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 Mothra, Queen of the Gods.

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PostSubject: Mothra, Queen of the Gods.   Mothra, Queen of the Gods. I_icon_minitimeSun Aug 01, 2010 7:41 am

Of all the monster gods, the one most worshiped by people and most well known throughout the world, is Mothra. She is widely respected as one of the main protectors of humanity. She is the leader of the forces of light. Because of this though, she is hated universally by all the gods of darkness. All though not the strongest God there is, she has plenty of allies to come to her aid should she ever need them. Mothra was worshiped as a God long before the magical disaster, the event just upgraded her into a true Goddess, ever since this event she has tried to stem the tide of darkness.

She is bitter rivals with the King of the monsters. His destructive ways often put him at odds with the giant moth creature, but when it comes down to the bitter end, they'll often work together to stop the greatest threats the lords of the darkness can muster. This alliance is shaky at best and is only appears in the worst of times. All other times they'd rather avoid one another.

Mothra is the leader of the Triad, and considered by many to be the Queen of the Gods, a title for her enemies to despise, and her worshipers to revere.

Mothra's stats:

Height: 150 feet

Weight: 20,000 tons

Wingspan: 350 feet.

Mothra is a creature of healing and peace. She is known more for her blessings and mercy. But she also is known for her bravery and power and strength of iron will. When a threat of darkness looms in the horizon, she will be the first to oppose it directly. She never runs from a fight no matter what she will almost never turn back unless there is no other choice but to do so. She's brave, not stupid. She isn't willing to use evil to win her battles. She'll do what ever it takes to keep the moral high ground in any situation.

Her powers are as follows:

Healing Field: Mothra can create a field of light that heals all living things within it. It's a simple power, but it is so effective that even the nearly dead and the terminally ill can be healed to full strength. She can heal entire armies, or one singular person.

Holy Storm: From her wings she can discharge extremely powerful bolts of lightning that arcs from one victim to another in a relentless barrage of destruction. This power only harms the wicked and unjust. Worshipers and the faithful are actually given more strength and courage when hit by this powerful blast.

Fury of the Light: This is a directed ray of pure white hot light. It instantly destroys the undead and burns nearly everything in it's path. All who see it at close range are instantly blinded for the rest of their life, to all else it appears as a second sunrise, even if it's daylight already.

Dust of Purity: Mothra's once poisonous powder was transformed into mystic dust. This powder destroys negative energy itself, it causes massive damage to just about anything with too much negative energy in it. The Gods fear it, but this weapon is one of last resort. If it's used, the battle is over if Mothra doesn't win.

Mothra is considered the Queen of the Gods, but despite this title she is actually a laid back goddess. When the forces of evil are not being too destructive she likes to just fly in the sky and drift. She doesn't look like much of a fighter but she can hold her own. She would rather talk an enemy down rather than fighting, but if it comes to it she has no problem giving it everything she has. She almost never retreats, or gives up. She is at the Supernatural level.

Mothra's Domain: Created to be a perfect version of the earth, everything here is filled with life and the colors are brighter. The sky is so blue it almost looks purple, the grass is greener than anywhere on the earth. The weather is nearly always perfect, it rains once and awhile. In the center of the Domain is a massive crystal palace. It is visible from all places in the realm. It is here where the Elias live. They are two tiny priestesses who maintain the palace and the entire domain. It is here the secret to bring the dead back to life is kept. A closely guarded secret.

Mothra's Personality: The Queen is friendly, she likes to make alliances and forever protect those who would otherwise be unable to do so themselves. She enjoys being free and conversing with the other gods. She is often mysterious in her ways. Sometimes she can get depressed though when she talks to her sister, Battra, for too long. Despite being a healer, sometimes she can get very angry, once this happens the world becomes a very dark place to live. Her anger can last a very long time, but it takes awhile for her to get this way.

Worshipers: The followers of Mothra are many, it is one of the most popular followings in the world. It is the most accepted anywhere. Almost everyone prays to the god because she is one of the few protectors of human kind. Her followers are healers, there is a minor temple in almost every village. A major part of her followers call themselves the Peace Walkers. They move from place to place constantly saving people, healing the sick and trying to stop violence where ever they find it. These wanderers usually have little more then the clothes they wear. They are favorite targets of the followers of the dark ones.

The other kind of followers are the exact opposite. They are called the Light Lances, they are violent and they actively attack the forces of darkness. They use weapons, armor and have almost no mercy. Despite this nobody sees them as a bad thing. They are one of the largest organized forces in the world. Despite this they face enemies everywhere they go. Their battle against evil is constant, but they wouldn't have it any other way.

The priests of this order are many. They are healers and protectors of the innocent. They travel with both factions and also alone. They are welcomed nearly everywhere they go due to their reputation.

Trial: To become a priest of Mothra, it is simple. You must vow to be a healer, a protector and do no harm to anyone, live this life style for one year and you'll be officially accepted to be trained to become an official priest.

Temple: Mothra's main temple is massive. Located in Xeon City it is a major reason people end up going here. It's the biggest shelter in the world. It is bright and colorful. The priests here are constantly busy and the place never closes. Day or night it takes people in. Everyone is welcome here. The building is one of the tallest in the city. There are weapons here, legendary things said to be used by the Goddess herself. Sometimes she even visits the temple. A portal to her Domain is located here.

Afterlife: As expected, the Followers of Mothra are promised paradise. The ones who die in her name are promised the same thing. They all are able to return to the world in times of great need. If the forces of evil ever threaten to destroy the world, all of the followers can return in one great, invincible force.

Future: Mothra is destined to be betrayed by one of the members of her triad, although who isn't known. This betrayal is going to start in motion the coming of the second cataclysm and everything that is is going to be destroyed in a horrible battle between the forces of Good and Evil. This prediction bothers all the forces of Good in the whole world.
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Mothra, Queen of the Gods.
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