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 Frost Hits Central Canada over Weekend!

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PostSubject: Frost Hits Central Canada over Weekend!   Mon Aug 17, 2009 10:28 am

WINNIPEG, Manitoba (Reuters) – Frost hit parts of central Alberta during the weekend, Canada's weather forecasting agency said on Monday.

Freezing temperatures were recorded at weather stations 80 to 100 km (50 to 60 miles) north of the provincial capital of Edmonton, said Environment Canada meteorologist Sandy Massey.

A low of -2.1 Celsius (28.2 Fahrenheit) was recorded Saturday morning northeast of Edmonton, where the temperature remained below freezing for about four hours, Massey said.

A station northwest of the city dropped to -0.9 C (30.4 F) on Saturday morning and remained below freezing for one to two hours, she said.
The same weather station northwest of Edmonton recorded a temperature of -1.4 C (29.5 F) on Sunday morning.

Crops in Western Canada, a key growing area for spring wheat and canola, are about two weeks behind normal development, meaning farmers are counting on frost-free conditions extending into late September to allow their crops to mature.

A below-freezing temperature of -0.3 C (31.5 F) was recorded in Grande Prairie, Alberta, on Friday.

The weekend frosts did not have any noticeable impact on ICE Winnipeg November canola futures which were down almost 2 percent at C$423.20 per metric ton on Monday morning.
Weather forecasts for the rest of the week look more promising, with overnight lows expected to be around 6 C to 12 C across the Prairies, Massey said.
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Frost Hits Central Canada over Weekend!
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