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 Kiryu, God of Law, Order and Protection

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PostSubject: Kiryu, God of Law, Order and Protection   Kiryu, God of Law, Order and Protection I_icon_minitimeWed Jul 24, 2013 4:26 am

Kiryu, God of Law, Order and Protection

Kiryu is unlike any other god in the world, he is lord and master of the Technocracy. All of the other machine gods know he is the most powerful one and it is foolish to defy him. Unlike the other machines though, he has one special advantage none of them have. He is semi related to the king of the monsters himself. For his structure houses the skeleton of the original Godzilla, the very first one. Kiryu is the perfect combination of intelligence and power in a body made for combat both ranged and close quarters. This god is feared by many people, not because of his power, but what he represents. Kiryu and all the other machine gods are terrible reminders of the past and how life got this way. They represent the horrors of science and all of the destruction it has caused in the past. People remember the evil advances far more then the good and it is for this reason the worship of any of the Technocracy lords is usually forbidden and condemned in all places no matter what they might actually stand for in reality. The fact that they exist at all is a thing most of the world would rather forget in a hurry.

Kiryu was born in desperation. The people of the world could not handle Godzilla's attacks any longer and used the corpse of the original Godzilla to create what they hoped would be the ultimate weapon. It took billions of dollars to complete and put together. When they were finished and all ready for a fight, Godzilla did not appear for some time after this. Kiryu was soon demanded by the rest of the world to be dismantled due to it's immense power as a war weapon, and the Japanese didn't have the best track record with powerful armies in the past. Just as they were going to break under the world's pressure, the great beast rose from the ocean once more and headed towards his homeland. The mighty machine was activated and war on the King was declared. From a distance it appeared to be a mirror image of the same beast coming at one another. The sight was impressive to see by any standards. The fight of the century was expected to take place when something unexpected happened. Godzilla roared out a challenge, and the machine responded. The organic material took over the computer brain and the spirit of the original, rage filled monster returned in seconds.

Instead of a battle. The machine turned all of it's impressive power on to the city it was supposed to be protecting. The vicious nature of the spirit had not dulled in the slightest. The people watched on as the two beasts attacked, and destroyed the city while working together to do it, a twisted kind of family reunion as it were. Godzilla returned to the sea as he always did and Kiryu tried to do the same, but the mechanical body ran out of power and was turned lifeless once more. The project was deemed to be a tragic failure and the thing was to be destroyed at once.

Godzilla always attacked twice, the second time was the worst, according to history. It did not take him long to appear once more. Godzilla rose from the sea and was this time unopposed in his rampage. The scientists had claimed Kiryu to be fixed and swore the attack would not happen again like it did. The prime minister, nervous, but having no choice allowed the beast to rise once more. The metal monster was deployed and once again the two beasts faced one another, but this time the expected fight happened. Godzilla and his machine counterpart faced off with one another and the battle was terrible. Neither of the two could gain the upper hand in the battle. It ended with The machine using his most terrible weapon, the Absolute Zero Cannon. It wounded the King and put him on the retreat.

The people celebrated a great victory that day. Godzilla would return once more and the machine would fight. This time Mothra would help defend the country, only because Kiryu was considered an abomination to the Elias due to how it was made. The pair won this fight, but Kiryu, despite it's programming could not bring himself to kill Godzilla once and for all. The machine took him and the two flew out into the ocean, the two dived together into it's deepest trench and the machine was never seen again from that day.

The memory of the machine would fade away, even though they looked for it, they could never find it and assumed it was totally destroyed In the fight, or crushed by the pressure. Time went on though and soon all search operations came to an end. The machine faded from memory and the wars from that time on only got worse.

Eventually, the disaster came. The world changed forever as the magic infected everything in the world. The machine was sleeping at the deepest part of the trench, alone. The machine was fully powered once again instantly and woke up to a world it did not understand. It had become brutal and less to do with science and more to do with the magic. It could not understand magic in the slightest because it had the mind that was mostly computerized. Logical and orderly. Magic was messy and chaotic.

The machine gathered and found the last remaining machines like him and founded the Technocracy. The order of Gods of science and creation. They even created a city with what is now considered ancient and lost technology. The people who live here, compared to the rest of the world have a considerably better life then everyone else. The city is call Machina.

Kiryu's stats

Height: 400 ft tall

Weight: 70,000 tons

Kiryu is the God of order, law and protection. He will never start a fight and takes a very long time to decide on what to do and when to do it. He does nothing with out a reason. He will protect his own people and order with a vicious rage that is accountable to him being related to the King of the Gods, he is not to be crossed with out a terrible consequences

Kiryu's powers are as follows.

Titanium Body: His body is immune to most damage due to it being made out of metal.

Energy Breath: He can fire an oral beam of pure electric energy from his mouth, emulating Godzilla's own breath attack.

Shoulder Missiles: He can fire a great barrage of missiles in seconds at any enemy and they all have great destructive power.

Wrist Blades: For close combat he can employ these ultra sharp blades that tear through most materials and can channel massive amounts of energy into them and into any enemy.

Chest beam: He can fire his second strongest weapon from his chest, a super powerful beam of energy that has enough power to knock most of the Gods unconscious or out for the count in a single attack.

Absolute zero cannon: This is his most feared weapon. This weapon will instantly freeze anything to absolute zero and shatter it to pieces. Even the Gods themselves upon a direct hit. He can only use this once a day, but it is capable of wiping out entire armies.

Kiryu's Personality: Logic based and obsessed with the law. He will weigh and measure all options available to him before acting on anything. The only way he will react with out thinking is if he is attacked and forced into action. He is kind, yet cold and distant. He will be brutally honest and has a very dry sense of humor that few people ever really understand. He has a computerized brain, but it is tempered with the fire of Godzilla's spirit to keep him attached to the world. He takes so long to act because while powerful, he knows that his power is limited to about an hour more at full strength before he is forced to power down and recharge, at half strength or less he can run indefinitely.

Kiryu's realm: Machina is considered his realm. He spends most of his time here in human form along with the rest of the Technocracy. He keeps the place in working condition and considers it a full time job.

Worshipers: Only the people in his city are free to worship the metal god, but they mostly adhere to science and order instead of worship. They consider Kiryu their protector more then anything else, and their equal. The notion of Gods to them is just science they haven't figured out yet, and they are working on it. Outside of the city walls, worship of him is nearly non existent and out right forbidden in most places.

Temple: The whole City of Machina is considered to be his temple. It is the last stronghold of Science and reason in the world that is known. However Kiryu is rumored to have secret stores of forbidden knowledge in far away places as well. He will not confirm or deny this to anyone.

Afterlife: Despite being a machine based god, he has a special connection to the afterlife because he can feel and is spiritually connected to the world. He doesn't know anything about the afterlife though. He is working on a way to download souls onto a super computer though to preserve people after death, forever.
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Kiryu, God of Law, Order and Protection
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