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 First Abysmal Tale: The Game

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PostSubject: First Abysmal Tale: The Game   Fri Aug 07, 2009 8:50 pm

This is a story of addiction and the proof that nothing is as free as it appears to be at first. In this day and age there are thousands of games to be played on the thing we call the Internet. This is the story of one such game that is not exactly what it seems to be.

I call this one, The Game.

It started in the in between hours of the day and the night, for most people we will call this three in the morning. The subject of this story has a name, the subject of this story could be you, it could be your best friend, it could be that odd guy that lives across the street that never seems to sleep. This story has everything to do with a computer and everything to do with a need to escape from reality.

You are surfing the web like you always do, going from site to pointless site looking for something to catch your interest, then something does. It is one of those banner ads about some online game called "The Shard" yes it is pretty bland, but it promises the one thing you are looking for, it promises excitement and more importantly, it promises a challenge.

Expecting nothing you click on it, and it takes a second to load up to the main page, a little quicker than most. The loading screen comes up. In big black letters obviously meant to be creepy, it says Welcome to the Shard. Below it it asks for two things only. The first box asks for your name. The second box asks for your birthday. Underneath these two things is an enter button that is shaped in a familiar shape, but you just can not seem to remember where you have seen it before.

You do not see any kind of register form, it does not ask for your E-mail like other things do. You click on the name Box and you type in something you think would be cool to other people, then you click on the birthday section and type it in. You click on to the enter button and from the speakers comes this noise, you know it instantly as that famous warning beep when the computer or web site wont accept something. This box appears on the screen and it says the name you have entered is incorrect, you must enter your real name to continue. Warning bells go off in your head immediately, what kind of site asks for your real name as your In game name? Despite every voice in your head screaming to click that little "X" in the corner, you have to know more, and you type in your real name to make the machine happy, you then click on the Enter button and the screen goes black.

For a few seconds you think you did something wrong, loaded a virus up or something stupid like that, and you almost get mad. The computer waits for you, it taunts you to the point of anger when nothing responds. Just when you reach for the power button, it happens. Music comes from the speakers, this music is soft, but it is akin to what you would imagine your self being at some cult meeting. You can hear something behind the music, it sounds like something breathing, something screaming.

The menu comes up and you really do not pay attention to the rules of the game. You never have before really, why start now? Trying to get this over with when it asks you to create a character, you click the random button. The image it shows is unsettling and it is indeed, you. Not just a likeness of you, but it IS you. Now you are a bit nervous. you are alone in the house and your computer seems to be acting strangely now, and this game just created you in it, but it was random, right? It just had to be random.

You shake off that chill down your spine, this is crazy. Being scared of some web based game is not rational, even for you. You decided to be a brave player and you keep continuing on. It shows you various teams of players you can join from your very own state! You think this is really interesting, so you begin to browse these teams one by one. Never wondering just how it knew where you actually lived, no you did not catch that part at all. It bothers you on a sub conscience level it sends more chills into your body, you blame the cold from the air conditioner and move on.

You finally pick a team that seems like you could work with. It all seems to be real time and and when you enter this team, they all greet you and are happy to see a new member. As it turns out none of them know what they are doing either, you are all beginners to this new game. There are four of you now and you all discuss the best way to proceed into this new world of the game and you eventually learn how to play. You lose track of time and eventually you notice the sun is coming up, you and your teammates were playing the game and it only seemed like a second to you, they report the same experience, and say they must leave. You exit the game and two doors slam shut on the screen, saying thank you for playing and that it will see you again. You put the site on your favorite list.

Soon you and your teammates are addicted to the game and oddly enough you all seem to be on at the same time, all the time. It never seems to fail. You could get on at anytime of the day and they are around. You wonder if they are even real sometimes. But what machine could react to the things you say in the game like that? Nights begin to go by faster and faster and each time the game ends it feels like you are on the verge of accomplishing something important, but it is always just out of reach the dawn comes to early and the game does not seem to work as well in the day time for some reason. You blame heavier traffic for that problem.

Isolation begins to worry others you know. You never do anything or go anywhere. You are always tired in the daytime and when you do have a clear thought it is always back to the game and the newest thing you picked up the night before. This time it is it was something called the Maklu Tome. You have not had a chance to read it yet but you are convinced it holds the secret to a major plot point to the game. You have tried to meet the other players of the game, oddly enough they always seem to be busy, or they never show up to the meeting point. You do not blame them though. After all they have lives too. You know, you absolutely know they are just as excited as you are to play the game again. Like clock work it happens again, but this time something is different. The teammates want to do the ritual described in your book they each have a part of what is needed, and all that is needed apparently is to put the pieces together.

Jen: I have the "Idol of Judgment" Ready...lets do this.

Rob: Awesome!, I have the "Emerald Ring" here. We can do this.

Kate: Yeah. Ive got the "Flesh of Vana" Here, as gross as it lets do it.

You: I have the Maklu Text, and I have read it. I know how this is supposed to be done.

The avatars of the players come together and they place their artifacts in the specified order and you read the book, oddly enough you read it out loud as if the others can hear you like you are actually there.

Kate: Do you guys see what I am seeing!!1

Rob: This isnt right, what is happening, this is...OMG..shut it off now..Shut it off!!

Jen: What did You DOooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

Rob: Stop it..What is this WhatireipjtgijkipjRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII

Kate: Oh MY GOD....why..thjis isnt......those eyes....Save me.

Rob: SHut IT oOFFFF CAnT StopppPPpppppppppppp

All of this happens in just a few seconds, then your character turns to you, it looks at you and it seems to eyes turn red and it begins to change slowly, growing quickly into something in human. Terror eats away at your mind and the sounds of screaming coming from your computer dont help, even if the speakers are off anyways the sound still comes out. You do the only thing you can think of, you shut the computer off and pray it works. It does.

What happened? You are breathing hard and you are scared to even go near that computer again for awhile, but you must try again, you have to. So you turn it on and nothing strange happens, all is normal. Morbid curiosity alone is enough to make you click on the site in your favorites, and you do carefully. The site does not exist, it is simply gone from the internet.

You look it up and the only thing you find is an urban legend about an online game that is meant to summon....something from beyond the veils of reality. Many claim to have played this game, or to know somebody who has.

So the next time you are surfing the net at three in the morning and you find your self on a website that has been forgotten by time and man alike and there is a banner ad on the top for a game ask your self one little question.

Do you want to play? you?
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First Abysmal Tale: The Game
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