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 Elemental Plain Creation

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PostSubject: Elemental Plain Creation   Mon Sep 07, 2009 7:48 pm

Creation of the elemental plains.

In the beginning there was nothing but darkness, but this darkness was not empty, nor was it silent and peaceful. This darkness would be called the abyss. Infinite as it was powerful.

The elements were nothing but a dream of some over lords who wished they could escape from the terrors of the abyss and get out on their own. They waited for billions of years, there were seven of them who wished to escape, one who did not.

Long story short they escaped on their own. They had been created in the darkness but they longed for something else, and they created it. The original elemental plains were created and they were as followed:








And Chaos..

Each of these elements had their own plain and realm of existence and they co-existed with the Abyss in a secret. The first few billion years was peaceful, but then as if it had to happen the element of chaos decided that it was tired of the little experiment and it created vast and terrible armies and they marched upon the others with unrelenting destruction and terror.

The elemental avatars, the original gods and creators not willing to wake the abysses conscience self decided to take on the Chaos avatar single handedly. The seven elementals had based themselves on the balance they had created, Chaos had no balance and therefore it had no limits on how powerful she could become. The battle was terrible it raged for centuries, and the seven avatars were losing against their sister.

It was time for a last ditch effort. The avatars risked everything they had created and they used all of their power together for the very last time to banish the chaos elemental into the abyss for all time. This last effort worked and the chaos plain and it's avatar were banished seemingly forever.

The battle had taken its toll however and the remaining avatars began to grow weary and misuse their powers. They created all kinds of mixtures of their elements and created the para elemental and quasi elemental plains. With their connecting of the plains.

The avatars eventually warred with each other, and the only ones that could kill them were each other and their creator the abyss. Their war sent energies spiraling out of control...their energy ended up creating billions of universes and even more Gods with a fraction of their powers. They had forgotten about the terrors of the abyss and their senseless fighting awoken the beast for the first time in an eternity, when it woke up it saw the multiverse as it was thriving in various places. The abyss as furious and was determined to destroy what they had made. He sent agents of darkness, demons and monsters and terrors of all kinds to infest every world that he could. The darkness had been introduced into the multiverse and nothing would stop it now.

This is the basic story of how the multiverse and the elemental plains were created as it is understood by those of the gods and ones in power...a secret history if you will.

So ends this account.
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Elemental Plain Creation
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