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 Eighteen 1-14-06

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PostSubject: Eighteen 1-14-06   Sun Aug 09, 2009 6:11 am

Blond hair
Blue eyes
Sweet and innocent
Things change
Brown hair
Blue eyes
Now a dangerous angel
trying to rebel.
Trapped in here room
doomed till she turns eighteen.
Then freedom will come
only with a price
rent, food, fun.
She'll spend the rest
of her life working
only to see her life pass slowly by.

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PostSubject: Hunger. 07-10-05   Sun Aug 09, 2009 11:26 pm

Toxic kiss upon my lips.
Pain-filled ecstasy is so hard to forget.
Pleasure coming in wave after wave.
Has my soul been damned or saved?
Sweet tasting blood on my tongue.
Such forbidden fruit shouldn't be shunned.
Sugary sweet juices dripping from your pores.
Mmh lover, would you like some more?
Your screams ringing in my ears.
Ssh love, there's nothing to fear.
Primal hunger taking over.
Mmh sweetheart, you're mine forever.
Such sweet soft flesh between my teeth.
However dear, I hunger for what's beneath.
It's your cue honey take a bow.
Show's over you belong to me now.
Cradling your dying warmth against me.
This hunger for blood and flesh will never cease.
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Eighteen 1-14-06
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