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 Bob's Forbidden Tome of Magic

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PostSubject: Bob's Forbidden Tome of Magic   Mon Aug 24, 2009 7:35 am

Hey there puny mortals, how is it going?

Anyway, this book is forbidden so close it and stop reading at once!

Still reading? I thought so you just could not resist could you well now that you have come this far, we might as well continue.

What is Magic? Well that is a complicated question. Truth be told Magic is simply ambient energy just waiting to be given form. Sure some of it connected to divine good, diabolical evil, and the elements themselves. Yep magic just seems to be a cosmic swiss army knife, it can do anything with the right will power behind it and the perfect method to get what you want right? Well I got news for you, listen up.

Magic has the same properties as radiation. The more you expose your self to it and how you use it, it changes your very cell structure here are some examples!

Example 1: Lets say you use magic to create electricity, and you eventually master the powers. Eventually your body will become more like the element you control, along with your mind and behavior.

This is why people who use dark magics are usually evil and their bodies sometimes resemble the things they use the magic for.

Example 2: Lets say you use magic to teleport and deal with dimensional rifts and travel in this fashion a lot. Your body may not change at all but you may find your self to hard to find. You may randomly be transported from place to place because the magics you used took control. This is a rare symptom and only the most experienced teleporters sometimes experience this.

Example 3: This is the most extreme example. This is a advanced version of EX.1 You actually become part of your element, act like it and react and control it like they would their arm, very few of these people exist. The ones that do consider themselves to be half elementals and claim to have a connection to that plane of existence !

Well are you not glad you read that little tidbit of information, I mean seriously you have to be interested if you read that...moving on

Magic Methods.

When it comes to actually using magic there are a number of different way s to do it. Some people go through huge rituals and call on some old God or demon for some extra power. Some are born with the ability to use magic. Some study in their towers for their whole lives. Regardless how it is done it all comes to the same result, but because people wish to know a little, we will go through it yeah you should feel pretty special!

Calling magic.

This magic takes forever to use and often requires special objects for what ever the object is. Ceremonies and Epic spells are usually called this way, but simple witchcraft can be placed in the same category. Godly Magic and Demonic Powers are the most used in this fashion, and usually its the only method they will respond to.

This method is very methodical and complicated and can easily be turned against the user with one mispronouncing a word of some dead language. The most dangerous of this magic is when invoking the "Old ones" These monsters were the first life forms that emerged from the darkness and infested every multiverse, their countless children banded together and banished their parents into the outer realms of reality. They remain there waiting to get some pay back.

Before they left however they created incantations and rituals so that someday some curious being seeking power would complete these dark motions and unleash them. When ever these tomes of dead languages show up destruction is sure to follow one way or another.

Summoning and Calling magic is best left to the most dedicated of the mages.

Natural Born Mages

These pesky people usually are petty and cruel, but not always. Natural born spell slingers are usually destined to be champions of good and evil. At first their powers are connected to their emotions. Oddly enough they usually are just good enough with each power, but an expert at none of them. With guidance and good role models they can become great leaders, some are kidnapped and tortured and cast into darkness for their entire lives.

These people usually find themselves as wanderers and poor. The lost mages who are alone find a way to use their powers to meet the basic needs to live from day to day. Because they have no direction their powers do not develop to their full potential.

Natural Mages usually manifest their powers in the ethereal sense, they can use their powers to make an means to an end. Every once and awhile a mage will gain control over an element, but no more than one and they become a natural "Mancer" For one element and can become very powerful forces.

Unfortunately these people are hunted right along with witches and people do not usually understand the difference, or care about it. Because of this this Natural mages usually lash out and ask questions later.

The Learned Mage.

These are the wizards and the people hear about in stories and legends. They spend their lives in some old tower and unravel the mysteries of the multiverse. These are the ones who spend their whole lives for that one flashy moment on the battlefield when the destroy an enemy with a single wave of their hands there are many magic types, countless types in the multiverse in fact, So we will go over the basic three types.

The first type.

The first one we will talk about is the "White Mage / Wizard" These people are the supposed good guys. They do not always wear white and are not always so pronounced. Often they simply are just missing until trouble arises and they annoyingly show up as if on que. These wizards and mages are the glue for the forces of good most of time and are stronger than they appear. They are usually not healers, they are warriors of light and drive back the forces of darkness when they get all out of wack. And believe me, they do get out of line quite often.

They are brilliant battle planners when they need to be. Although they are forces for positive energy and good, they are not completely against the darkness, they understand that their power sources demand balance in the world, and they are only one side of it. Its easily tempting to go ballistic and take matters into their own hands and upset the balance, if this happens they slowly move into darker powers.

The Second type.

The second type we will discuss are the "Grey/Red Wizards/ Mages" These ones never take sides and will do anything to keep the balance between good and evil. If the balance is threatened they will act, but only then. These Wizards master both the good and the evil powers equally, they also are known as some of the greatest healers for both sides of the scale.

Not much is known of these mysterious types. They are often considered the nature aspect of the balance, and indeed they are, the elements are often at their command.

They often build towers in the middle of nowhere and often they are enchanted so they can never be found.

These wizards are often void of emotion and can easily be mistaken for being harsh, but this helps them to do what needs to be done, and because of this void they rarely ever convert to either light or dark.

The Third Type.

These of course are the "Black Wizards". They command the powers of darkness and form the last side of the triangle of balance. They often support local bad guys in their quest for power. Widely disliked by just about everybody they find it hard to travel into populated areas with out secrecy.

Wickedness is what they do best and they are quick to anger and dont wait around. They are few in numbers but more are always looking to be their to join the ranks only to give up in the tests.

