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 Power Scale!

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PostSubject: Power Scale!   Power Scale! I_icon_minitimeMon Sep 07, 2009 7:37 am

Welcome to the Monster Island Power Scale. MIPS for short. Here you will be able to see what all of the rankings mean!

Please read and do your best to remember these standards after you leave here. If you forget just remember the higher the number the stat is. The stronger it is in this area! Please Enjoy!

First Entry: Strength.

This relates to Physical strength, not the strength of energy based attacks.

0- This monster has far below average strength compared to others
1- This monster has average strength, nothing impressive though.
2- This monster is above average, Strong enough to hold its own.
3- This monster has great strength. It is not to be challenged on an even battlefield.
4- Superior strength makes this monster nearly unbeatable
5- Perfect example of physical power, this monster is unparalleled in physical strength.

Second Entry: Speed

0-This monster is slow, easily able to be outrun.
1- This monster is able to keep pace for only limited lengths of time
2- Perfectly average speed. Not to be underestimated.
3- Faster then your average monster.
4- Superior Speed makes this one uncatchable!
5- Near Teleportation speed, almost invisible to the eye.

Third entry: Intelligence
0- This monster only reacts to outside stimuli
1- This monster is ruled by base emotions
2- Smart enough to know when it's out classed
3- Good enough to use its surroundings to its advantage
4- Calculating and cold, knows to look for and exploit weaknesses
5- Supergenius, God like Intelligence

Fourth Entry: Energy Attacks
0- This monster has no energy attacks
1- It may have a weapon of last resort, but it is mostly for show.
2- This energy attack is semi-effective against what ever it hits.
3- Adept at using it's powers to good effect, very effective.
4- Devastating Beam Attacks, Massive Damage.
5- Ultimate Power, This attack is to be feared by all

Fifth Entry: Horror Factor
0-This monster is normally scary
1- This one send chills down the spine, quickly vanishes
2- This one will leave a lasting impression when thought about.
3- When this monster appears, all will feel fear of some kind.
4- Horrifying, this monster is not only terror inducing, it knows how to create fear.
5- To gaze upon this monstrosity, is to go insane with sheer horror.

Sixth Entry: Defense
0-The best defense, is a good offense.
1- Reckless in advancing, but not against obviously overwhelming odds
2- Isn't a good defensive fighter, but isn't reckless either
3- This monster knows when how to defend itself with what it has.
4- Knows more about defense then attack, Rarely takes damage.
5- This monster is nearly untouchable, Is capable of turning any attack back flawlessly

Seventh Entry: Offense
0-Run away today, live to fight another day.
1- Hates violence, but don't back it into a corner...
2- Very aggressive, but unfocused and wild.
3- This one knows when to attack, and how.
4- When in battle, it is nearly peerless in combat skill and effectiveness.
5- This monster is living brutality, savage and focused perfectly, using all advantages.

Eighth Entry: Durability
0-One good hit in the right place, and it's done.
1-It can take a couple of good hits before it's done.
2- It can take most forms of non energy based damage.
3- Most energy weapons do less damage, physical attacks are better taken.
4- This monster can take just about everything you give and not stop coming.
5- Indestructible. This monster can seemingly not be hurt, period.

Ninth Entry: Healing Factor
0-Heavy damage takes years to heal, Moderate takes months, Light damage takes weeks.
1- Heavy damage takes months to heal Moderate takes weeks and Light takes days.
2- Heavy and Moderate damage takes weeks to heal, Light damage is healed near instantly.
3-Heavy and Moderate damage takes days to heal.
4- Heavy damage healed in hours. Moderate damaged healed instantly.
5 Instant regeneration- All damage healed as it is inflicted in seconds.

Tenth Entry: Swimming/Flight Ability
0-Is not meant for either element, at all.
1- It can fly or swim if it has no other choice.
2-It can swim or fly well enough, with no hesitation. It's mastered neither though.
3-Adept Swimmer or Flyer, Is perfectly comfortable with this.
4- It is perfectly at home in the sky or the water.
5- Master of it's domain, in it's element its potentially unbeatable.

Eleventh Entry: Accuracy
0-No aim at all, unfocused rage or energy attacks.
1-It can shoot straight, but does this before it aims at anything.
2-Large targets are easy, moving targets, not so much.
3-This one can hit what it aims at most of the time.
4- Expert shot. Energy attacks and projectiles are it's weapon of choice.
5-Sharpshooter. This monster never misses unless it intends to miss.

Twelfth Entry: Stealth
0-No Hiding this one...
1-It might be able to hide...behind a the middle of the night in the fog, maybe.
2-It can sneak up on an distracted enemy sometimes.
3- This one can hide in plain sight in the right conditions, knows how to disappear.
4- Silence master, this monster can hide itself nearly anywhere at anytime.
5- Invisible. This monster can completely vanish at a moments notice and is undetectable at will.

Thirteenth Entry: Psychic Ability
0-It doesn't even know what it's gonna to today, let alone you..
1-It can get a glimpse of the future, usually useless though.
2-Sometimes it just knows things before they happen, mistaken as instinct usually.
3- It can see the future well enough, but can do little to change it.
4- This monster can see the future, and change it to their advantage usually.
5- This monster can see its own future, and the future of others with ease, and at will.

Fourteenth Entry: Perception
0-If it's not in front of its face, it doesn't know it exists.
1- Very aware of their surroundings, but few of the details.
2- It can sense an enemy in a one mile radius.
3- This one can tell what another is thinking or planning to do by paying attention to body language.
4- Almost nothing escapes this one, it always takes a look at everything before moving into action.
5- Absolutely nothing escapes this monster, the slightest twitch gives them all they need to know.

Damage Rating:

Light Damage: Man made weapons, Tanks, Fighter Jets and basic military firepower. Despite this being light damage, it can and does add up pretty quickly. Debris and projectile attacks can result in light damage, Electrical shock can also be light damage if it is not weaponized. Collision with trains or ships can cause light damage.

Moderate Damage: Most energy based attacks from other monsters cause this. It can be worse depending on their Rating and the effect of the blast is supposed to be. Special weapons like the Dimensional Cannon and the Ice Tide weapon can cause Moderate, even Heavy damage. Having a building fall on the monster will be moderate damage as well. Natural disasters, Volcanoes, Tidalwaves, Tornadoes and other conditions can cause Moderate damage as well.

Heavy Damage: Dismemberment, impaling wounds and other maiming attacks are considered heavy damage., This kind of damage is easily possible of making death occur soon after if the monster is not strong enough or quick enough to avoid the attack. Few, if any human weapons can cause this level of damage. Alien weapons can though.

Teleportation Notes: Monsters, some of them can actually teleport. How this is done is unknown. None have been reported to teleport more then a mile from their original location and only under extreme distress. It is a rare event, so there is no power scale or entry for it Monsters who can teleport will have this description in their bio as needed.

Good and Evil: The monsters are usually beyond the concept of good and evil in human terms. While some are considered protectors, they are usually just preempting their enemies advance, and good and evil is a biproduct of these actions. Although some claim there are real forces of Good and Evil alike. This is largely unproven. Claims will be noted in the Bio as needed.

Thank you for using the Monster Island Power Scale!

Please come again!
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Power Scale!
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