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 Original Places!

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PostSubject: Re: Original Places!   Mon Sep 21, 2009 8:46 pm

Jewel Caves.

Hello Reader, This is the legend of the Jewel caves and how it got that way.

Along time ago in Rhydin there was thousands of magics, all kinds of creatures, It was known as the first age and the land was a peaceful land, newly created by ambient energies from various universes around, this is what also created the nexus, although it was stable back then beings didn't use it often.

The races in this new land was equal, every race had no reason to fight each other. Even the undead were in peace because of the massive energy that kept them whole, no blood was required to keep them moving. Well, the first age like so many other universes was a paradise and everything was perfect, well perfection like any thing else that happens to be good in this world, was a fleeting thing a best.

There was a day that came and for some reason or another the sun did not rise this day, the nexus began to destabilize. The effects of darkness and the stagnant status of the nexus stopped the ambient energy from keeping this world in good shape, conditions slowly started to fade away, perfection and paradise gave way to colder conditions and things were becoming miserable for everybody involved. The undead beings had it the worst of all.

Their bodies began to self destruct, the energies keeping them whole were fading, and quickly. This lead to the first vampire attack recorded in Rhydin. The details of this attack are lost by the mists of time, but the undead learned that they could live off of the energy in the blood of other creatures. The smarter and stronger these creatures were, the more powerful the undead would become, The darkness also suited them, they would adapt to it and become one with the night. The First paradise soon gave way to the time known as the Eternal night. Races of all kinds were under siege.

There was a place that was discovered by a new type of Dragon, born in the cold it was later to be known as the Ice Dragon race. This one did not have a name. But this Dragon found a strange cave filled with all kinds of shiny rocks, these rocks were countless in number and they also were glowing. The Dragon was scared at this new sight, she had never seen such a thing before. She told the town that same night and the wizards who were just learning offensive magic spells and defensive ones as well, they were quite interested in this new find, and asked the dragon if they could be led back to it, the Dragon agreed.

When they found it the Wizards knew this was storage area of some kind. Energy that wasn't used was put here by the land its self. Well the wizards, the smart guys that they were, decided to use it against the undead and put them down, they would perform an experiment, they would make a magical superweapon and defeat the undead with it.

Weeks would go on and the undead siege would continue. The wizard forged a weapon using forgotten magic methods. They created a weapon, but it was a complete and total disaster. The only good thing the Wizards did was unleash enough of the energy from the reserve to open up the nexus again, even if it was unstable from that point onwards. The daylight returned in a great and awesome fashion, but the damage was done. The paradise that was known before would never return. The energies were so sporadic that the night came every 12 hours and the day would only last the same amount. The air would get cold for months at a time, it was called winter and summer, cycles began and life got hard on Rhydin.

In time the Jewel Caves as it came to be known was sealed up. Fear came about that another disaster could destroy the world forever this time. Various wizards sealed it up and left the first magical weapon ever made, known as Black Rock was sealed inside, another magical weapon was not made for quite some time after that.

Today nobody knows where these caves are located. Cave of the Jewels it is also known as. Some say there is a map somewhere that leads right to it, but it is guarded by the highest order of mages, Rumors are far and few between when it comes to this legend.

The undead sieges created the great hate that living people have for the undead, their cruelty against the living races is now in genetic memory, and there is always a constant fear of any undead creature.

So ends the known story of the Cave of the Jewels.
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PostSubject: Re: Original Places!   Mon Sep 21, 2009 9:37 pm

The Reign Of Hellfrost.

Evil has a way of finding other evil. Within Rhydin in the sixth age there existed a kingdom, isolated and cold. This was the Kingdom of the dread blade Hellfrost, and its owner, King Lom.

This king was not undead nor demonic. He was simply a man who desired power but had no way to get it. He tried many different methods, but they all failed. With Lom's power driven dreams growing dim, there was on last option he tried. Having nothing, he enlisted in the current leader's quest to fight against the undead hordes terrorizing the countryside, and to assist the alliance against the undead.