They are the least understood when it comes to the balance, few who see it ever realize there is a greater balance to the world. Even though the powers of darkness are really strong, they could never defeat the other two sides alone, or even with help.

Every three hundred years or so the three greatest mages of the multiverse meet up in a special plane created for them, each of these old bats are practically gods in their field and call themselves the triad of the balance and watch over everything. They discuss the situation for awhile and if all is good they go home. If a universe is woefully unbalanced, they send in a few champion souls to fix things.

Well this is good enough for the first chapter of this forbidden tome you were not supposed to read.

Chapter 2 will be revealed soon enough, don't you worry your little head over anything

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PostSubject: Re: Bob's Forbidden Tome of Magic   Tue Aug 25, 2009 7:07 am

Chapter 2: The Folly of Mortality

Welcome one and all to chapter two of the Forbidden tome of Magic.

Today kids we will talk about people and their mad ambitions and goals, sounds like fun, well grab your hard hats anti personnel gear because we are going in!

First on the chopping block is the Elven village that once sat up upon the top of Shadow Mountain...Hey I did not name it was like that when I found it.

The elves that lived here on the top of the Shadow mountain were unusual simply for the fact they lived where they did, on a mountain. These elves were loners and were connected to the element of earth, all of them but a secret cult that had few members in it.

This cult called themselves the Church of Starry Wisdom. They believed that true magical power could be obtained not by the traditional methods of gaining magical power, but by ancient magical tomes and and words from a long dead language. The rich and powerful belonged to this cult and obtaining resources was easy, but sometimes it was a messy job and the previous owners had to have accidents before they would give up their things.

Elves are known for their long lives and magical powers, this process took several hundred years. One black day everything was ready. The Church decided to become gods, this is what they believed anyway. They spoke the magic words and blood rituals, they will be told later on in this book. They did this, when they did this all hell broke loose. These poor elves were tricked into believing they would gain ultimate powers, but alas all they ended up unleashing was the old ones upon their little town.

The carnage was terrible. Every man woman and child were murdered. They did not stand a chance. The little village on the mountain became hell and blood ran down the side. People claim that the rivers were all tinted red and were not safe to drink. The mountain itself became an angry cursed place. Lights and inhuman noises could be heard almost constantly for months at a time. Any who went upon the mountain never returned to tell the tale, nobody but one. A human named Teanth came back and he told the story of demonic, twisted things that caused pain to bare witness to.

One day everything stopped up at the mountain. When they sent people to investigate the place. They found a bloody mess, but not a single person, not one dead body. It remained a mystery of what happened, their only clues were the makeshift temple they found. In reality what had happened was the tear created by the elves closed up, the gods themselves had done this action to save the multiverse as a whole.

The temple was destroyed and the materials gathered were separated and hidden hopefully for the rest of time.

This is one story. There are thousands of legends of people not getting what they thought they would.

This still is all just a warning tale you should listen to.

Not convinced yet?

Very well, let us continue.

I am sure anybody who reads this knows the story of Doctor Frankenstein Count Dracula and Larry Talbot.

These people are the victims of curses and obsession, some brought on by themselves, others just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The Frankenstein story did not come from the mad doctor. It came from something much older. The mad doctor was or did not know but his experiments were done and forgotten by alchemists of the ancient days. They used the same black methods and the same life giving powers. The old mad workers created misshapen golems of flesh with their black sciences. While they had the power their knowledge of human structures and biological workings were extremely limited. The most common result of this work was either their creations killed them or angry mobs struck out against these black doctors and all but banished.

The mad doctor did this very same practice, however, he combined sciences and the power of magic, this forgotten practice is the only known successful experiment. The monster he created was destined to last forever, powered by the blood of the gods and man combined. This monster did last forever and is still rumored to exist in the cold arctic wastelands, its creator was killed by its creation, killed by his obsession with mastering life and death, the same fate awaits all who seek this path.

This path will be detailed in this book later on for those who wish it.

Vampires and Werewolves have a interesting history and nobody really knows how it got started, but they infest most of the multiverse in some form or another.

Vampires are usually a cursed bunch, like Werewolves they turned their back on some kind of god or another and became forsaken. Demons and devils feed on their hate, grant them powers. Some werewolves can control their form, some can not. Most cannot. Werewolves infect others with their curse, but since few survive the attack, it keeps their numbers limited. Vampires do the same thing but its alittle more complicated, most people desire to be these creatures before understanding what they ask for.

Obsession, Defiance, and Vanity all paths to destruction, and all mortals have these traits naturally.

Details in how to become a monster lie within this tome, but pay attention to those who have traveled before you, heed their warnings and stories.

Chapter 3 is coming soon enough, you just can't wait..can you?
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PostSubject: Re: Bob's Forbidden Tome of Magic   Fri Aug 28, 2009 8:42 am

Chapter 3: Basic Magic Skills.

Ah, welcome back to the journey. I was wondering when you would get back to it.

Magic is offensive. There is not much else it is used for. Defensive magic is rare but it is really powerful most of the time. Magic, when used defensively is often used to protect buildings and tombs. It is often confused with Enchantments and Curses when items become involved, the difference is simple.

Enchantments and curses are highly mobile and only do one thing. This is why amulets and trinkets are usually enchanted. Weapons and armor can also gain this status. Enchantments usually do not mix well and the energies can become destructive. Curses on the other hand mix extremely well and amplify each other. There is no good curse, they range from attracting bad luck to killing in horrible ways. Blessings and Charms can often take a curse away, blessings act like enchantments, but they are of divine origin and they can be delivered by all gods dark and light, at their disposal.

