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 Abysmal Tale Number Eight: The River Walker

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PostSubject: Abysmal Tale Number Eight: The River Walker   Fri Aug 21, 2009 7:42 am

When man crosses the line, they get what they often deserve either if it was on accident or meant to be crossed; they always get what they deserve. Sometimes nature has its own ways of dealing with humanity before it gets the chance.

This is one I like to call The River Walker.

It is his river; it has always been HIS river. Ever since the war machine began to grind on the bodies and the blood of soldiers, even it dare not come to this river, for here it is stopped every time. The story begins in the past, the legends of the past state simply that the river is evil and something lurks here. Oddly it never says exactly what it is, or how it got there or anything. The legend simply always was, and at this point seems to be there.

My name is Amanda, I am here to try and document the river for the first time. It is dangerous and the rebels have widely used the legend of the river to keep all people away. It has worked so far. Our guide has only agreed to take us here under large amounts of money, his fear is still apparent in his eyes; it is easy to see even through the lens of the camera.

Before we venture into the domain of the beast, we have done some research into the legend and gotten some perspective of what this thing really is. In 1763 it was first reported that a scouting party went into the jungle, and was never seen again. However some of their rations and supplies came floating down the river for months, no bodies were ever found. The official story was that the natives ambushed the men in the Jungle and killed them all in resistance. The story never stood firm, but the belief in monsters and spirits would not be allowed into the mainstream reality of the ruling order. Eventually the Empire took over this place in 1766 and tried to destroy the local legends. Several missions went into the river's domain. Well armed and supplied men went down into the black domain, it is well known fact that none of them ever returned, and various things were found floating down the river.

What happened to these missions? The official story is that the resistance fighters still stood here and killed anybody who came here, but there was no evidence of resistance, and no body or blood was ever found. So, the empire made the river off limits to everybody and the lost missions were quickly forgotten about by the mainstream class of people, the topic only came up as a curiosity, and even that was rare.

War happened again in 1818, the invaders used the jungle as a means to "Liberate" the conquered people. The natives again watched soldiers go up the river and again, none would ever return. This would have been a nice fact, but even the natives that ventured too far into the domain of the river seemed to just vanish without a trace at all. Nobody was safe from whatever lurked in the darkness of the river. Despite the losses, it was nothing compared to the overall fighting in the war, as over five hundred thousand lost their lives. The mysterious vanishings were nothing more than a drop in the bucket.

Indeed this horrible river seems to have a thirst for blood, but still. Nobody has any theories to know what it could possibly be. The natives blame the spirits, and the white men blame the natives, so all is as it should be for now, but there are other reports.

For one hundred years after the great war, several people had been determined to find the source of the cursed river. John Hawking vanished in 1843, never to be seen again. Millionaire Nathan Hurr vanished in seeking the ultimate adventure in 1856, body was never found. Robert Black ventured up the river in 1872, a famous hunter. Gunshots were heard faintly in the distance, but nothing else, his body was never found. The list goes on and on. Eventually the Government deemed it illegal and unsafe to travel on the river, and it stopped.

When people stop disappearing, things get quiet and people forget the danger. Another century passed and the ban was lifted once again to see what would happen. The mystery of the river was archived in obscure books and news paper clippings, but basically remained unknown, until now.

We here are going to be the first crew with modern day technology, not to mention a camera to see what exactly is down here. We know you will be watching this and will be just as excited as we are. Our supplies on board and crew ready to go, we are off down the river, wish us luck!

Alright, are we on? Alright we are, good. We are now one hour into our journey down this river. The water is black and the trees and shoreline look old, untouched by man it almost seems. It has been at least thirty years since any mission has been down these waters. But our crew members have noticed some unsettling things along the shore. The first thing we noticed were metal things, not a common sight, but there they were as you can see here, they are canteens reflecting in the sunlight, they look brand new in condition, but our historian says they are at least a century old. They are unexplained. We decided to leave them where they lay.

The strangest thing here, perhaps the most frightening of all, is the quiet. It is completely silent here, there are not even any bugs buzzing around it would seem. Our guide is becoming paranoid already and insisting we turn back while we still can. No, we are determined to solve this mystery.

