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 Zylaron, Worm in The Darkness

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PostSubject: Zylaron, Worm in The Darkness   Sun Jul 04, 2010 4:32 am

Rhydin is home to many terrible monsters, but very few are so powerful they couldn't be defeated. Zylaron is one of these beasts. It thought itself a god of darkness. It lived under the ground and devoured entire villages in the middle of the night. It was feared by all people who lived on the ground. Some say it could change shape and became a wanderer to pass judgment. If a village was kind to the thing, it might spare it, but strangers passing through were all usually treated badly. Most of them were thought to be advance scouts of raiding forces.

So many innocent lives were ended in the dead of the night that the people of Rhydin cried to the council for help, and eventually they answered. Zylaron was truly a monster worthy of the challenge. When the twelve of them and the beast met in combat, and the council lost, badly. They underestimated the monster and got sent on their way. None of them died but it began a legendary campaign of war across all of the realm. The monster and the council was tied in battle time and time again. It was Bob's idea. The last stand against the beast would take place.

The battle was a trick. The council lead the beast to a ancient and powerful portal, when it seemed like all was lost, the final blow was delivered and missed. The portal activated and Zylaron was sent to Monster Island. Where a series powerful magics and technologies kept the monster imprisoned, straight until this very day. The beast lives on Monster Island now, biding it's time to escape. With the ever growing population of the place, it's chances are getting better every day.

Zylaron's stats

Height: 90 Meters
Length: 350 Meters
Weight: 90,000 Tons

Strength: 3
Speed: 2
Intelligence: 5
Energy Attack: 2
Horror Factor: 4
Defense: 4
Offense: 3
Durablity: 4
Healing Factor:2
Burrowing Ability: 4
Accuracy: 3
Stealth: 4
Psychic Ablilty: 4
Perception: 4

Powers: Zylaron is an avid shapeshifter. He can take on almost any form he wishes. He can understand all languages and is a master spell crafter. He is also telekinetic to a very high level allowing him to control a great many materials to his advantages.

Weaknesses: None known.

Location: Monster Island, for now.

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Zylaron, Worm in The Darkness
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