Lom was trained in the art of slaying and excelled at the art and quickly rose through the ranks. His first time out on the battlefield was against extremely powerful lich and an army of undead servants. Lom was unparalleled in battle, and he carried his own weight in it. But in the end the was no real chance for the humans as night began to fall. Somehow in the midst of battle Lom was knocked out cold and taken prisoner.

He woke up alone in some forgotten stone cell. It was cold and dark. The lich had taken him prisoner. Time passed through the cold air of the cell and seemed to stand still. Then the lich came to Lom and gave him a choice to live or die. Lom chose life. The Lich explained that their race was threatened to be wiped out. The Lich offered Lom what he desired most, power. A unholy deal was made and the Undead creature taught Lom everything it knew.

Five years later the training was complete. Lom was set free and returned to his homeland. Everything seemed so weak to him now. His power was greater than anybody he could sense. This night in history would be known by the ones who lived as the Night of the Blood River. The street flowed with blood. Innocent and warrior alike fell to his powers.

When the dawn came the King was dead, and Lom had taken over the entire kingdom. Even though people wanted to leave, they could not. The undead hoards prevented it. The once holy kingdom was twisted into an evil realm of death and decay. Lom, power mad, had engineers build him new and inventive torture devices so he could test it on random people. Even the castle became black and evil. Filled with demons and undead monsters.

The other kingdoms got word of this and decided to defeat the Dread King. Chief among them was Prince Glemior and His Father. King Lom got word of the coming threat and decided to end it before it was fully developed. He sent an Wraith to kill the leader. The Wraith succeeded in its mission and it ended the life of the good king, but it did not destroy the prince.

The Prince was enraged at this cowardly attack, and ordered a special weapon to be created to avenge his father. The Kingdom's greatest wizards and mages appeared and they indeed did create a weapon. They created a spear With the permission of the spirit of the dead king. They used the blood and created what they called the Spear of Noble Greatness.

King Lom followed suit. He used the blood of his victims and his unholy powers. It was not enough and he had to open the portals to hell. The nameless demon that came out offered Lom a sword of Hellfrost. Demonic Ice and Fire combined into one. Lom took this blade and added his own twisted spells to it. The Hellfrost blade was born, its will crushing powers were the strongest in the land. Lom's Rule became absolute.

In time the forces of good and evil would continue their violent dances as they always do. Lom and Glemior battled fiercely for days. There were heroes on both sides of the battle, and many lives were lost in those dark days. But as it goes so many times the forces of darkness gave in. On the final siege of Lom's castle, the prince and Lom met for the first and last time. HellFrost and the Noble spear clashed several times. Lom was no match for the Prince's Fury. Lom eventually fell in a puddle of his own blood, dead.

The people of the undead kingdom were now liberated and peace returned to the region. But the battles were too straining on both kingdoms. Neither would return to their original power and would become victim to ruin in time. As for the Hellfrost blade, it could not be destroyed despite the best efforts. The remaining minds decided to banish it. They opened a portal to the Gibbering forest, a terrible place were the very trees screamed constantly and the only living things were the cursed ones from some forgotten time. The sword was cast into the Forest and many people were stolen away before the portal was closed once more.

The Prince returned to his castle and lived the rest of his days there with the spear. Eventually he died and the spear was left in the castle. Lom's castle and Glemior Castle both became ruins and forgotten as time went on. The ruins still remain intact in now lightly tread areas of Rhydin. Filled with terrible beasts and demons from the past. Not many who go to these places ever return. There are even skeletal dragons and golems that still stand guard against an enemy long dead.

As for the lich that taught Lom, this foul being still haunts the area and legend says it seeks another to teach its ways to. And recreate and finish what Lom tried to do so long ago.

Lom's Reign lasted all of 12 cycles.

So, dear reader. Now you know the basic story, one of many of the Sixth age of Rhydin.

