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 Gigan, God of War and Strategy

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PostSubject: Gigan, God of War and Strategy   Gigan, God of War and Strategy I_icon_minitimeSun Apr 04, 2010 10:55 am

Not all the Gods of Earth, came from this world. This is one such God, he is known as Gigan. The bizarre beast was feared deep in space as a bringer of great misery to any world he might have landed upon. This trend continued for many years, but then the unthinkable happened. The beast was defeated, and not only defeated, but killed in a most violent way, most of its body was completely destroyed. The body was destroyed, but the spirit refused to die. The brutal monster's body was flung out into space, who ever defeated the monster would remain unknown, but the corpse of the beast was discovered by an advanced race of beings bent on conquest of everything they came across.

Within a year's time the corpse of the beast was rebuilt, and improved upon. The monster became a Cyborg with scythes for hands and every part of the beast was made with the intention to cut flesh, and inflict pain. It's mind was enhanced by alien computers capable of the coldest and most terrible logic to kill and destroy. The spirit of the beast, however was too strong to control, and after one attack on earth, and a defeat at the hands of the King the control shattered forever. Gigan would serve no one, ever again. Gigan was eager for revenge and came to the earth to help Megalon destroy Godzilla, this too failed.

Gigan would not return for many years, and the time that he did return, by design or accident the magical disaster took place and the mystic energies flowed into the cyborg and his power increased greatly, he became the Lord of Blades, The God of War.

Gigan is The God of War and Strategy


Height : 340 ft

Weight: 50,000 Tons

Gigan is a vicious, destructive monster. His status of the God of War is well deserved, he lives for the fight. Some see it as cowardice, but if the tides ever turn against Gigan, he is not above running, even deserting allies to live at a moments notice. This, to him is effective strategy. When all options for victory have been lost, he will run. Despite this misconception of his fighting spirit, he is a terrible enemy to have, many have tasted the wrong end of his many blades. Gigan is not interested in fair play, or honor. He is only interested in winning at any cost possible, no tactic, no matter low or twisted it might be is considered.

His powers are as follows.

Cutting Laser: From his forehead a thin red line is fired. This beam is made for slicing through flesh and metal. It is a simple, yet terrible weapon that is often over looked. Gigan will use it, although he likes causing the damage with his blades instead.

Detection: Gigan's red eye is able to see magical energy sources, weak points in enemies and discern points of tactical advantages in mere seconds.

Flight: This is a pretty generic power, but his flying skills are legendary, and doubly dangerous with the buzzsaw in his chest, a well placed attack can end a battle in seconds.

Teleportation: Gigan can teleport short distances at will to turn any situation to his advantage. Attacking from behind may not be brave, but it is effective.

Blood Bath: Gigan can focus all of his magical powers to increase all of his aspects over one hundred times. This power is his most dangerous attack, few can hope to stand up to this horrible assault. If it fails though, he is as good as finished. It uses all of his power and weakens him for a month.

Gigan is a brutal God. He is considered a Lord of darkness, but he will fight against anyone, for any reason. He is largely unpredictable, the Lords of light won't have anything to do with him and the neutral ones see him as a menace. As a God of Strategy, however. He does nothing with out a reason, even if he is the only one who knows. His greatest power just might be his intelligence. He is at the supernatural level.

Gigan's Realm: This is a terrible place of eternal violence. It is a never ending battle ground between what the God considers to be Good and Evil. Thousands die daily and the roar of all kinds of weapons never stop, day and night cannons and tanks scream. Both sides are creations of the God, and he is basically playing a twisted game of chess between his own imagination. However, anybody who would be desperate enough to come here could very easily be destroyed. The God watches it all from his temple of Adamantium. It's a fortress that is the ultimate defenseable spot one could ask for. Sometimes he commands both sides to attack his fortress, just to watch them get cut down and slaughtered for his amusement.

Gigan's Personality: Gigan is always looking to make a plan of violence come to completion, no matter what it takes. His machine mind mostly cuts out emotions, the only time he feels anything at all is in the heat of battle, or planning something elaborate. With out an enemy or an objective he feels he is worthless, he doesn't let anybody know this though. Every once and awhile he'll find a student to train in a rare act of compassion, after all. War just isnt as much fun with out a legend or two.

Worshipers: Warriors all give thoughts to Gigan, any who enter into battle pray for his favor. Anybody who's ever made a plan ask for his favor too. Informal ones like this are common, true worshipers are called the Blade Lords. They are more like a gang than a religious order. They get all their money from organized crime and are pretty much ruthless in their actions. They are in most of the major cities of the world and many people who are considered leaders, are controlled by them. They are very well organized and all acts of violence they commit are usually blamed on others that would easily be responsible for it, but everybody knows the truth.

They are hated by most people, but usually stay so well hidden they operate freely. They often wage war against anyone who seems to be invading their area. Anybody who is seen worshiping this god in public is usually treated with respect, due to fear of retaliation by the gang. But, anyone who does this risks real attention from the gang.

The "Priests" of this organization are actually the leaders, they are few. They are said to be personally trained in the art of swordfighting by Gigan himself.

Trial: The "Priests" of Gigan are required to spend six months in his realm, and live. Any can step up to the challenge, few ever return. Once you start this, there is no returning from it until its over. They are called Slayers, and they are very skilled and powerful fighters that deserve their spot.

Temple: Gigan's temple is a place located on a killing field, it is a place of many ancient swords and it is a living history of warfare. Many people go here just to see the brutality the world has to offer. The walls are painted with all kinds of sword fighting methods from all over the world and every major battle from almost every time period is recorded here. The only Adamantium sword in the world is here, it is cursed by the God himself that any who take it will be destroyed by its blade eventually. Nobody dares attempt to steal it. The portal to the God's realm is here.

Afterlife: People who die in battle in Gigan's name are promised a chance to regain their life if they fight for it in the God's army. Of course the battle in his realm never actually has an ending to it so any who take this route, are doomed to battle for all time, or at least until the God decides to use his army in a massive battle, but that's unlikely to happen.

Future: Gigan is destined to die by his own hand. Due to a mistake made in a crucial plan of his own design, War must come to an end eventually, and its patron deity must share the same fate as any battle. But this only makes Gigan laugh, he knows any plan he comes up with is perfect and there will never be any mistake made, he is sure he'll live forever. Others are more then willing to make sure that doesn't happen.
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Gigan, God of War and Strategy
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