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 Jiger, Goddess of The Plague

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PostSubject: Jiger, Goddess of The Plague   Jiger, Goddess of The Plague I_icon_minitimeWed Nov 21, 2012 5:08 am

Jiger, Goddess of Plague

Among the Gods, there are some that are so reviled and hated they are done so on a global scale. Jiger is one such being. Her origins are truly known, even in the past nobody knew anything about where she came from. She was kept under control, imprisoned deep in an island by some sort of a whistle. The wind blew through it and made the tone to keep her asleep. Nobody knew where this came from or just how this might have happened. It was so old that no records even existed among the native people of the island, in any kind of historical event. This implied that when they came to the island from what ever distant past, this strange artifact was already in place. The islanders never went near it. The strange noise it made scared them into believing it was a terrible thing, and they were right. It had been there for centuries.

Peace remained on the island for a long time until a science team came to the island, they theorized that this island, and the rest of the chain was connected to ancient Lemuria. They found nothing of interest until they came across the strange, very ancient whistle. It was the biggest thing on the island, there was no information about what it was or how it got there. So as scientists usually do, they decided to take it with them to study back home. They pulled it out of the ground with equipment and it was surprisingly easy to remove, but it was two hundred feet long and had to be airlifted all the way back to the mainland. The native people of the island were left alone, and they lived in fear for the following days as their home shook as it had never done before. It was clear to them that there was evil under their home now and everything they had feared was true after all. On the fifth night the earth exploded where the artifact was and a hideous beast rose from the earth. For one reason or another the beast did not turn it's wrath on the native people and waded into the ocean.

On the mainland further study of the thing revealed that it was made out some crystal that had no origin they could find, and even though they could not break it, they found the strange word Jiger carved in it, once at the top, and once at the bottom. the natives would have never seen either of these, not that it would have meant more to them as it did to the scientists who found it. Peace did not last long. It was near the end of the monster age, all of the terrors had long since disappeared of the earth and people were beginning to breathe easier. The news of Jiger's rampage quickly spread. The beast seemed to have no set pattern, but it was just as unstoppable as any of the other monsters that went on a rampage. There was no connection made between this monster and the artifact at the time.

Jiger's wrath went unopposed until one day the hideous beast came to where the artifact was being held. The wind was blowing through it that day. The sound attracted her and she became far more enraged then she'd previously been. The armed forces attacked the beast as it had done before but it was pointless as all the other times. The world's monsters had mostly disappeared, but there was one who the senseless rages had angered. Gamera. He was always one step behind the beast due to her chaotic nature. The burning guardian caught up with the beast though, it was only a matter of time. Gamera and Jiger battled, and she unleashed her full fury on him and hit him with spines that infected him with her vile sickness. Gamera crashed into the ocean and did not come back up. But his flames injured the beast greatly enough that she also retreated back into the sea. But she would return in time. Gamera slowly recovered from the virus and was able to reengage the beast in battle. The two fought and Gamera nearly lost the battle once more, but this time was able to claim victory by impaling the beast with the whistle that kept it subdued all those centuries. Gamera took the impaled beast and flew off into the distance with it. The menace was over. It was the end of the strange and horrifying tale of Jiger came to an end. Gamera tossed it into the ocean and watched it sink beneath the waves, it was still screaming despite being impaled all the way through.

Jiger did not die. She lay there at the bottom of the sea for ages, stuck there in constant agony, alone in the unchanging darkness. When the world changed so violently she was not ignored. Filled with a new and strange power she was eventually able to free herself the first thing she did is smash the artifact into countless pieces. She hated the world and everything in it. Gamera burned in her mind. She hated that turtle with all of her mind and swore revenge, but at the same time she decided that everything would suffer. Her chaotic nature and her rage would fuel her forever.

Jiger's stats.

Height: 290 ft tall

Weight: 70,000 tons

Jiger is the embodiment of sickness and misery. She is random and spread viruses and other sickness in all directions.

Her powers are as follows.

Pox: Jiger can strike any area with a horrible sickness, It can be fatal or just plain horrible enough to bring anything to a stand still. Like any disease though response and action can bring it to a stop.

Plague: This is like Pox, only in a much more massive way. This power is a wave of misery and death that moves extremely fast. Usually the only way to escape it is to get lucky or out run the wave.

Symptoms: Jiger can cause a body to produce many kinds of symptoms even if they are immune to the virus.

Aura of Sickness: Anyone who gets too close to her and will get sick, this will not fade once they leave. What they get is completely random, could be mild. Could be deadly. She can't shut this off with out extreme concentration.

Fever Beam: Jiger's main offensive weapon is her heat ray that is so intense it burns living things straight to the bone in seconds. In direct contact it turns things into ashes instantly.

As Jiger hates all living things, the same is returned to her in kind. She only spreads misery to all of the orders, all of the people and everything that lives is subject to her power of sickness and misery. All of the gods hate her for what she does, but it is Gamera who feels most responsible for her existence, as he should have done a better job in taking her out to begin with. The two hate one another on a legendary scale. Only Hedorah seems to be able to tolerate her, and the two have a strange relationship.

Jiger's Personality: She is demanding and angry most of the time because nobody can get close to her for long with out becoming sick and useless. She spends most of her time alone. She loves to experiment with new sicknesses all the time, though.

Jiger's Realm: She considers the body of every living thing her personal playground and realm.

Jiger is one of the few Gods with no worshipers at all. She is actively hated by everyone who's ever been sick, or lost someone to sickness. Her name is never spoken due to the belief it brings sickness to those who say it. Although the followers of Hedorah do have a curious affection for the Goddess.

She has no fixed temple as well. It was rumored that she did have one once, but it was destroyed in a battle between her and Gamera. Ever since she has decided she hasn't needed one.

Afterlife: Jiger's only concern about this place is the amount of souls she can send there at a time. Other then this, she cares nothing for it.

Future: Jiger thinks she will one day wipe out all life on earth, or at least create a virus that will destroy the Gods themselves, but she never works to hard towards this goal. She hates them all, but enjoys making them suffer far to much to kill everything.
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Jiger, Goddess of The Plague
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