Magic that protect buildings are inactive until somebody turns them on. They can make the most devastating traps and defenses. The owners of buildings that employ these defenses are usually insecure of the people they know and mistrustful of their surroundings. Jealous gods often use this to defend what they consider theirs protected. All of these magics and traps have ways to be deactivated, usually they are simpler than they appear, sometimes a simple protection enchantment of divine origin will be enough to protect from all of them. Most people do not know this but magical traps are only traps, sometimes the best way to avoid them is to simply set the traps off, they rarely reset themselves once activated, but some might, here is an example of what a trap will do and act like.

On to a simple defensive spell and its working. Do not worry there will be other defensive spells for more advanced workings later.

This is called simple shielding.

For non magical people you will need this:

1 clear crystal that can be held in your hand, A simple prism will work.

This spell will allow your aura to save you, more exact your life energy will get off its lazy behind and protect you. Say the words: Yul Erotho. While your doing this focus your energy into a defensive mist like shield, you will see it protect you from basic offensive spell, hand movements help in focusing your energy. This takes time to master. The words are mystical, the crystal is something to focus your energy. This will take time and you wont get it on your first try, no non magical person does. It looks something like this when you get it right. Be warned this spell does not protect against powerful spells of experienced magi.

Offense of magic.

Magic is offensive, as I said before there are a great and many magics that can kill and destroy and maim just about anything that moves. They will be talked about later on in this book but for now we will focus on the basic of offensive magic. It is like a gun, you can use it for good or evil. Although do not be fooled some magic is good and some is evil, but most magic is a tool, and should be thought of as such. Now the most basic energies of magic are usually focused into rays, the basic ray is usually concussive force, it contains no heat or power but acts like a long range punch or to remember it easier, just call it a repelling ray. The color of magic usually depends on the person casting the spell when it is basic. More advanced rays like Ice and heat rays have a color to represent its nature.

Here is a basic repelling ray spell.

Non magical people will need to say the following words: Maskim Xul Repla.
Focus your energy in repelling your enemy. This spell is used most commonly because its basic. But its difficult to master and most people use normal weapons because they give up to quickly. If you master this ray, you can master any amount of more advanced rays. The repelling ray looks something like this.

As for a final lesson remember magic gets stronger each time you use it. your inner energy and will power will grow with every use. And this is simply the tip of the magic powers. How you use these powers are up to you. But karma and fate have a funny way of working. If you use the power for dark purposes it may turn on you someday or effect you in ways you could not imagine. If you use it for good works, you may be rewarded.

Chapter four will only bring you more, will you be ready?
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PostSubject: Re: Bob's Forbidden Tome of Magic   Sun Aug 30, 2009 5:57 am

Chapter 4: Still reading, well its time to go on a magic carpet ride!

Heavenly Delight.

Ever wanted to go to heaven. Your girlfriend or wife just not enough to send you through the get the idea. Well now for a one time only offer you can make it to heaven and you do not even have to die to get there, this is a one time offer, interested? I thought you would be. Even though I really do not have anything to do with these people, I will show you how to get there.

BUT first lets do a lesson on the world and mechanics of the gate system. Do you know how it works it is rather simple. Each realm has a gate to it. This gate is locked with a rune of some kind. If you know the Rune and the special words of power you can go anywhere you want to go. Beware though the door can swing both ways and if you can go in things can also follow you back home. There are literally millions of realms and just as many gates to them. Some are still undiscovered, others lost for a reasons you do not want to know about.

This gate works for most of the heavenly realms, some minor changes might need to be altered depending on what realm of light you want to go to. As it stands this will send you to the Realm of Olympia. A heavenly place for warriors and fierce gods of good. The gate is as shown here:

This spell needs to be cast in the sunlight, the brighter the better. This is what you need.

1. The Heaven Gate.
2. Fifteen pure diamonds in a circle
3. No Evil people may complete this spell, or they will die instantly.
4. Three great swords with golden blades
5. An offering of great personal value to the caster.
6. Say the following words three times: Luminus Tera Centerax
7. If you are seen as worthy the door will open or a God or angel will appear to you, they will challenge you to a battle. If you win you will forever be welcome to that realm when ever you wish to return. If you fail you may not live to tell the story...

Do this at your own risk.

A Back Road into Hell.

So. The light and happy go lucky realms of heaven are not your thing? Have I got a trip for you! A highway straight into the depths of some hell you would be insane to want to go to...but you are reading this so chances are your insane already or well on your way to that road. There is no sign that says welcome to hell, the signs that you are there wont be so obvious though and sometimes there is no escape once you enter. You are willing to risk it though...right?

This gate leads you directly to the hellish realm known as The Maze. Like its name suggests you may not be able to leave this realm once you enter it and you may never be seen again, no really I am not kidding.

The Gate into Hell looks like this:

Alter this gate in anyway and where you end up could be anywhere in the hellish realms!

1.First you need the gate in some dark place, darker the better.
2. You need one black emerald(good luck with this one!)
3. Anybody can do this spell, Hell is open for business with anybody.
4. One cursed object, does not matter what
5. One human sacrifice, does not have to be a virgin, or willing for that matter.
6. Say these words: Barra Cretnex Qrusan Three times.

If you are successful the door to this hell will open for you to walk through, or some ancient hungry demon will burst through and try to eat you, it can go either way. If you enter this hell with partners you may find yourselves separated upon entry almost immediately...or maybe not.

There is no place like home!

This section is for the smart people of the world who decided to read everything before just copying down some instructions and running off. Those people are idiots and will get what they deserve, but are smarter than that. Welcome to the panic button section of the realm travelers, no smart person leaves home with out this on them...

