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PostSubject: Beginnings.   Beginnings. I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 08, 2009 6:42 am

The time is far in the future. War has destroyed most
of the Technology the human race used to live on the
world. Nuclear explosions and other nefarious weapons
have disturbed the earths most powerful creatures from
their peaceful slumber in their sacred places on the
earth. Ancient magics and modern energies mixed and
turned these once "Normal" Beasts into Living gods
that are all powerful in their domain. Over time
humans began to worship these creatures and learn to
harness fractions of their energies for their own
uses, some time the Gods notice their worshipers and
help them, other times they crush them underfoot. It
is now time for the Reign of the Kajiu Gods!

All the Gods are different in their own ways, but they
all have similar traits, here is what they all have in

They are all effectively Immortal, They do not age or
need food to live. They can all Die in combat but over
time they will regenerate on their own, each
regeneration rate is different, however.

They are all immune to all but the most advanced mind
control powers, and even then it is very difficult to
control, and for short times only.

Immune to Drugs and Poisons, unless they come from
another God.

They are always connected to their realm, If
teleported to another dimension or world, they can
return when ever they please.

Gods Can contact any of their worshipers at anytime
they choose, and they are in complete control of their
energies at all times, sometimes magic wont work if
the user is going against what the god believes, or
just to be cruel.

On the subjects of cults.

Some of these Gods have very large and powerful cults
of people that are good in the world. Some Gods are
much lesser known. Others are so vile and cruel and
destructive only the worst of the worst can even
tolerate it. Some are just known in regional places
and others still remain unknown. Some Gods are so
powerful that every person knows of them because they
are that powerful, and some are just whispers on a
breath of a wanderer.

Regardless of what people believe of these Gods every
one of them has the potential to be completely
terrifying and deserve some sort of respect.


World war three saw the invent and the rediscovery of
Magic powers and weapons. Countries could attack
each other with out using a single life of their own
armies being lost. The power was just too much, plain
and simple. Odd creatures began being sighted all over
the world in the midst of the magical battlefields.
One fateful day few people actually lived to tell
about the magics mixed, and it was a bad mixture.
Reality essentially rewrote itself, the Ley lines of
the earth returned to their full force and Most of
Mankind's weapons self destructed.

The Dormant Kajiu every where were powerful enough to
attract these mystical energies and absorb them,
increasing their powers over one hundred times.

The Aftermath and the present world:

Mankind survived this event and it was blown back to
the Dark Ages. There was no Electricity, no modern
comforts, Life became hard once more, but people
survived. The Religions of the world fell apart with
the resurgence of magic powers, belief systems were
now banished to the realm of mythology, and the
mythical was more and more back into reality once
more. With science a lost art and magic ruling the
day, people once again followed what they believed to
be right, then...they came out.

The first one came from the sea and totally destroyed
the largest human stronghold with ease, many people
died. Other things came out of hiding over the years,
these things became known as Gods.

The world is no longer divided into countries.

Some places man just doesn't go to anymore.

The first of these places is called the Killing
Fields, It was formerly the Great Plains of North
America. Man goes here but this is a place of bandits
and various monsters. It gets hot in the summer, and
bitterly cold in the winter time. Many people that
travel through here do not tell the tale, most are
never seen again. Gods rarely go here, but on
occasion Kamacurus has been known to come here to

Another place is known as the wastelands, this place
is a desert, formerly the Southwestern Region of the
United States, this place is now constantly over 100
degrees, day and at night it is almost freezing. Evil
forces live here, and rumor has it the cult of Baragon
Resides here, a vicious cult of insane people lost in
the wastelands sustained by some secret water source,
it is a feared place over all, but treasure could be
found here if one was brave enough to look for it.

The Great White Northlands are, of course what Canada
used to be, this term also refers to any permafrosted
lands. These places are vast and isolated. Legends of
the Wendigo and other snow beasts roam the land. The
god most worshiped here is really debatable. The only
creature that is known to live in the Cold land is the
God known as King Ceasar, one of the few warm blooded
Gods known to exist. The place is very unforgiving.

There are other places such as the Matango Island
Chains, The Rock, and many others. They will be
covered in more details as the list of Gods begins to
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