I hope you have learned something with this legend.
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PostSubject: Re: Original Places!   Mon Sep 28, 2009 7:54 pm

In an unknown time in history, there were and still are dark forces in Rhydin. Once such force is the Necromancer's Tower This is its story, or what is known of it.

In the Fifth age of Rhydin there were no such things as a necromancer, or anything of the sort, but like all things with a purpose one was born.

Necromancers are people infused with energies from the shadowlands. Souls travel in this land and sometimes darkness gets attached to these souls and it makes its way to the Material plane of Rhydin. The soul once it was born was given a name. Its name was Gol. He came from a simple clan so he was given a simple name and he should have faded into the mists of time, But History would have different plans for Gol. He was special and at a very early age demonstrated odd abilities, but the one the villagers feared most was his power to bring the dead back to life on his own.

He was fifteen years old when he brought his first corpse up from the grave. The Village elders, of course, Banished him into the wild and condemned him as a devil, that should have been the end of it, However A wily demon who still remains nameless came to Gol in the Guise of a hermit. This Hermit claimed to be like Gol and with out much of a choice to be had they became friends.

Many years would pass and Gol would come to master his necromancy powers, He was the greatest of all time supposedly. He changed his name From Gol to Lord Galamoth. Why he picked this name is unknown, it could be after the demon who befriended him, we may never know. Galamoth needed a good place to live. The demon suggested to make a tower for himself. Galamoth Agreed, but had his own ideas. With some doing and spell work of incredible powers he created, what he called the Spires of Hopelessness.

These Towers were huge and in the middle of a very unforgiving desert. The Black things could be seen from the nearest towns. Galamoth easily asserted himself as ruler of the desert, However despite the demon's suggestions, Galamoth was a Kind and generous ruler, Equality was most important in this rule, nobody would ever be hated because they were different. The people loved him for this and peace reigned for many years.

The demon finally couldn't take anymore of this nice treatment and attacked Galamoth, but he lost after a minor struggle and the demon was banished into the desert and remains there, a shadow of what it once was. All good things come to an end however. Galamoth despite his incredible power and wisdom, was not immortal. It is said at his funeral Death himself attended this with Galamoth's soul. The people Placed the body of the dead king into the tower and that activated its last spell. It chose the most worthy canidate to be the second king. It chose a necromancer named Iodiz.

Years past and like any second ruler he could not hold a candle to Galamoth, and his frustration with the people grew and so did his cruelty. He began to teach others the necromancer skills, to people who were less than trustworthy. These students made twisted weapons and became just like Iodiz in every way. They were irresponsible in summoning up great spirits into the tower, and not sending them back.

Eventually the Towers became uncontrollable, Iodiz himself was killed by a spirit summoned from some unknown darkness. The Towers were abandoned in a hurry. Necromancers spread throughout Rhydin and Taught their skills to other people who could learn and some had kids that had natural talent.

The towers themselves became the stuff nightmares, people claimed that even seeing them would cause bad luck or a death in the family. Maybe it was. All the towns in the area had to vacate due to mysterious attacks and either the lack of water or it was going bad.

Now the four spires stand abandoned in an ocean of sand and heat. Its never quiet, vengeful spirits haunt the place constantly and nobody ever comes out alive. The inside of the towers has been lost to the sands of time. No living person today knows how to get it, not sure why they would want to though. It is a foreboding place and any sensitive to negative energy wont get a chill, they feel like they are freezing to death when they get near it.

Getting to the towers is a feat in itself, the environment is enough to kill any party not ready for the trip and its easy to get lost. In addition there is a magic spell around the towers that acts as a protection ward, put there by an unknown sorcerer, its for the people's own good.

It is said that Galamoth still haunts the very top of the tallest tower waiting for a brave soul and a worthy soul to cleanse the towers. And it is also said the spiteful demon still wanders the sands looking for easy targets.