This is a Gate to the Material Plane(this is where you live, where ever it might be): If you don't copy this exactly you could end up in the outer planes of reality, so do not mess up!

Okay, now you are in business!

This is by far the easiest spell to work when traveling the realms with just a few preparations needed.

1. Copy the gate on to anything easy to carry, this must be done on your home world. It is your anchor to the world it is made in.

2. Charge the Gate with your own personal bio energy. This takes a few minutes and the Gate will have a slight glow to it when it is finished.

3. Test it. Touch the gate and say this exactly: Get me the Hell out of here!...or what ever phrase you wish to use that suits you the best. If it works a door of light will appear leading you to the other side..meaning it worked.

This is unlimited, make sure not to lose this, and only you can use this thing too and anybody you take with you.

Well know you know just a little more than you did before. Congratulations would you like a cookie or something your knowledge. If you open up a gate to the old ones and doom the world, do not come crying to me. This is a forbidden tome, you have been warned!

Chapter five will help keep you alive...maybe.
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PostSubject: Re: Bob's Forbidden Tome of Magic   Mon Sep 07, 2009 10:19 am

Chapter 5: Well, you are still here. Time to keep moving.

Defensive Armors of Legendary Status.

The title of this section is very self explanatory. Through out the history of all time several so called "Ultimate Defenses" Have been developed. Here we will cover four of the strongest of these powers. Be warned. Defense does not mean not dangerous. They are legendary for the very fact they can usually only be used once, and the caster of these spells do so as a last resort, and usually do not live to tell the tale. Each of them have a category: Speed, Strength, Magical Defense, Physical Defense. All of the following spells are excellent in all ways, but excel greatly in one of these. Are you interested in knowing more. If so. Please read on.

The first example is the Armor of Kezone Trey.

This armor was summoned only once and became a legend at once. The story goes something like this. On the world of Gtyrion the entire planet was menaced by a great cosmic beast, a terrible dragon of immense powers and more importantly, it's speed was beyond measure. Gtyrion had impressive defenses worldwide. It was no match for the nameless dragon. The Beast as it was called came from nowhere and was more than fast enough to take down the defensive shields and weapons within weeks of its arrival.

The mages of Gtyrion were wiped out as they were in a meeting when the beast destroyed their tower. The planet seemed to be lost, thousands of years of history were threatened to be wiped out. One hero rose out of the disaster though. A female mage exiled because of her so called unorthodox spells. The woman was the last hope for this world and she did something that turned out to be a mistake.

She tapped into the very energy of the planet and from this, crafted the magical armor around her body. This armor enabled her to fight the beast on it's own terms. The battle lasted for weeks it is whispered throughout the various universes. Kezone Trey finally defeated the creature, however the planet could not recover from this horrible battle. Gtyrion died.

The armor of Kezone Trey was taken by its creator and sent to the the center of their known universe, directly into this world.

Finding the Armor is one thing, putting it on is another. This is the only one that can only be worn by women. The armor itself is nigh indestructible and it does contain the life energy of an entire planet, and not to mention the personality of Kezone Trey.

The armor is not to be worn, ever. But if you must wear it and some great and terrible situation demands it. First you must find it. Search the Mountains of Ice in a special cave in the light path. The armor is there, put there by unknown peoples as a powerful legendary artifact. You must don this armor and let it have full contact with your body. It will not work if the connection is broken.

You will see the final moments of the beast and Trey's battle, at this moment it will fuse around you. This connection is forever, this armor can never be removed, and it will battle for control of you constantly. The personality of its creator is strong and desires to live through you.

This armor is fast, the exemplar of speed actually. It increases all your other stats four times over, but the speed and the immunity to friction is absolute. This armor's offensive powers are laser beams and sonic cutting rays that can slice through most armors and materials. It is unbreakable in its design. However this armor connects directly to the life energy of the planet, and the only cure for this is exile to the depths of outer space.

The Legendary Armor of Kezone Trey.

Well that was a nice little story. The world is just filled with secrets. Let us continue into the mystery. Or have you decided this power was not meant for you yet, or has the woman only armor thing sorta, driven you away. Perhaps this next story will appeal to the mage in you, or perhaps you are a mage, or some other magic user in need of something a bit stronger. Let me introduce you the second story of this chapter.

The Armor of Terance Ujlo

Terance Ujlo was a man, a powerful elven mage of a great reputation. He was a healer and a savior, akin to a god and just as arrogant. He was a strict mage and he ruled over his forest kingdom. No, he was not the king but the esteemed adviser of the now forgotten king. Terance's personal guardians the Praetorian Order of the Forest were not so just, or kind. They ruled the lower class people with an iron fist of justice, this justice was a poor disguise for terror.

The forest became infected with this evil. The lower class hate for authority grew and their feelings intermixed with the souls of the trees. Demons began to stir in the darkness, unseen and horrible creatures began to awaken from long slumbers, forgotten and terrible their fury was. The elves began to vanish one by one and soon the terror was no longer contained and something had to be done.

The Praetorian guard took up arms and marched into the dark borderlands of the forest, they were never seen again. But for two weeks the screams of their defeat could be heard echoing through the trees. Doom was approaching the Forest Kingdom and nothing would be able to stop it, the King turned to the greatest mage, and the news was not promising at all. Death was coming for them and it had seem they were responsible for their own destruction, Ujio was further taken by the grip of despair. Desperation is the engine of invention and ideas. Terance called upon the spirit of nature itself. His powers were no match for the mighty power of the forest, but in its current state, she was weakened. Arrogance is not a mortal sin, but it does have its price.

