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 Legion, Goddess of Domination

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PostSubject: Legion, Goddess of Domination   Legion, Goddess of Domination I_icon_minitimeWed May 15, 2013 5:37 pm

Legion, Goddess of Domination

Of all the Dark Gods there are few that are as hated, and worshiped as the one known as Legion. She is not from the earth and her origins are truly unknown. She came to earth to assimilate it into her vast empire, the plan was simple enough. Infest it with her soldiers to take it over, then leave for the next world. She had been unstoppable, where ever she went she was able to crush her enemies and the collective wills of the world's she ended up coming to. It was a process she had repeated over and over again just because this is what she had always done since as long as she could remember. Legion came to earth and expected the small blue planet to be taken rather easily, just like all the others. There would be some resistance, sure, and there always was, she only picked worlds that had, or seemed to have enough of a collective will to fight back and to be crushed.

Earth started out like countless other worlds had. The people living on it began to fight back but it was pretty useless in the end. All of their science was failing them, even if it did seem to work for short periods of time. Legion was sure her soldiers, the bug like creatures the size of men could take the planet. She rarely stayed on a world for long as it was converted into one of her hive minded planets. She was preparing to leave the Earth when something she did not expect happened. A force, surprising near equal to her own stopped her from leaving. It was Gamera. She was surprised that such a planet had anything like this.

The battle was started and there was only one way to finish it, one of them would have to die. Legion and Gamera quickly became bitter enemies and the two clashed over the fate of the planet. The battles between them caused a great deal of destruction, but in the end Gamera channeled the life energy of the planet into one massive attack. A mana beam hit Legion and destroyed her and the link to her soldiers on the planet were shattered. The earth was safe from the alien threat, for now. Legion was not truly dead. The willpower of her spirit was not to be wiped out. In the past, in her earliest days she worried about being destroyed. Clone bodies were created on the planet, sleeping for untold ages.

The hive mind aspect of her being instantly transferred her into a new body. She would live again, and had nearly always been immortal. Legion now wanted the Earth because she could not have it and at once set out to reclaim her world, this time with a great deal of her army with her. It would take a massive amount of time to get back to the world though. Legion came to the earth several years later, but her timing of arrival made her show up as the great disaster took place on the planet.

The magics destroyed her army with the first wave as it came upon them. Legion's body was drenched in the magical power, it knocked her out and she fell towards the planet. As she got closer to the world the magic kept slamming into her over and over again. In the disaster, few people noticed the burning monster that came from the sky and fell into the ocean. Years passed and Legion slept, she was changing under the sea into the Goddess she was destined to be.

When she woke up, it was a very different world then she remembered it. She was very different then she remembered as well. Her power was so far beyond what it was, yet she could sense that there were many others like her. Worse, they were all fighting for control of this planet, her planet. Not quite willing to just step into the spotlight and be seen as a new threat that could be destroyed. Legion experimented with her powers. Soon she discovered that she could take human form and found it to be quite hideous. She made her way into the cities of the human race.

To them, she appeared as a beautiful woman and her only desire was to take power. In this disguise, it was easier then she could have hoped for. Followers of all kinds seemed to come out of nowhere. She claimed to be the high priestess of a new order, the Order of Legion. Nobody seemed to mind much and for the moment nobody seemed to mind. This new order quickly gained attention from the others of the area from both orders of the gods. Anyone who was not a follower of her did not trust her message, it was hard not to admit she was beautiful.

Legion quickly revealed her self and her true intentions as a Goddess, and her will to rule. Her order was shaken, but many believed she was the one to follow in the end. Legion joined the lords of Darkness in an unofficial capacity, allied with them but not to be in their ranks publicly. She was the one who wanted ultimate power over everyone eventually one way or another.

Legion's Stats

Height: 350ft tall

Weight: 90,000 tons

Legion is the embodiment of Domination, Slavery, and Order.

Her powers are as follows:

Domination: Legion can completely control the minds of weaker willed animals and people at will. Resistance is possible.

Possession: Legion can transfer her mind into people and take over their bodies and minds for short periods, if the subject is willing the condition lasts until she leaves, forced out or the host dies.

Torture Frenzy: Legion can bring out the darkest desires inside of anyone to inspire them to torture others, usually used to force people to serve Legion's order. If the victim resists, the torture can continue until the victim dies.