This is the story of the Necromancer Towers, as I have uncovered it.

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PostSubject: Re: Original Places!   Fri Nov 06, 2009 4:48 am

God Fall

Presently in this world we know as Rhydin there are many super powerful beings and everybody seems to have some kind of magic spark or something. Well there was a time in ancient Rhydin when few had powers and they were shunned, people worked hard to get things and almost no magic was in use, anywhere. This was known as the second age of Rhydin, or the end of it anyway, after the paradise ended and the Jewel caves were sealed and magic was mostly shunned.

Life was difficult here and wars were fought with steel and courage. The Gods of Rhydin watched this and were mostly forgotten. The second age of Rhydin was largely filled with darkness and rage, godless times and inhuman behavior.

It was a long lasting battle that caught the Death God's attention, this battle lasted for three months, nightly battles and daily attacks. Over three million lost souls with nowhere to go to ended up roaming the bloody bog, and here they would remain. The Gods were forgotten so they were barred from the world, barred from interfering with mortals. The first true divine gathering took place at this time.

The Gods grew tired of watching their creations kill each other day after day, so they decided to do something new, instead of using oracles and dreams to talk to the people, they would themselves show up on the planet and straighten things out, and they did just that. The night the Gods came from the sky was one that most people who saw it would never forget, the lights and powers when all the gods appeared, the world changed.

Months went past and each of the gods went about making the peace in their own way, with their powers, tricks, and knowledge. The mortals slowly too became guided on their paths.

The gods became used to their places on the planet and forgot to actually leave. They became lazy and more like mortals every passing day, cruelty and evilness infected their once pure minds. Soon the Gods became the problem and mortals everywhere decided that they had overstayed their welcome, and revolted.

A man named Thulehorn came to the calling. He secretly organized the people as one driving force throughout all of the world. It did not take him long but eventually he did it, he called the charge on the mightiest of the Gods, this battle was and still is the bloodiest battle in the history of Rhydin. The mortals and Gods battled constantly, and even though they were powerful they were defeated in the end. The gods tried to ascend to their places in power in the skies and kingdoms.

Their power had been so badly beaten and taken away, their kingdoms no longer recognized them as Gods and rejected them and flung them down to earth, none of the cruel gods survived the descent. The cruelest and evil of the gods powers and bodies turned into demons that would eternally roam the land corrupting the people, the good deities would be transformed into spirits of light, constantly seeking redemption for their origin.

This event is known and will always be known as the God Fall. Rhydin is ruled by magic currently, but the Gods that are in Rhydin are all outsiders to the realm, but the real law of the land is the magic and the mortals that command it, although the trend would not be fully realized until many many centuries later on.

I hope you enjoyed reading this small piece of history of Rhydin.


The Green Wanderer
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PostSubject: Re: Original Places!   Mon Nov 16, 2009 9:17 pm

Attack of The Senal Dragons.

This is the story of how Rhydin was almost destroyed and how the Nexus was shattered beyond repair, enjoy.

About six hundred years ago on this planet life was actually a paradise. It was an odd occurrence in the history of the planet because the order of things is usually darker and more depressing. Something must have been paying attention out there in the big black multi verse because something did come and it changed everything.

History will recall the day, not the exact day of the beginning of the end but the condition of the day. It was sunny, there was a slight breeze from the north. A refreshing cool breeze on that hot summer's day. The beaches would be populated with people of all kinds enjoying themselves in the glow of the sunlight. This was the day when it started to change, a most unexpected change most unwelcome to the world.

The Nexus in the sky above could usually be seen, and was often used as a transport device between worlds, but something different came through this day. It is said that the entire nexus shattered into complete chaos in less than instant. The energy back lash instantly destroyed the naturally occurring Anti-Magic areas on the planet, world wide at once. Some say this was a result of the destruction of the nexus, others say it was part of the invasion. Regardless of what it truly was, it allowed for the monsters to wield the most powerful magic forces the planet had to offer.