The mage decided to save what was left of his people and he took advantage of the weakened spirit. He destroyed it with his power, it was a short surprise attack that weakened very balance of the world, and it slowly began to die off. The remains of the nature spirit were then forcefully transformed into the armor he fused to his body. This armor was made for speed, stealth. It is the exemplar of magical defenses. It is immune to all magical attack and effects of all kinds. This armor was perfect for the battle ahead. The demons fueled by mystical hate alone had no way to defeat the powerful Terance now and soon the forest was cleansed of its blight.

The victory was hollow however. The forest and all life on the planet was doomed to die within weeks and there was nothing that could stop the results of his actions. As a last resort Terance sent his powerful armor into the vastness of the Omniverse. He would never see it again and died there on his planet, alone.

If you seek the armor of Terance Uijo, it too has come to Rhydin and it rests in the center of the last great forest to the southern area. This will be located inside a tree that could be mistaken as a cave. Anybody can wear this, only the magical ones can fully wield its powers. This armor can be removed, but it is addicting. Once used it will become important to you, it will make you feel more alive than ever before. You will become arrogant , and take on increasingly stronger battles. Magical defense is unbreakable, physical on the other hand is only slightly better than finely crafted armor. The element of surprise is its second greatest advantage as it is undetectable. Do not take this artifact lightly, if you do. It will consume you.

The Armor of Terance Ujio

The Armor of Dayo Sai.

The warrior Dayo Sai was widely known throughout the land of Ryshien. It was a war torn land beyond the scale of most seen in the onmiverse. A land of chaos and people worshiped war as an ambient all seeing god. The factions between the good and evil became blurred, and broken. Violence was happening just for the sake of violence.

Idealism was dead. A young warrior existing in this harsh world remembered the legends of the past, great warriors both good and bad that believed in what they did. His name was Dayo Sai and he was alone in his world of violence. Even though around him chaos and thousands of causes reigned and each was more destructive than the last his was the most ambitious of them all. He wanted to cut a bloody path and re draw the line between good and evil.

Dayo was not able to do this however and needed help. Dayo spent the next twelve years searching for the strongest weapon he could find and ultimately failed. Dayo had killed hundreds of warriors, some good, some not so good. Dayo had all but given up. His world had turned into nothing more than mindless blood shed.

The warrior appealed to the spirit of war itself and it did appear to the troubled warrior. They conversed on the subjects of good and evil. True the mindless state of the planet had insulted the essence of war, and the two of them came to an agreement. Dayo Sai was granted a great red suit of armor.

With this armor Dayo was reborn into the greatest legend of all time of his world. He walked the planet and slaughtered untold numbers of people. Eventually Dayo became the focus, the evil of the world and he raised an army to conquer Ryhsien. He failed in the attempt, but because he did what he did, the balance between good and evil was restored for years and the legend of the great red armor was born.

The armor of Dayo Sai can be found where ever you choose to search for it. It will be found by those who desire to restore a balance to a world. It is the exemplar of strength and power. The armor comes with two great red swords the user can wield with perfect accuracy. The armor will be found only after a great and long journey to find it. It also must be used with purpose to restore balance. Despite its incredible power to use this armor is to be doomed to fail in the end. The wearer will die before they see their dream completed, the armor will then vanish until it is sought after again. One thing of note to mention. The armor is inherently evil.

The Armor of Dayo Sai.

The Armor of Fynar

Defense is paramount in the world, in any world if you can't take a hit you may as well not even get out of bed. Fynar was a man of such circumstances, not because he was scared. No, he had a frail body and was injured easily. While his mind was sharper than any blade, he had not the chance to use it though. In his world, strength was valued more than intelligence and often Fynar was neglected by even the ones he had been related to.

War was a valued part of their culture, a rite of passage Fynar would never be able to accomplish because of his state. Because of this he was greatly depressed and his soul would slowly be dying inside of his own body. His mind would have no choice but to perish with them. Fate intervened, as it often does with its sadistic fashions. A stranger came into the small village one night. A female warrior whose bloodlust could not be tamed. She was massive in stature and her blades had been stained with the blood countless past victims. Once the village had lost its luster and interest, she decided to raze it to the ground.

Her skills were legendary in battle and no man or woman could face her in her berserker state. Fynar was scared to know death was coming, but at least he could die like a warrior should, and as an equal to those who denied his existence completely. He silently thanked what ever cosmic being might have been listening to him and awaited death.

There was then something strange. A golden glow appeared around him with no warning or sense of reason. Fynar had no time to resist the weird light before its true purpose had been revealed. Soon a pale yellow armor appeared around him, concealing him from that point forward from the rest of his people. With it came a sword to match in the grip of his hand. He crackled with energies of unknown origin.

Tearing through the doorway, and in fact the entire wall of the doorway he strode out into the chaos. The change in the battle was noted at once. The woman then noticed the newcomer to the battle and she smiled. No longer content with easy victims, she wanted a real challenge. Fynar was scared out of his mind, but physically he towered over the woman by at least two feet.

The savage woman struck the armor square in the chest, her aim and strike had been true, but nowhere near strong enough to be a threat. The bloodstained blade shattered, one of those shards sliced right into her throat. She then bled out and died in a most amusing fashion. The village was saved, yet the people's gratitude quickly turned to fear. The yellow knight would not be trusted due to its Gigantic stature. Fynar was neglected first due to his weakness, now it was his overwhelming power that was to blame, he just couldn't seem to win.

The Yellow Knight became a legend, very quickly. Fynar was suspected to have died in a fire of the original attack. He was never weak again, but at the same time he would never beable to remove his suit of armor and again became very depressed and weary of it. Doomed to be invincible until he died he plunged into battles recklessly and fought for no side but his own, there would be no mercy from him this time.

