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 Legion's Order

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PostSubject: Legion's Order   Legion's Order I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 18, 2013 2:51 am

Legion's order.

In the world there is worship, and then there is devotion. Legion is the goddess of domination and when she converts someone, or someone converts them to her order. No matter what they had before, beliefs or ideas. They are replaced by her ideas and logic, and the devotion to the goddess. Legion does not get people to love her so completely because they need to. Legion instills the desire into them over time.

She starts with the outcasts, those who don't belong and feel they need to somewhere. She makes them promises and puts them into the order. People like this convert rather easily, they do not excite her though. He desires power, loyalty and perfect trust. Legion's order is extremely invasive and numerous, it is also secret for the most part. Legion has a need for domination and the best way to accomplish this is by taking over the minds of people who are in power of other people and organizations. Legion knows this and this is her one and only true order to her slaves.

They can accomplish this in two ways. The first is the direct approach. They pester, bribe and make promises to any leader they can come into contact with. Eventually their target will break and give into what they want. The order will slowly subvert the thinking of their target to their own and soon enough the leader, who ever it is and their group will slowly start to subvert into Legions' plan and rarely even know it until it all goes public, usually with some excuse. The people seldom complain because life up to that point has been pretty good. Once they submit to her rule, their lives are over. If they wish to continue the good life they must adhere to Legions's strict commands from then on or suffer the price, she does not tolerate failure of any kind.

The second way is much more sadistic. The priests of the group kidnap a leader who refused to give into the first method, take them to a makeshift temple out in the middle of nowhere and begin to use various means of torture and brainwashing methods. Either the target gives in eventually, or they die. Legion's order views life in low regard. Power will always find a replacement so if this leader dies, a new one will be found and there will be another chance to start the process all over again. If the group breaks up in the mean time, it is less opposition they have in the long run. No matter what happens they tend to get what they want.

The members of the order keep to themselves and only come out when they gather. They all wear masks and wear white robes generally. The priests wear red and black, sometimes a bright green color depending on the location. They worship their goddess by doing what one of her soldiers commands them to do. Legion amuses her self by forcing them to humiliate themselves to her. There is no secret from any follower that she does not know. Any children born from these gatherings are said to be destined to become priests themselves, born from the union of domination as they call it.

The priests of the order get this way by being in the order the longest. Legion's order is generally despised by most people who know of it. In some regions it is completely acceptable to kill a known member with out consequence. They are seen as a plague on the land in most places. Being part of this order is a sure way to be hated by just about everyone else, good or bad.

Legion grants these people special powers, in return for their complete devotion. If they resist or say no for any reason these powers are removed and the priest will die within twenty four hours. She does not believe in forgiveness.

Mind Reading: The Priest of Legion can read and discover any secret to use it to their advantage.

Energy Shield: They can create a personal shield to protect them and one other person from magical and physical attacks three times a day.

Ethereal Whip: The priests can summon a whip of energy at any time they choose and use it. It passes through armor and only causes damage to living flesh. It can be used as torture, or to kill.

Summon Soldier: Once per day a priest may summon one of Legion's personal soldiers in time of need, the creature has no need to listen to their pleas though. It can do anything it wants once it shows up.

Control Lesser Life form: A priest can use this one a day as well to command several different kinds of animals and other monsters that roam, this also applies to the lesser undead as well.

The priests use their whips to great effect in combat and the members of the order are fond of the weapon too. Even though it isn't true, anyone who might hold a whip in public for any reason might be considered part of this order with out any evidence. Because it is a cheap weapon, and a basic one, they are fairly common for self defense for people who have nothing else. In some places these things are banned completely just to be on the safe side. No one knows who the priests are until it is too late. They are commanded to be secret and never reveal themselves, even to the others in the order.

The order of Legion is very powerful and sadistic. They will do anything to get what they want and not much can stop them. The followers are only loyal because of fear or being rejected from every other place they tried to belong to. There is little hope of people escaping the order once they are brought in. Legion will order anyone dead who tries to leave or betray them in any way.
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Legion's Order
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