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 The Elemental Plane of Air.

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PostSubject: The Elemental Plane of Air.   Mon Sep 07, 2009 7:39 pm

Elemental Plane of Air.

This world is one of everlasting sky. It has a light source that lasts eternally but is no sun. Skies are always blue here most of the time. Its a paradise. Anybody who has a fear of heights however may find this place a nightmare. It has no gravity and any fear stricken being will fall
endlessly and become food for some of the natural predators that keep the sky clean. Once people decide in what direction they wish to move, it becomes easy to do. This place is a hellish world for undead beings, the light is just like any sun and it destroys them, there is very little to no cover here. Here there are just as many wonders and as much mystery as the other elemental planes.

Cirrus City.

Even in a eternal sky there are a very few places that civilization exists. Cirrus City is one of these places. The city is placed upon a solid ice island that falls. It never gets very hot due to a magical protective, and the extremely cold temperatures created by the constant winds. This city is a page out of a classical history you would see white marble structures of all kinds. Every thing here is aerodynamic so the wind wont get to it. Everything is in short supply here, nobody even knows who created the city. If things are created it is made with magical methods. Some of the best magi live here. The people here are mostly all free spirits and do different things on a whim, there are many uncompleted projects laying around because people lost interest with them to move on to something else.

The law here is around but it is not as strict as most places. The worst punishment they have is banishment. The plane is a desert, few can survive it without supplies, even the locals.

Very few air elementals go near the city, they often feel its like a prison.

Whirlwind wall.

When one leaves the city, no matter what direction they go in they will encounter the Whirlwind wall. You will hear it long before you ever see it. This is the true guardian of the city that protects it from the various predators of the realm.

This is an endless tornado, you can see it because it holds clouds and pieces past attempts to get through it. The winds are always above 800 miles per hour and at some parts over three thousand miles per hour. There are not many ways through.

The safest way through it is by using the portals created by the Wind guardians. They let adventurers through all the time, for a price. Or you could just chance it and jump into the winds and pray for a safe exit point, although most mortals could not last the trip. There are various lower scale scavengers just waiting for the remains to be exited out of the storm.

Iron Cloud Island.

This island is a pirate paradise. Airships great and small, and their crews revel in the lawlessness of the place. The island is a cloud with the density of iron, and just as solid. It is one of the few places people can actually walk. Technology is supreme here, any airship can be built here if they have the right price. There is no more better place to find an airship or a crew, and betrayal. Everybody has a price here.

It is not an easy place to find in the vastness of the open sky. If if one finds this place, it can be an adventure in itself, or it may kill you.

Eternal Maelstrom

The Air realm is a pretty calm place. This place is visible miles before you ever reach it. It is a terrible black storm that constantly crackles with energy and is constantly pouring rain. A terrible place to be for anybody. This place crosses into the plane of positive energy and water and the whole thing is a passage way into the para elemental plane of lightning.

Not many live long in this place and even fewer ever leave. This place was created by a battle between the abyss and an army of gods. The power between the both of them punched a hole into the Plane of air and the different energies mixed together and created one of the greatest and most powerful storms in the multiverse. The gods fell victim to it and the Abyss claimed victory and vanished.

The treasures and weapons of the fallen ones still exist. One of the Gods defeated still remains in the the very center of the terrible storm, she sometimes expels people from the storm, saving them.

The air plane is filled with ruins and past battles between gods and mortals alike. Because of this there are very few established places left in this empty realm. But there are plenty of secrets here for any who wish to find them.

Time exists normally here, Gravity is subjective. All magic works here, but it takes less effort to use it.
Air elementals are powerful here, earth elementals are useless and hate it here. Fire and water elementals are unchanged.

Air elementals are usually calm, yet alittle on the chaotic side when it comes to their free spirits. They dont attack unprovoked but they do command all the powers of the wind and are very dangerous. Ask for help and they may show you the way to a good place.
This plane is the opposite of the Earth plane, it has the most in common with the water plane due to its vastness.

This is only a small entry on the Elemental Plane of Air.
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The Elemental Plane of Air.
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