Well, it has been three hours into the river journey. Things just keep getting stranger as we go. The sunlight was obscured by trees over lapping the river, we can still see but the shadows seem to move. The crew is starting to get agitated because some of them are beginning to tell the stories of the people who have come here in the past and never returned. Our guide went from paranoid, to completely silent. He has said nothing in the past half hour. Sometimes I swear I feel like I am being watched, just out of the corner of my eye I feel like, as if something is there. I am sure it is just my imagination though, thank god for editing, right? Well we found a gun in the water, and we pulled it in to the boat. It was the gun of the famous hunter Robert Black, missing in 1872. The odd thing was like everything else around here. It was in perfect condition. The crew had no idea what to make of this sign. We tried to take it as a good omen and gathered the courage to keep going. I do have to admit though; this is not a friendly place at all.

Well, we are four hours from our starting point and things have begun to take a turn for the worse. We heard this eerie sound echoing from the trees, it still continues. Some of us think it is the wind, others are not so sure. Our guide got spooked and could take it no more. Whatever horrible fate that could await us at the end, he won’t be sharing it. He seemed to have lost his mind and he committed suicide right here, the camera was off at the moment so we did not record his death, he used the gun we found in the water. We were all sure it would never fire, we were wrong. I don’t know, none of us know how to drive a boat, turning around is no longer an option. The crew is really shaken up; I am not doing so well myself. I am scared.

The next five minutes of film are recorded, but all it shows is the crew members sitting there looking for any signs of movement. The curious thing about these five minutes is, all the crew members are shown in the picture, including the cameraman. Nobody says anything for the entire time. Amanda looks at the camera at the end of the five minutes, and at that time it abruptly shuts off, the entire five minutes is shot in black and white, there is no black and white setting on the camera.

It has been six hours. I am beginning to believe we have made a mistake; she says this as best as she can, but the fear comes out in her voice and betrays her anyway. I don't think there is anything to do now but wait. The relics of the past are common now. Perhaps this is the one place on earth where time really has no meaning. I am only assuming it has been six hours, everybody's watches have stopped. I am trying to be professional as I can. Then there is a splash and a scream off camera, it violently shakes from Amanda to the direction of the commotion. He's gone, oh my God he just...he just...Then silence from the man as he moves to the center of the boat quickly and hugs his knees, begins to rock back and forth.

What happened! It was something that came out of the water and, and took him! The camera shuts off again at this point.

The camera comes on again and now they are all in the shot once more, all huddled up. Amanda is crying and the boat seems to be moving forward all on its own. The other men are visibly shaking, but the cameraman is now missing too, there are only four left of them and again, the shot is in black and white once again, this time the shore line can be seen and it looks as if the ground itself is covered with something that is moving. This shot does not last long, something screams in the distance and the feed is cut once more.

I...I am alone now. We tried to fight it off, but there is no fighting this thing. This camera is the only thing left of seven people who tried to solve a mystery. I do not intend to make it out of here alive, the others are gone. The guide had the right idea; this is too horrible for words. Did you know the ground here is alive? Something lives here, something very bad. I don't know what it is, but it’s going to get you. She said in a sing song voice, obviously losing her mind. Then a dark form rises up behind her, it is quiet and she does not notice it. If you find this, make sure you know full well that coming down this river, is suicide.

She is then knocked to the side with a clawed hand, blood drops down the camera lens. Something picks it up and slowly moves it up, seemingly to investigate the odd device. All we ever see of the thing is half of its face, scaled and one horrible solid yellow eye, razor sharp teeth. There is a violent shake, it is apparent that we see the camera getting thrown, and there are numerous skeletons littering the shorelines, we only see it for a second.

The camera and its footage are found not two days later floating down the river. It is then picked up and delivered back to the network the crew came from and shown to a select group of people later on. They watch it and are horrified. The tape is never released, but is not destroyed either. The legend remains unproven, but as of yet nobody has ever returned from the river of death.
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Abysmal Tale Number Eight: The River Walker
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