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 Rhydin Basics

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PostSubject: Rhydin Basics   Thu Dec 10, 2009 11:57 pm

Welcome to the land only known as Rhydin. Truthfully, this is the center of the realm only known as the omniverse.

The Omniverse:

Everybody knows that a multiverse is. Lots and lots of universes, parallel dimensions of the same place, but things might have gone differently. These are, to the average mind, are infinite. What few people realize, thankfully this is the truth. The omniverse is a series of interconnected Multiverses. This is the "Prime material realm" where all living things reside. It is a realm that most never know exists. Along with the other various elemental realms, this creates an order that only the truly most cosmic beings are aware of. Even Gods themselves are scarcely aware of this cosmic infinite order.

Rhydin is the center of the Omniverse, it is essentially the soul that holds the Omniverse together as one realm, and from Rhydin comes the chaotic energy stream known as the Nexus.

Nexus: This is basically the blood of the realm. The nexus connects all things, all worlds and all life together. It is wildly uncontrollable and equally unpredictable. Like a circulatory system anything that gets trapped in the nexus, can disappear forever and end up anywhere in the Omniverse, usually they end up in Rhydin.

None are immune to the effects of the nexus who were born in the Omniverse, so even the Gods themselves can be dragged into Rhydin. This makes Rhydin a very diverse and wilder place as strange, and sometimes dangerous beings can show up at anytime and raise havoc anywhere.

This massive power can not be controlled, any who try usually end up somewhere in the dead of space, and are never seen again. The nexus is the cause for a great and many vanishings throughout the Omniverse. Return from Rhydin is difficult at best, impossible at worse. The Nexus is strongest here and it acts like a shield as the current is so powerful it just tosses everything back.

Most of the time the Nexus is invisible., but sometimes in the Night sky of Rhydin it becomes partially visible, it looks much like the Northern lights, yet nearly impossible to to reach. Where the nexus puts you on Rhydin, is completely at random. Sometimes its near a city, sometimes its in the middle of a volcanic island.

Rhydin is populated with all kinds of people, the best and worse of many races of people.

Rhydin's largest city is called by many different names. It is so old that it's true name has been forgotten, most people just call it "The city" It is a wonderous and sometimes terrible place. It is filled with common people, wizards and technophiles. Monsters lurk here in the older places, some known, some hidden. The city is a place of many secrets both natural and artifical. It is a blend of science and magics of all kinds, but it's not always perfect.

The most popular place in the city, is not even IN the city. It is the Red Dragon Inn. The food is alright but the drinking here is legendary. The place reportedly is the "Oldest" building in Rhydin still in use today. True or not nobody seems to question it. The Inn is located in an idealistic setting, to it's back is a lake with sparkling waters. The inn itself is located on the edge of a great forest that the Elves and Fairies call home. It is a mere twenty minutes outside of the city.

Rhydin is policed by the Rhydin City Guards and the Rhydin Police. The guard protects the city from the outside threats, and the police maintain order on the inside. The laws are simple and understood by all, mostly based on common sense. Rhydin is Ruled by the Fabled "Council of the Twelve Races" Any changes must be approved at least seven members. They will be detailed upon later.

Slavery is legal in Rhydin, but their are rules and regulations. Slavery is permitted, abuse and maltreatment of the slaves is not, this rule is broken far too often.

The Frostbite Inn and the Grimtooth Inn are owned by the mysterious owner only known as Bob. These two places are extremely popular with the outsiders in Rhydin who live on the fringes of the society.

The northern side of the city is the only harbor and docks located in the city, this port is extremely large and busy at all times of the day and night, The Grimtooth Inn is located near here and is popular with travelers. The Frostbite inn is located on the western side of the city.

The western end of the city is the oldest and most violent part of the city. The police hate this end as it's filled with drugs, violence and suffering. Desperation has taken its toll here and it shows. Many times change has tried to come to the West End, but each time it's failed, or only offered short amounts of relief to the area. The Frostbite inn is one of the few prospering businesses here. Also, the Western end is home to the Black market where anything can be bought, or found for the right price.

Just outside of the Southern side lies the Red Dragon Inn. This part of the city is the entertainment part of the city. Clubs of various types can be found here. Music often fills the streets and the smell of various foods can be detected everywhere. Gambling and games can be found here. If you want to go out on the town, this is the place to go do it.

The eastern side of town is all business. Nearest the docks this is where most of the factories and shops can be found. Most, not all however. There are some meager food places here to grab a quick lunch and supply shops here everywhere, most owned by the factories, for people to buy things. Here also are the only common weapons can be purchased. To find something special you'll have to travel to Timera, weapon capital of Rhydin some three days south of the city.

Rhydin has few formal education systems. The school system teaches kids to read, write and some basic skills they might need in life, terms last about ten years, or until the kid turns seventeen, school is completely voluntary. For higher education, Rhydin Academy teaches anything from low level magic healing to learning repair trades and entry level courses for other occupations.

Speciallzed Education are located elsewhere, most of it is based on the apprentice system, Mystic arts are taught at various, generally unknown locations to most people, but they are not completely hidden.

Rhydin has a population of 6 million people. Nexus placed people seldom stay in the city, most never return. Other people born in Rhydin never leave. The population changes often due to the nexus, people leaving and going all the time and natural events.

This is a basic outline of Rhydin. More to come.
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Rhydin Basics
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