His invincibility gave out in one battle when Fynar decided life was not worth living anymore, and meant it. Some unknown foot soldier's blade slain the Knight then. The titanic being fell to the ground, and the armor finally fell off revealing a most surprising sight. Who ever was in the armor was either gone, or it had been possessed all along. The people of that battle decided the cursed object must be banished.

And so it was.

The armor of Fynar was banished into the nexus portals, never to be seen again. However, it ended up where lot of things do.

The Armor of Fynar is the armor of perfect physical defense. It is indestructible and impossible to defeat. This armor has no defense against magic or psychic attacks. However any damage inflicted is instantly regenerated. The armor is connected to the will of the wearer, as long as it even has one spark of willingness to go on, it will retain its power. If the will dies, so does the power. The armor breaks apart and who ever wore the armor is never seen again. The blade that comes with it is capable of slicing through metal of any kind as if it were paper. It grants the user incredible strength and an immunity from mortal afflictions such as aging, sleep and hunger.

This armor can be found only by the weak of body, but it can be worn by anybody. Once it is put on though, it will never come off. It is located in the hall of the Golden Dragon near the mountains of Yasuo. It is undetectable through magic means.

The armor of Fynar

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Chapter 6

Advanced Magic: Don't hurt your self now

Ever have one of those days when nothing seems to be going your way? Or your in the losing end of a battle and doom seems to be close at hand. We have a word for this, frustration. Well, you are in luck, you have this tome on your side. The following are some spells that should turn the tide. However, use at your own risk.

The first spell summons the powers of pure energy from the sky.

Imagine your self wielding the very power of Zeus himself. The thunderbolts come down and destroy your foes, at a personal price to your self. You see every magic of true power has a source that must be bargained with to use. What do you have to offer the powers, anything at all, lets make a list.

First, you can offer your services to the God or power. Depending on what you do best this can very.

Secondly, Evil powers will gladly grant you access to their powers for your soul, or somebody else's soul.

Third, you can pay for it in blood, yes Blood is a very popular currency with the powers that be.

Fourth, you offer nothing and take your chances trying to use the power on your own.

Well, lets say you are a risk taker and decide to just take the power. In order to do this you must first open up your life center and...wait hold on. If you don't know what your life center is, stop reading.

So you know, good! Moving on. After your source of power is open that allows you to summon the most basic magic spells, you must imagine your body and soul creating a massive effect over a desired area. Not as easy as it sounds. You must be clear down to every detail of what you want to happen because it will. If you neglect yourself, you could end up fried by the power itself along with everything else. Details are very important to the work and one distraction can ruin everything.

After this is done raise your power hand to the sky and unleash your will into the cosmos. If you are lucky your power usage will go unnoticed and your desired effect will occur. Your will can be defeated by opposing magic users who are able to see the effects and the energy being changed into a massive weapon, so you must be strong.

You are helpless during this part, your body must be well protected if it is complete the ritual, or you could be easily killed by an arrow or anything else.

Calling down the thunder is easy, and stealing it or not, your body has to be strong enough to live through the energy expended. While most people can, some rookies are instantly fried in the attempt. If the body dies, the will usually dies with it, and the spell is negated.

Cyutian Val Juoc. Say that for two reason in the loudest voice possible. First the Energy will carry it across the battle field in amplified waves, second it scares the hell out people. The lesser beings will think the words summoned power, you will know it was done by pure will alone.

If you do this and have not paid anything you are forever a marked magic user by every power that is, who will know, and hunt you down for use of their personal energy for your own purposes with out permission, good luck with that.

It looks something like this:

OK, so maybe calling down bolts of power isn't your thing. We can work with that! Maybe Ice is more your thing. No, ice is more useful then making the ground slippery and making people fall down. This nasty spell can make entire armies stop in their tracks, no sliding involved. And no real price either. This is just good old fashioned bloody fun with your enemy.

Step 1: You need ice, any amount will do.

Step 2: Your will and attention must be completely focused on exactly what you want to do.

Step 3: Place your will into the Ice and manipulate it to your purpose.

Step 4: Let the screaming commence.

Sounds pretty easy, right. So why is it here in the advanced section well, so I lied, there is a price to it as there is any and all magic. The spell itself drains the life from everybody you are using the spell to protect. It can take as much as six years of life from a person per use. The magic is very powerful and can, and most often times does, do its job too well.

The spell creates a razor ice field that sprouts instantly from the ground, it attempts to kill every living thing, it is directed to kill impaling them instantly. Often times the users of this spell never know its major drawback. The ice is the ultimate shield, for it does not melt, or break. Ever. There are many stories of this being used to destroy an enemy army, only to be realized that the people that were to be protected, have become trapped where they are.

This is a spell that is not to be used lightly, be sure to read everything and consider the situation before employing its services. You may regret even using this spell if you forget to leave a way out when its all over and done with.

The ice field kinda looks like this, only much, much bigger.

Well, maybe this isn't what you need. Maybe you need to fight fire with fire. This brings us to our next option. Necromancers will cite this spell as legendary or even non existent, period. Well, lucky you picked up this forbidden tome, and found it. This spell gives you the edge if you can afford to let it happen.

First of all you need three willing souls to be sacrificed to any local god of death. Willing does not mean a simple ok. It has to be fearless and committed. Not to the spell, but to you.

Second of all you will need three black diamonds to give to the fallen avatar when it appears, don't worry you will know it when you see it.

Speak the sacred words Guli Haji Vi. It makes no sense in mortal language, but the powers understand the pact that is made with those words.

