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 the ouija board

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PostSubject: the ouija board   the ouija board I_icon_minitimeWed Sep 02, 2009 6:45 am

Have you ever gone into a room or a space and all of the hairs on your neck and arms stand straight up and you have a feeling of terrible dread or doom? NO? Well then come with me for a walk down my memory lane.

Sitting in my room one day just hanging out not doing a whole lot. Besides avoiding my younger siblings my parents decided to take us all to my Grandparents house. This house is kind of in the middle of nowhere on a side street in deep in the woods.
Normally children are excited to go visit Grandparents when ever they got the chance. Well I was one of the four that wasn’t too happy. I loved my Grandparents but not the house. It had this vibe to it that I can not explain almost like it was pulsing at times. The more people especially children were there the darker it seemed to get.
My cousins and I would fight constantly when we were there, only when we were there. Everywhere else we got along great. Most of the adults thought it to be jealousy I am not too sure of that.

One summer my uncle took me to the store. I wanted to communicate with what ever presence there was I was feeling at the time. He surprisingly agreed and bought me a Ouija board. I was so very excited to get it home and try it out. My uncle and I did it together the first time and we would ask it questions and it give answers, then I thought that he was moving the eye piece but he said he wasn’t. I was a little skeptical at first. My cousin came over and we were messing with it asking it stupid questions and such . Some of them included when and how are we going to die. I will never forget the answer it gave me. I would die at the age of 54 because my liver explodes. Kind of a nasty way to die. But I was only 15 so it didn’t bother me that’s a long ways away.
My uncle came down stairs that afternoon and said he had written questions down to ask the board so there were about five of us at the time with our fingers on the board asking it these questions. The spirit was telling us that she was a young girl that died tragically not too far from the house in the 1800’s but didn’t know how she died. Just then my youngest cousin who was 4 or5 at the time came in gave us a name of the girl and told us how she died. We asked him how he knew that and he said she told him outside. Oh my , Auntie flipped out wouldn’t let him outside of her sight. Anyways we told the spirit that she needed to leave the kids out of the conversations and she became defensive and very mean. I called her a name and the board shook and the eye piece went flying across the room. Not like some one threw it but like it was launched from a potato gun or something.
We then decided that this was not a good spirit. In the instructions it says it can be either or for the board.
My uncle decided to put the Bible underneath the Ouija board. The board got hot and the sprit said “I can no talk God is watching” it was a scary moment because we didn’t know if the gates of hell had been opened or what was going to happen. The lights went out and I started to cry. I had such an uneasy feeling that I wanted to throw up. The lights came back on the board was flipped over and u could tell there was some heat not a lot but some applied to the board.
From that moment on we packed it away. Never to touch it again.
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the ouija board
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