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 Chupacabra Exists?!

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PostSubject: Chupacabra Exists?!   Thu Sep 03, 2009 7:03 am

It really does exist! Maybe! The famed chupacabra has apparently been found, and it's a Texan.

Or at least it was. The beast is now dead, but news of its capture near Blanco, Texas, inspired Bigfoot-sized searches. Lookups on "chupacabra" surged a whopping 571%, and related queries on "what does chupacabra mean" also roared. (For the record, its rough translation is "goat sucker.") The find also inspired renewed interest in the equally notorious Montauk Monster.

Jerry Ayer, owner of Blanco Taxidermy School, has possession of the mythical beast's body. According to CNN, the animal was discovered by one of Ayer's students. The student had "placed catch an unidentified animal that had gotten into a family member's barn." Little did the student know the animal in question was (maybe) the chupacabra.

In the video from CNN (which is pretty gross, so beware), Ayer shows off some of the unusual features of the animal, including abnormally long legs and teeth. It looks a bit like the world's ugliest (and meanest) dog.

Of course, this is hardly the first time someone has claimed to have captured the chupacabra. In years past, brave souls have spotted it in places ranging from Russia to Maine to the Philippines. Often the animal is spotted by folks who conveniently forget to snap a photo.

Not so this time. Ayer says he plans to preserve the animal and then donate it to a local museum so it can be enjoyed by others. As the taxidermist puts it, the beast is "a tremendous conversation piece." Sort of like the Mona Lisa or a really stellar collection of garden gnomes.
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PostSubject: Re: Chupacabra Exists?!   Fri Sep 04, 2009 12:44 am

Yeah...Us south Texans are so cool we get on the news because of the Chupacarbra. Though I no longer live in south Texas I did see this bit air on our local news. Supposedly there had been a sighting or two in Cuero Texas. Which is like...An hour or less from where I used to live. Creepy, eh? The following is a the CNN story that aired. Sorry it has no sound. But yeah...That's sorta old news on my part. Have I actually gone to look for it whenever I found this out? Eh...No. Because most likely if I had seen it I would've assumed it was another wild dog and kicked it like I did with all the other wild dogs around. Haha. However I would like to do some research on "The Goatman of Lake Worth" and well the "La Chusa" two supernatural creatures that I've been told about to make me go to bed early.
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Chupacabra Exists?!
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