Brainwashing: Legion can erase the personality of one person six times a day, or a large group of people once a day.

Energy Whips: She can create several energy whip like tendrils to use against her enemies to cut through them several times.

Energy Shield: Legion's only defensive power is to create a shield around her that stops all forms of energy for a short period of time.

Fear sight: Legion can see the aura of fear and weakness in all living things. She can see in all darkness, magical or natural and uses this to decide what approach will work best.

Summon the Swarm: Legion has a vast army in her realm she can call upon. When she calls, this can include her insect warriors and followers of all races to come to her aid, they will all fight to defend her to the death.

Seduction: Legion, in her human form can get the humanoid races to do as she wishes willingly by making promises and using lies and just the way she looks alone, she can appear to be perfect to any who sees her.

Legion is the Goddess of Domination. She will always do everything she can to bring more into her swarm and order by any means that she can. Due to her hive mind aspect, her strength varies on the size of her following.

Legion's Realm: She put much work into her realm. It is a maze of rooms. Each room is either filled with torture devices or a heaven. Legion knows there are several ways to convince people to server her will, and do it of their own free will. It takes a great amount of work to get these people in this mind set. Once they give their life to Legion, she treats them very well, no matter how they had to get there. Her realm is endless, but it is, to most people. Nothing more then a long hallway with endless turns and twists, and stairways. Many doors leading to paradise, or torment. Each one seems to be random, too. Anyone who finds away into this realm doesn't leave with out swearing complete loyalty to Legion. Some of these rooms are filled with gold and other treasures.

Personality: Legion is a switch personality type. She can violent or peaceful. No matter what she is acting like, she always wants something. She is extremely greedy and the more she can't have something the more she wants it and will do what ever it takes to get it. She is far from lazy though and is willing to put in a lot of the work herself. She is sadistic as she is like a caring mother figure. She wants everything.

Worth isn't as much as an issue to her as what something is worth to other people. If people hold something of great worth, she wants to control it and in turn control the people. She is a great planner and is relentless to get what she wants, however if things don't go her way she'll fly into a short lived rage before trying again. She rarely knows how to give up on a goal and she usually has several plans going on at the same time. She usually has no problem sacrificing her followers if the goal is worth it to her, but carefully considers the outcome. It's hard to tell if she actually cares for her followers, or just acts like it. She is seductive as she is vicious and hard to trust, but is always true to her exact words.

Worshipers: Legion has one of the biggest orders of all the Gods, and one of the biggest enemy groups there are. Everyone who worships Legion does so completely. Slavers of the world belong to her, those who do fare better and get more protection then those who try to go it alone. Anyone can worship Legion. The mentality is more like a secret cult then a public order. Those who are in the inner circle usually don't talk about it and are completely typical. They act by making friends, getting close to them and slowly pulling people into the inner circle, the process usually works.

People who Legion wants but cant be influenced with being nice, she uses her special torture priests to convince said people she is the right choice to make, or die holding on to what they believe. Even though both sides of the circle are united, one usually doesn't make contact with the other unless they have to. The inner circle of Legion is more like an infestation that steadily grows if unchecked. Rumors of entire towns being part of this order exist, and it is unusual for a town or village to be all of one thing completely.

Temple: Legion has several temples. They are semi legal, those not operated by the torture priests are usually not allowed anywhere in any kind of town. These places are often seen as healing centers and places of safety and peace. In reality they are nothing more then conversion centers. Anyone is welcome to come in and join the order for free. These temples look and feel much like it would to come home for most people, and offer protection from the outside world.

The other temples are made for people who are taken by force or sold by other factions. Legion's order gladly pays for prisoners, cities sometimes pay them to sweep the streets of the homeless and unwanted people that wander at night once a month or so. It's a perfect solution for those places who have overcrowding problems. These taken people are brought to the violent temples for their reeducation processing.

Afterlife: Legion is not a fan of death. She hates losing any of her followers to anyone else. Eternal life if one of Legion's promises. She moves the souls into the insect bodies of her swarm, this is her version of eternal life. Once and a while souls get away from her, but not often. Special souls willing stay at her side and retain all of their supernatural talents at her command.

Future: Legion's reach will be spread too thin one day and she will incur the wrath of all the other Gods for her invasion tactics. Legion plans on taking over the minds of all the Gods eventually.
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Legion, Goddess of Domination
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