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 Biollante, Goddess of Nature

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PostSubject: Biollante, Goddess of Nature   Biollante, Goddess of Nature I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 18, 2012 1:31 am

Biollante. Goddess of Nature.

Of all the lords of light none are more respected, and feared as Biollante is. She is the most powerful and easily the most well known out of all of them. She is the Goddess of Nature itself and because of this controls a vast and powerful realm. Everyone, good or evil respects her power. None but the insane or the extremely clever would try to cross her in any way. The Lords of the Darkness are always wary to leave her out of any plans they might make, lest they start a war they may not be able to win. Biollante also shares a special relationship with the King of the Gods himself. She is his younger sister, as strange as it may seem and despite their polar opposite status, they are not vicious enemies as one might think. They are distant and cold to one another, but woe be to the one who crosses either of them and makes it personal. They are great allies despite it all. This is a well known fact, despite what things may look like on the surface.

Biollante was created out of the imagination of a desperate scientis looking to create an immortal being, a plant mixed with Godzilla's cells and mixed with the DNA of his daughter who had died sometime before. The experiment worked well, too well. The cells mixed together and created an immortal plant, with all the viciousness of Godzilla, but the conscience of a human. Biollante, she was named, perhaps out of madness. Nobody really knew. Godzilla and the plant beast fought only twice. The first time they met, Godzilla destroyed her with his atomic breath and as the monster burned, it transformed into energy and ascended to the heavens. The next time they would meet, instead of the form of a rose, she took a form much closer to that of Godzilla, and was massive.

The two titans fought viciously, but despite all of Biollante's advantages the fight was even enough, and eventually Godzilla's fire was enough to make Biolante retreat back up into the sky, seemingly forever. It was then the destruction was unleashed and the magical energies mixed with her own as she was in a dormant state, in orbit around the world. Due to her natural make up, this mystical energy transformed her into a Goddess befitting her physical state. Biollante descended upon the earth into one of the last great forests of the world and manifested into physical form.

Her power, and everything else was increased dramatically. No longer was she contained into a mere physical form. Every aspect of nature itself seemed to be hers to command, and protect. She had taken this job seriously, and knew just how damaged the world had become, and how different. Nature was different now. Biollante would have to proceed carefully from this point on. She is one of the first of the light. She could have been the leader, but declined due to her realm being so massive, she couldn't ignore the planet for long periods of time.

Biollante's Stats:

Height: 600 ft

Weight: 250,000 Tons

Biollante is the embodiment of nature itself. She controls most of the basic forces of nature. Her powers are many, her strength is vast. Her powers, her main ones are as follows.

Storm: Biollante can summon a storm. This can be anything from a light downpour to a horrifying tornado. She can do this at anytime and usually does it just before she arrives in her battle form, just for effect, and to terrify the enemy. Sometimes this is all it takes. She can do this as many times as she likes. The storm lasts as long as she wills it to.

Plant Manipulation: Any plant on the planet is her eyes and ears. She can hear and see anything a plant might know. How this happens is unknown. Also she can will the trees and all the plants to rise up and fight any enemy, she can possess only the living ones though.

Extreme Regeneration: Biollante is nearly impossible to damage due to her healing factor's speed. She can heal her self and others with the same rate of speed if she chooses too.

Earthquake: Less a power and more a byproduct of her simply moving when at full size. The earth trembles under her when she moves and can cause much destruction.

Acid: Her original power was her acidic spray and blood. This has only intensified with her power and is only used against other Gods, it burns them and temporarily stops their healing factor as well.

Elemental Manipulation: All the basic elements of nature, she can control at her whims if she so chooses. This is one of many reasons few are more then willing to challenge her in a fight. The whole of everything can be her weapon.

Biollante makes all the gods, besides just a very select few, nervous, to the point of terrified. But she is generally a peaceful entity and rarely is interested in fighting anyone if she can help it, usually she gets to avoid violence, and get her way.

Biollante's Realm: The whole of nature on the planet Earth.

Personality: Biollante is very focused on her job most of the time, rarely having time for the affairs of the other gods or mortals. When nature is threatened in any way she devotes all of her attention to this threat, and it rarely lasts longer then this. She is content to remain in hiding most of the time, away from the fighting and the constant good and evil struggle of the rest of them. She is very helpful, and on her down time she likes to wander the forests in her human form to see what she can see. She isn't fond of what humans do nature to make progress, but she also understands how important life is and allows the destruction to go on and shows people how to restore what they destroy, and do it right.

She is very slow to anger and quick to cool off her temper when it does boil over. She often likes to hold conversations with normal people, with out telling them who she is. Anyone who manages to make a friend out of her, or 'help' her in a time of need, earns a friend for the rest of their life, a very powerful friend who won't think twice about coming to their aid. Much to the surprise of anyone foolish enough to become a target of her fury. She is related to the King, so her fury and anger can be quite impressive at times.

Worshipers: It is hard to not have respect for this one. Everyone prays to her for good weather and just about everything else. Everyone knows of her. She does have a dedicated order though. They are the Defenders of Nature. Every one knows them as great protectors of the wild places. They are good healers and are a very popular order to Join. Of course they have more of a stand against the forces of evil and the undead. They seek them out and drive them from their lands. Biollante doesn't discourage this behavior, but at the same time warns them they do what they do with out her protection. She will not be dragged into a war with a God of darkness because her followers attacked the order of another. They understand this and do it anyway. They are respected, although seen as their own army, and they are acting like this more and more.

Temple: Biollante's temple is the forest where she first landed. This is sacred ground to her and she will not any harm come to it. No hunters allowed, nobody is allowed on this land who wishes to do it harm. She always keeps an eye on the forest and keeps it alive. This temple is filled with secrets if one wishes to explore it. Some people do just this, and most never return. It is a vast place. Despite being sacred land it is filled with dangers.

Future: Biollante's only true dream is to restore the planet to a paradise. According to the readings of fate, she never achieves this dream. A great war is to erupt among the gods and due to being the most powerful, she is supposed to fall in battle first. Her demise signals the coming of the greatest war since te end of the world. The meaning of the word fall is unclear. Nobody knows if it means if she dies, or if she simply falls.

Afterlife: Biollante promises immortality to all who follow her, in the afterlife, their souls are put to work in taking care of various forests and nature itself. They become elementals, and keep their personality they had in life. Usually though. They are reborn nowhere near their original life.
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Biollante, Goddess of Nature
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