The beasts had only numbered in the amount of ten, but each one was devastating. As they appeared in the sky, the planet itself seemed to be retreating from the advance, the land scape changed drastically as the beasts cast their terrible magics on a world caught completely by surprise! The initial assault lasted for thirty-six hours.

After this time the sun and the stars at night became blotted out by the smoke and the flames that engulfed cities around the world. Nothing was safe from their powers of destruction. The population of Rhydin would not simply roll over and die however. The counter offensive was put together quickly and all around the world the Senal Dragons were attacked one by one. In the very same fashion all the forces the planet could dredge up became more dead bodies to add to the list of casualties that only seemed to be getting bigger.

The Cosmic menace did not only threaten the living population, but also the undead as well. These monsters only seemed to want to destroy everything in the world. Why is still not known but the reclusive race of beings only known as the Specters made themselves known at this time. They claimed to be the guardians of the dead souls and the keeper of the way. Although some believe that they were summoned by a Hero who's name is lost to history.

The Specters summoned every leader of every nation to their castle stronghold called Taro castle. The topic of discussion was of course a solution to the problem. Nobody agreed on anything, nor could they. The solution offered was drastic as it was simple. The Specters offered the world a way out. To use the infinite number of the souls of the dead to combat the enemy. This had problematic issues for a variety of reasons. They say a mysterious figure in black came into the summit meeting and somehow set them all straight. What this figure said or did is unknown, they all seemed to be too scared to speak of the matter afterwards.

The Specter Lord summoned all of his power and created Gizer. This blade was basically capable of summoning the souls of the dead and have them fight in an army. The power needed to do this was making it impossible to keep it a secret. The cosmic dragons, sensing a last stand decided to converge on the spot and wipe out the rest of the resistance once and for all.

By this point you may be wondering where all the other dragons of Rhydin were, well would you believe that most of them saw the Senal race as their version of the end of the world coming true. Very few of the reptiles even offered a helping hand in the matter, if they had though. This invasion would have been repelled with in the first day. The numbers that did help turned out to be far too few, and the beasts fell before their might.

The cosmic menace converged on Taro castle, just in time to witness the most awesome display of spirit energy unleashed anywhere. The first souls to emerge from the portal, they were the heroes of legend long past, in full battle armor and they looked as alive as they could. Some of the leaders cried a little seeing the ones they looked up to right in front of them. Proving that the legend was true after all in some way or another. The armies came next, enemy and ally in the past all had a common goal, saving the world!

The Senal Dragons witnessed this, nine of them stood unafraid of the the army, one on the other hand became fearful of it. This dragon that came to it's senses actually broke the battlefield ice and attacked his fellow dragon's first. Seeing this as a good sign the army it self attacked. The battle was fierce and and a few good souls became lost in the battle. Tero castle was almost completely destroyed in the violent storm of battle. In the end, the victors became known and a cry of victory came out from the ghostly army. The price had been high however. The specter race was all but destroyed, and the souls seemed to have no way to get back. The nexus was wrecked beyond repair and fires consumed the world all over. Magic forces ran unchecked and the environment suffered almost to the breaking point.

There was one last Senal dragon left. Severely outnumbered and scared for his life he offered to solve one problem for them, it was all he could do now that he was alone. The leaders decided that since he had helped the humans and other races in the battle, that he should be the new guardian of the dead. The Gizer blade was found intact and the Senal dragon became the new guardian of the way and keeper of the dead. Taro castle was forever sealed off in time as a memorial to the battle ground, the Purple Senal dragon would remain there in the area as guardian to the to the Gizer blade and the over seer of the dead souls.

Despite the victory over the enemy Rhydin would never recover to it's former glory of the past. The next few centuries would see almost no hope of recovery and the effect of the invasion can be seen even today.

I hope you learned something with this little piece of History, readers.

Until next time.


The Green Wanderer
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Original Places!
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