This spell is the fabled and legendary Army of Death. The fallen avatar will open a rift into the air and out will pour endless undead soldiers to fight for your cause, for one battle. The soldiers will do what ever you tell them to do, the only thing they will not do is leave the war dead on the battle field. They take your dead and the enemies with them back to their unknown lair to add to their ranks. They will fight ceaselessly until they win their battle. They will retreat back into their rift once every enemy soldier is dead. At least they clean up after themselves, right?

This army shows no mercy at all and if it is summoned to destroy towns, strongholds or any other populated area all the people there are considered active enemies. Men, Women, and Children are murdered in your cause and your name. Needless to say this will very quickly motivate the local heroes and wizards to destroy you. If you die in battle, the army does not retreat, but it does lose its status of being invincible and will randomly murder everything until it is defeated. The remains of the fallen undead in this state just transport back to the original lair.

Using this spell for any reason other then defense, earns you a one way ticket straight to hell, so if you use it, your next mission should be learning how to live forever.

This spell should never be used because it is addicting in its absolute power of being completely invincible. It will corrupt you, the spell itself is designed to corrupt your soul and mind like a drug.

The Army of Death looks something like this.

Alright. So by now you understand that all of these spells are very dangerous and should never be used, it is the very reason some mad genius put all of them in one book, just to see what would happen. But the fun does not end here, no there is one more horrible spell that can lay the wrath of you down on your enemies unlike any other.

This one really has no name, but it has been called the reality vortex. It is quite simple in its design.

The first step, is you must be angry. Anger is the fuel for this spell so peace lovers and cowards need not apply.

The second step is to fire up that old will of yours and think of nothing. I mean, clear your head completely, only feel the anger. Thinking and feeling are very different.

The third step is to give the anger a form, and a purpose. The more destructive the better.

The fourth step is to use your combined will power and your anger to tear a hole in reality. Mental energies work fine. But if you need a tool such as a sword or a dagger, this will work too.

Unleash hell, the blackness will appear before you like a twisting orb of destruction. Send this into the sky over your enemies. Demons even fear this power. The black orb will tear a hole in reality and then the damage begins.

The Vortex sucks everything near it into oblivion. People, animals, trees and yes, even you and your people. You already should have given the order to run five minutes ago. It is relentless and completely wipes everything out that was under it. The spell lasts for fifteen minutes and leaves behind a patch of dead ground, devoid of any life.

In reality the Vortex is a gate to another plane of existence, although nobody knows where it goes because nothing that went in..ever came back out.

Well it actually goes into the outer realms and anything that goes through there becomes food for some unspeakable horror that, well is basically unspeakable. We will get to them later in the tome so don't fret!

The price of this one, is it demands sacrifice. Somebody you know, love, or are very good friends with must remain behind, after all the price of anger, in the end is usually regret and sadness for all involved.

If the price is true or not I will let you decide that. But if the world ends someday because something horrible came out of the rift between the realms, hey, you were warned, don't blame me!

The Reality Vortex should look something like this:

Advanced magic of all kinds can be found everywhere, but these spells here are forbidden and often come at a high price. There are even more horrible spells in this book that come later. This is just for the person of the learned and experienced mind. You on the other hand, are neither of these. Did I not tell you to stop reading, but no here you are reading further on. Well, let this chapter sink in a bit and then continue onwards into the forbidden book. Notice how I keep saying forbidden?
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Chapter Seven: The art of changing forms and enchanting weapons, what one has to do with the other, I will never know.

Well, being what ever you are usually sucks. Unless your one of Rhydin's famous species inbred creatures, chances are you are all of one thing, boring, right. Well. If you are reading this you are in luck! Ever wanted something special in your life that just defines you, well let us dive into the forbidden side of transformation.

Angelic formation.

Ever called a woman an angel before, or maybe you were called that once or twice. Now with this conveniently handy forbidden book, you can actually make your angelic side reappear, however there is a slight small tiny little catch to this. Form changing is not free of charge, nor is it easy. The form must be stolen. And by stolen I mean taken, and by that I mean you must first kill something to take it's form. Ever killed an angel before, I take it you haven't, rookie are you in for a treat.

Angels by their nature are immortal and powerful celestial beings that seem to know everything. And they are, and they honestly think they do, but I have devised away for you to kill these annoying feathered fiends. Here is how you do it.

Remember that heavenly seal I showed you before, you need that. Before you activate that seal though, draw a circle on the ground, make sure you and the seal are in the middle of it. Now draw some special symbols on the ground, they don't have to mean anything to anybody but you. You will see the purpose later.

Activate the seal and hope you don't get some pesky warrior angel. The circle will relate to your intentions as this happens and reality with in the space of the summoning will be bent to your will. The angel will not recognize the symbols and lose their power over reality as they know it trying to figure it out, distraction is the key.

Did I mention to have a sword or something sharp. This should be obvious by now but I think I should mention it again. Now, you rascal you, don't think about it, kill this feathered freak before it can react. They are honor bound and will attempt to explain the rules to you. You see this method is strictly forbidden and nobody uses it. Plunge that rusty blade of yours into the heart of the angel, it should all look something like this when your just about finished.

Now, depending on the kind of angel you get, depends on the form you can steal from it. Some of them offer just the wings, others offer a lot more, be warned. Killing an angel for this method is not taken lightly by the powers that be, and they will be slightly upset at you. So use your gift well.

