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 Mothra Leo, God of Justice and Time

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PostSubject: Mothra Leo, God of Justice and Time   Mothra Leo, God of Justice and Time I_icon_minitimeWed Feb 29, 2012 3:50 am

There are few gods as powerful as Mothra Leo is. This is a simple fact that can not be overlooked. He is one of the Gods of Light and everyone knows his name. He strikes fear into most of all of the Evil Gods. His very presence can keep people in line, and the idea that he might show up to intervene in any battle is enough to send the enemy running in terror. Out of all the Lords of Light, this one is the most likely to lead a charge into any battle. The people of the world know that this God is the one that all other lords of Darkness are afraid of and are not scared to invoke his name.

There is always a chance he will show up, he is always listening for cries for help. Mothra Leo, is also the guardian of the time stream. He protects this because he is the only one who seems to care about it. There are always those of the darkness trying to go back in time to change things, or other people trying to fix things. Everything must remain as it is, but even he is not sure if anything thing could truly be changed. He has attempted this and it rarely ever seems to make things much better. Being the God of time as well doesn't mean he controls it, just protects it. The job really is very easy for him. He spends most of his time hunting down evil and destroyers of justice.

Mothra Leo is a young God though. His temper can easily get the best of him and despite all of his power, he rushes straight into traps, or challenges that he should not attempt. He often tries to clash with Godzilla, in an attempt to win the King of the Gods spot, but each and every time he is defeated in battle. There are some Gods he shouldn't try to take on his own, but does it anyway. He is reckless and emotional about helping people, even if it means flying head first into a trap situation, he'll do it every single time. His mother and the other lords of light try to get him to think before he acts, but this is to no avail. He never seems to learn the concept of strategy. In all, despite all of his power he is just a teenage god filled with idealism.

Mothra Leo's Stats:

Height: 145 feet

Weight: 30,000 Tons

Wingspan: 400 Feet

Mothra Leo is a creature of Pure Justice. Headstrong and willful in his desire to do the right thing, or what he thinks the right thing is. He only ever has one course of attack and the direct approach. This usually works the best and he will almost never listen to anyone else's advice when it comes to battle. He isn't known for his healing ways, but can do it from time to time. Mercy is nearly never in his mind. He is always ready to fight to the death with anyone.

His powers are as follows.

Time Travel: Mothra Leo can Transform into a "light speed" form and burn through the fabric of time to travel to just about to any time period he wishes. He can also turn into this form and burn through his enemies, going straight through them with ease. This move drains his powers greatly though and he only uses it if there is no other choice.

Rays of Justice: Leo can fire cross shaped beams from his forehead, this weapon is usually the weapon he starts out most battles with. This weapon is not that powerful, but it will get anyone's attention in an instant, also against the undead it easily enough to take down entire hordes of them with one shot as it turns them to dust.

Silent Sunrise: Leo spreads his wings straight out and from his wings fires a bright yellow, massive beam of energy that obliterates most things in its path. It is a very effective weapon against just about everyone that encounters. It is feared by most enemies as it can take most things down with one shot.

Soul Render: Leo can energize the tips of his wings and the edges and use them as razor sharp blades to slice through flesh with ease, he increases his speed to do this. This is a devastating move to anyone who gets in the way.

Healing Wind: Leo can create a healing wind with his wings and this cures just about everything, even the newly undead are reverted back to life. This is his only healing power that he has, but it is very powerful.

Mothra Leo is given many names, but they all mean the same thing. The Prince of Justice is the one people know him most by. He is aggressive, nearly all the time against the forces of the dark. He has many followers all over the world who take his lifestyle to heart. They are called Seekers of Justice, some even call them Light Lances as well. There is confusion as to what Mothra these people worship but it is believed both over all.

Mothra Leo's Domain: He never had the time to build one of his own, the forces of evil are too great and the battle takes up all of his time, but he sometimes like to enjoy his Mother's Domain on occasion.

Mothra Leo's Personality: Hardheaded, impulsive. He never likes to think ahead. All of his massive power is all he relies on to win the battle, and he loves to fight. If there is no fight he will start one, or fight with other Gods, much to their annoyance. What Leo does not understand is that all of his actions are not forgotten by anyone and revenge is always on the way against someone he cares about. Leo does care much and if someone does manage to get to someone he loves, he will be defeated emotionally for some time. He is noble and enjoys fighting, he will try to stay on the enemies level if he can, but sometimes he just wipes them out in a single attack. Mothra Leo gets along great with most of the other gods of Light, and often pesters the King with challenges and promptly gets trounced each time. He never understands how the fight seems to end so quickly, but he's never been killed, so he's pretty sure that Godzilla must like him on some level. Leo is also very arrogant and boastful of his winning streak in a good mood, but when defeated or tricked becomes very emotional. Leo seldom truly gets angry, but when he does it's a force to be reckoned with.

Worshipers: Mothra Leo's Order is actually the Light Lances. They worship both him and his mother, but him far more. They are violent and quick to action when it comes to the forces of evil where ever they may be. They enjoy weapons of all kinds. Their enemy does not fight fair, neither do they. Unlike their God however, they employ the use of strategy, traps and tricks against the enemy. Leo doesn't understand why, but it he supposes its because they are weaker beings, this is his theory.

All forms of evil, active or not are subjected to their wrath. They hunt it out and kill it where ever they can find it. When one becomes a member, its never a secret. Everyone knows who they are, mostly all the time. They only go undercover when a raid is coming. They are pretty good about this most of the time, sometimes they screw it up.

They train in the use of fire arms and hand held weapons when not killing something or in battle, always trying to be the best they can. They leave the magic using to the priests of the order.

The priests of this order are battleforged. Unlike Mothra's main order, these guys went the other direction.

Trial: To become a Priest of Mothra Leo, it is simple. Find an oppressed town, or violent destroyer, and simply win the fight. You can die, many tend to die in this quest because you must do it alone.

Temple: Mothra Leo's temple is a fortress, and a place to buy weapons at a good price. This place is filled with armor and weapon makers, dealers and all other things that cause harm in the name of good. The undead are not allowed here because of a barrier put up by Leo himself, and anyone with any evil intentions also may not enter, the will to cause harm to others with these weapons and not defend. Bandits often set up camp around this temple in an attempt to rob people of their weapons. Two white metal golems patrol the grounds outside of the barrier to attack these people, they are intelligent and capable of reasoning the difference between threats and innocence.

Afterlife: Mothra Leo hates death, hates when followers die in killing evil. He offers them peace, or the power to protect those the fallen cared about from the forces who might seek revenge. He leaves it up to them, but always leaves the options open. It is the least he can do for those who have fallen in his name.

Future: Mothra Leo, the reckless but valiant fighter of the dark will seemingly never change his ways. Eventually they'll get used to this madness and there will come a time when the forces of Darkness will join forces against him in the ultimate trap to seal him and his powers away. Leo was told this, but he doesn't believe anyone is powerful enough to do this, and he will always have back up. He really isn't worried.
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Mothra Leo, God of Justice and Time
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