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 a haunting

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PostSubject: a haunting   Wed Sep 02, 2009 6:13 am

As a young girl growing up in the woods of Maine, seeing things that others couldn’t see didn’t not seem odd to me. I never spoke to anyone about them in fear that they would think that I was crazy. I would go to bed at night and watch the shadows dance on my walls forming different faces and shapes. I came to accept them being there every night. As I got a little bit older different things started to happen that made no sense to me. I would look at someone and see a white form around there heads some had white others were blue and even some had black ones. It wasn’t until I got a little more older that I started to question what I was seeing.
A wise man who I am very close to explained a lot to me in a short amount of time that made everything make sense. It all started before I was even born.

My grandparents have a cute house in the located in between two mountains in Maine. There they raised 7 children the oldest being my mother. As it has been explained to me all of the children had some sort of supernatural experience or experiences growing up. Some saw people that were not there , others heard voices that were not of those who were living in the house. For the most part everyone had a feeling of a presence in the house. Things would happen like doors would open, lamps would tip over , things would move on there own. And yet no one said anything . This went on for many years even after my arrival in 1981. I was about 7 or 8 sleeping on the couch, I woke up in the middle of the summer night freezing cold. I covered myself with the blanket grandpa gave me and laid back down. Just then I heard a noise from the kitchen. I looked no one was there, I wasn’t scared but confused at first. Then the front door opened. A shadow came thru the door and the door closed. I watched as the shadow danced across the floor and disappeared into the pantry. Terrified I couldn’t move. I tried to cover my head but was afraid to breathe. My cup that was on the table in the kitchen lifted up and was put back down. I screamed. Screamed like I never had before. My uncle who was upstairs came running down to see what was going on saw my cup flip over. He knew , he knew that what ever had been tormenting them as children was now going after me.
That was the last time for a long time that I stayed at Grandma’s house scared of what I would see or what would happen next.

Lets skip a few more years, my Grandpa died in 1991. Along with his departure most of the things in the house stopped as well. Some think it was my Grandpa who was haunted others are no so sure. My visits there were more often and I felt as though the air was not as heavy and did not feel scared anymore.
I ended up moving in with my Grandma in 1993 I believe I had the down stairs bedroom right next to my Grandma’s room. My two uncles at this time had the rooms upstairs.
One night as I was laying in bed asleep I had a really funny feeling I woke up. There stood my Grandfather who died 3 years ago standing at the foot of my bed trying to talk to me. Once again I screamed. Grandma came in turned on the light and he was gone. She said I had a bad dream.
The next morning however I talked to my uncles and my Grandma about what happened and what I saw and this is what they said.
The same night:
Uncle 1- he was in my room looking for something but didn’t say a word. I just let him be.
Uncle 2- he told me to get out of bed early I had work to do and then disappeared.
Grandma- I woke up he had his hand on my shoulder.

There have been many other things happen to me that I have seen or heard at my Grandma’s house that I or anyone else can explain. I was there in 2007 and still there is activity in the house.
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a haunting
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