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 Elemental Plane of Fire.

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PostSubject: Elemental Plane of Fire.   Mon Aug 24, 2009 7:42 am

Elemental Plane of Fire.

The Eternal and Infinite torch of the multiverse. The first thought that people have when coming here is that they made a mistake and ended up in hell itself. If they are not magically protected it is their last thought. This is a place where the flames never die. They do not need air or fuel to burn. Here everything is lit and darkness is usually unknown.

This place is the most hostile plane to visit and most people usually avoid it if they can. In the cool spots it is almost 200 degrees, in the hottest places the fires burn violet and are the hottest places, even magics burn here. This place is highly radioactive as well, this form of heat attacks the cell structure of any living thing and mutates it into something else, usually cancerous and deadly to the affected.

This place has many places that hold wonder. it has oceans of liquid fire, the ground is always red hot, it has rivers of molten rock, and it even has wonders from long ago just waiting for people to explore.

The Steel City.

This is really the only city in the fire realm. It is protected with powerful magic to save it from melting away. This is a pretty violent place to be. It is business orientated and one can find anything. But unlike its water counterpart if you enter there with out protection, you wont receive any sympathy. The city is populated with people who are usually running from something. Their is no law here it is as chaotic as the realm it resides in anybody can do anything but just as easily be thrown out into the flames just as quickly.

This city is not infinite and is usually always busy, and always hot. The locals usually stay away from the city, it is too cold for them. The people that are there are usually humans and magic users of all kinds, it is a melting pot.

The Violet Temple.

This is somewhere deep in the elemental plane there is a odd religion of Jinn and Fire elementals. The building itself is magical fire of the hottest sorts. It is supposedly a direct connection to the Tower of flames on the Plane of Balance. What this temple does contain is very powerful magic. Some say it is the very heart of the realm. Its guardians believe it houses the first god of fire who is sleeping.

This place is extremely hostile to those with out extreme magical protections. It will eat them alive with flames. This place is to be avoided, they do not take well to strangers. this place would be littered with bones had they not all burned away instantly.

The Liquid Fire Sea.

This is a vast sea of pure flame. Wild elementals live here and play freely. Things here are not known for their sea faring qualities but there are some wily pirates out there that have boats that sail on the flames, these are an amazing site to see for the first time. These boats would sink instantly if they were on water.

The fire sea is violent and chaotic all the time. Nobody knows what lies beneath, although people talk of a giant fire dragon bigger than all the rest that rules the fire sea, regardless of its existence, sailors often give tribute before taking off to parts unknown.

There are many port towns in this realm, each more violent than the last one is.


In this plane the air is constantly filled with smoke and it smells. There are three kinds.

The first storm is superheated steam. Every once and awhile high up in the air of this world there is moisture, this is turned to steam. This steam rushes down at high speeds burns everything it touches, due to its water nature, the protected from the flames are easy targets for this scalding storm. The locals can detect it and avoid it easily. Because of their nature the water is quickly dried up, these storms usually last only an hour.

The second type of storm is basically a pure elemental meteor storm of flames. All kinds of flames come from this. Usually they are nothing more than fireworks shows, but every once and awhile the flames are bright purple and destroy everything in their path. This firestorm lasts for a few days usually.

The Third kind is like a winter snow storm. Only the snow is pure ash. This happens when the hellish plains expels their prisoners. They are consumed instantly and the ashes move across the plain like a blizzard. These are the rarest of the storms and they make the most mess of things. The ashes are usually destroyed in a few days.

The Black Flame.

This is a hellish flaming area. Nobody knows much about it. It has much in common with the other dark areas of the elemental plains. It is a hot dark place few go to. Its flames give of no light, just heat. This place is much like a nuclear firestorm and filled with the most lethal radiation in the whole multiverse naturally occurring. This contains sulfuric vortexes in the darkness that destroy everything they touch. It is said that the darker parts of the multiverse connect here, to the abyss and other evil plains of existence, and anybody can get sucked into them at anytime.

This place is a paradox, it is flame and heat, but there is no light given here nobody knows why it exists, it always has since anybody can remember.

Elemental plane of Fire Traits.

The Gravity is normal as it is on the material plane.

Time Exists here as it normally does.

Magic is impeded here, water spells are disabled. When fire spells are casted their effect is increased and wildly unpredictable.

Fire elementals are powerful here, other elementals suffer

The Fire plane is Opposite of the water plane, it is the only plane that has nothing in common with the others, save for the darkness they all have in common.

This plane is everlasting like all the others, but it is easy to want to leave and escape the constant heat of this place. It is largely unexplored. The Jinn that live here are often summoned to the material world to grant wishes and cause trouble, and they often do that. The Fire elementals are often summoned too, but they hate it on the material plane usually.

There are rogues though who wish to cause havoc. If you encounter them don't worry. Kill them and they only return to their Plane where they are usually wanted by various bounty hunters.

This is a brief insight into this eternal flame. No entry can be considered complete, but this is enough to familiarize your self with this place.

So ends the entry on the Elemental Plane of Fire.
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Elemental Plane of Fire.
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