A lesser angel will only give you the wings, and the power of flight. There are easier ways to fly, but no other way to gain the angelic appearance you need to corrupt massive amounts of people, even those who can see through illusions won't catch this trick, because you will actually be part of an angel, use it well. It even comes with a flaming sword too. The process happens automatically, any who can kill an angel are deemed worthy by the old cosmic code to gain their powers, so don't worry about that noise.

The lesser angelic form looks a bit like this:

Greater angelic forms are much harder to come by. You need to kill some heavy duty angelic powers for this to work. Let's just say this gets people killed more often, both are dangerous, this is more so. These angels are the ones that deliver the divine revenge against entire cities. So if you do manage to somehow kill one, that's impressive. So good luck with that.

Anyway you get much more power with this form and awe inspiring reactions when you fully reveal your self to the general public, and what ever nifty weapon they had when you killed them becomes yours as well.

The Greater Angelic form looks something like this.

So, angelic wings just don't do it for you. Maybe this will.

Dragons are majestic and, well you know what they are. To me they are nothing more then lizards with way too much time on their hands, and more power then they deserve. Any dragon can die, sure. But it's death should not be meaningless. If you want some of that power for your self, when you kill a said dragon, keep as much as it's blood as you can. Mix it with the black marsh of Tersil Island and leave it that way for one month. It will get nasty and really bad, but this mixture will, when placed on the skin, will give you the powers of the Dragon you killed. The transformation process is painful, coming and going. It only lasts about a week per application, but can be worth it depending on the dragon.

Some have said this is the path to Godhood, but then again none of those people are alive so, if it is, they must have gotten lost somewhere along the way. So who knows. It's up to you.

The Dragon form looks something like this when fully completed:

Other forms can be taken, but shapeshifting itself is not forbidden and usually easily accomplished with out lethal results, for anything else, dont bother looking here.

Weapon Enchantment.

Now, you have a sword. It isn't much but it gets you by so you don't complain. But since you are reading this its pretty obvious average, for you just isn't going to happen. You need some danger and power in your life, well lets put some in there.

First to enchant a weapon, you need one. Makes sense right. So go steal one from your local weapons store , or summon one real quick. Wait. You do know how to summon one right. Fine, okay so we will go over it really quick.

First picture the image of the weapon you want in your mind, every detail. Second, make sure you are sure. Third take a crystal in your hand and say the words Tyr Sone Ovid. Trust me it works, the crystal will trans mutate into your weapon with a cool rainbowish display of power. If it didn't work make sure your crystal is actually crystal and not glass...or plastic or something. Like that. Experienced war magi always carry extra crystals on them.

It looks like this.

Alright, now. Lets say you really hate something. I mean really hate
something. I have just the spell for you. I call this the blade of disaster. You need your weapon and some special alone time. After that you need to draw your circle and place a basic protective spell around it. Harness the powers of pure destruction by opening a portal to any hell you want, you do have the gate key, use it now, do not enter the portal. The weapon will become a magnet for the elemental forces of destruction, trust me on this. It will draw the natural forces of hell into the weapon. The protective circle wont let it leave the area and it will go into a concentrated area. Only do this for no more then 30 seconds. Or you could over load.

Your sword will be pure black, more then night itself. Now you can destroy anything you want with a single swing of your sword. The downside, if you do this some kind of horrible disaster will befall you, your family, your generations until your bloodline dies out. It is a horrible curse, but it might be worth it, who knows. Or I could be lying and nothing will happen to you at all. You just never know.

It should look like this when you are finished.

Now, lets say you hate people. Yes, I know that you must because you are reading this, but lets pretend you really hate people. You've often told them to burn in hell. Well what if you could make that a reality? Now you can with an enchantment I like to call the Afterlife Selection Enchantment. It pretty much does what it says. To do it, you must open the hell and heaven portals at the same time in a protective circle. The energies will conflict naturally and that energy will infuse with the blade, you may not want to get too close. Follow the thirty second time limit and close both at the same time. Dispel any creatures that may have escaped then gather your blade.

It will have a black aura around it. This thing is special. Because when you kill somebody with it, you get to choose where they spend eternity. In hell in the worst circles of the abyss, or maybe some heaven. This has its uses and only you can do it. Now, the price for this blade is two fold. First, it takes a way one year of your life away every time you use it. Secondly, when you die, you sent to where you sent your first victim. So if you are willing to live with that little fact, go for this one.

It will look something like this if done correctly:

Ok ok, so by now you've read too much and are getting bored. Just a few more then it's all over. The next enchantment is three fold. The three blades of power can only be done at the same time and are very powerful. Not quite sure what they do though. You need three swords, or weapons and place them in a circle of power, this one requires a "Volunteer" Place them in the center with the blades, then relieve them of all their blood. This will bring the blades to life with the power of the ancients, this seems to usually be random, but most likely they will be in this order. The Golden Blade will be unbeatable in combat, The Blue Flaming Blade will be a master of all magical attacks, and the Red Blade of Death will be unstoppable by any force. It might vary alittle bit on the details but that is usually what they are.

The price is simply if they are ever separated from you, even one. You die. Simple as that. So if some kid some how runs off with one for even more then a few minutes, the blades will cut your life force off at the source. If you want some real power, this is the way to go, but carrying three blades with you all the time does get a little old.

They look like this:

This is just a brief introduction on the the ways of enchantment and shape changing in the forbidden tomes, however these are generally the most dangerous to you and to others around you, hence why they are forbidden.

By the way. If you happen to mess up any of these rituals, you usually don't get a second chance so I hope you decided to finish the chapter before you tried to do any of this stuff. If you notice some bloodstains on the pages, it is because of people who did not read everything before they started, just a warning you should really listen to, but hey, what do I know right?
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Bob's Forbidden Tome of Magic
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