocean with no surface, and endless in every direction with powerful currents running through it as rivers. Like every world and realm this one too has its cold and hot regions, good and bad as well. Water elementals live here mostly. Some others live here as well.

This place is guarded by the very powerful Water Elemental Dragons. There is no direction here, there is light but the source of this light is no sun of any kind, but a great magical city made out of glowing coral, the material is as hard as any stone on any plain. The aura of light it gives off goes for thousands of miles due to the plane's lack of things to block the light.

Where this light ends and the dark waters begin is dangerous for even the locals to venture too far into. Humans can travel here but will find it a difficult due to the fact there is no air to breathe as where they came from.

The water world connects to many other places via whirlpools that act as portals and passage ways to other material prime planes.

The Coral City of a Million Lights:

Few words can describe this place. Eternally Vast sums it up nicely though. The city has no bottom, none has ever been found. Legends speak of travelers going for years and never finding the bottom of the city, or for that matter the top. This place is as mysterious as it is symbolic. In the water world this is the paramount of all good and right. Anything can be found here in this place of trade if one looks in the right shop, anything that can be obtained with money that is. This is where most of the planewalkers end up when they enter the water world. The locals usually cast a spell to allow people to breathe when they enter one of the portals, its bad for business having dead bodies floating around. Laws are pretty strict when it comes to stealing, usually result in warnings.

The main people that live here are the Miriad and the Water fairies. Defense of the city falls to the Purity Knights, a sacred band of Knights and Water Mages who fight against the evils of the deep that sometime attack. They have no official ruler, but a senate of people to make major choices.

The City is a Wonderous place to behold but for the common adventurer, they wont want to remain here for long.

Oceanic chasm:

This is the vast empty space of the water land, it is not everlasting but it is vast and easy to get lost in the unchanging surrounding. They do change quite often but to normal eyes of people, it looks all the same. Unending currents of water flow through here like suspended rivers, deadly and invisible most of the time. The light from the city shines throughout here constantly so seeing is not an issue, you can see everything, but everything can see you too. This is where most of the water dragons live and where most of the whirlpools are too, the unwary traveler can get sucked into some hellish world if they are not careful. Many great and old water beasts live here, most are so large they dont even notice people. But all of them are constantly hungry and will eat anything they can find. The wildlife of this region is often deadly as every thing is food for something else, plantlife in the water world is virtually unknown.

The Silverflow:

The Silverflow is simply where the air and water plains come close together and form a huge river of ice, many people believe it leads and is one of the major source of the paraelemental plain of ice, and they are right. Nothing lives here but the combination of the two magics infused with this ice makes it glow, and if one could get a part of this ice, it would never lose its glow, and it would never melt, other than that, this place is deadly and nothing is strong enough to live, but sometimes people, espically magic users cast a spell and get dragged through it and become part Ice elemental themselves, adventurers are advised to avoid the silverflow.

The Dark Water:

A place with no light source, but the one you bring. Few people ever go here, not because of the dark, but what is hiding in it. A great old beast was imprisoned with in the boundary of the darkness. A demon with out shape and as one with the water as it could be. It kills everything it contacts and shows no mercy. There are other things in the waters that are just as lethal. The water itself is almost poisonous to all who venture in it. Their are portals to the abyss and the hellish worlds of beyond constantly taking any living thing that gets trapped to them. This place holds many secrets and treasures for the brave, and death for any who enter.

Plane Traits :

It has normal time as in the Material Plane.

Its Neutral Aligned

Water, Ice and Healing magic work here, all other magic is limited.

All Elementals Suffer here, all but Water ones of course.

Gravity is self determined as is direction.

Its opposite is the Fire Plane, the one closest to it is the Air Plane. Earth plane is not connected to this one. Its hard to leave this Plane because its vastness appeals to the mind of most humans and they end up getting lost in the wonder of the Elemental Plane of water forever. There can never be a full account written of any elemental world, they are all too vast and wondrous for any book to hold all the information.

Here is one small interesting fact. The Elemental Crystal of Water, the source of all water magic is supposedly located at the source of the Silverflow, if one could get it they would become a force to be reckoned with. This Crystal is guarded by some of the oldest and most fierce water dragons ever to exist.

So ends the entry on the Elemental Plane of Water.
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Elemental Plane of Water
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