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 A Rut. 02-18-08

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PostSubject: A Rut. 02-18-08   Mon Aug 24, 2009 12:10 pm

A rut.

A deep never ending rut.

Spiraling into the abyssal depression.

Drowning in the waves.

There's no way out.

No helping hand to save me this time.

It builds and builds and builds.

Ready to spill over.

It fills my entire being.

Tears of raging sadness flowing down my face.

I let out a scream of mournful rage.

Pressing the sharp silver tool against the pink flesh.

Relief comes setting in when the crimson drops fall.

Another scar to my collection.

More painful reminders.

Of a painful lifeā€¦
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A Rut. 02-18-08
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