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 Para-Elemental Plane of Ooze

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PostSubject: Para-Elemental Plane of Ooze   Fri Feb 05, 2010 11:22 pm

When The planes of Earth and Water meet, all you get is a mess. There is nothing inspiring about this infinite ocean of Ooze. But it does have a few places one might find interesting to visit. This vast plane is a terrible place for any unprepared traveler to come to. And everybody knows it, and those who don't know it learn very fast that it is. This is a place that is not to be underestimated, however. We will go a few of some of the attractions here.

Great Silt Palace: One of the few semi solid structures in the plane is this. It is a great castle closer to the earth side of the spectrum. The people who live here, never actually intended to stay. Most of them are ancient prisoners from various realms who have no other place to go. It is guarded by Mudmen and some Ooze elementals who live just outside the palace walls. It is ruled by the most powerful prisoner, and who that is changes constantly as there is always somebody looking for more power. This used to be a better place, but when the wizards began sending their enemies here, it all quickly degraded into chaos. Nobody knows what it's original purpose was.

Pudding Lake: This "Lake" is named for its black color. It is the darkest area in the realm. And the whole thing is alive. The "Lake" is actually a massive being that eats everything it touches. It's immortal and is always seeking out new sources of flesh to eat. The entire lake is in constant motion. The only reason it has not approached the Palace is due to it's solid nature. This lake is responsible for an untold number of deaths. It cannot consume metal, its shores are littered with all kinds of shiny things that are usually very valuable as a lure.

Mud Mountain: Is actually a form of ooze volcano. Not much here and it's power can be seen from the Palace. It fires torrents of mud and slime miles into the air with immense force. People say that there are caves in the mountain that actually lead to the plains of Earth and Water, but nobody has ever been able to confirm it.

Slime Forest: Closer to the water end of the spectrum, all of the heavier things thrown into the plane of ooze end up here. Weapons, shields, and anything else that has been doomed to be thrown in this plane end up here, and they cover with a thin form of blue slime. How it gets it blue color is unknown, but it is the only place of color in another wise brown world of mud. The items here do not rust, but the place goes for miles in every direction. If you come here you might find something, but beware of the ooze elementals who have learned that people come here, it's a hunting ground.

Lord of Ooze's Domain: A god was banished here once in the most ancient of days. And his name has since been forgotten. Usually this god keeps to himself. His domain though is vastly different then anywhere else on the plane. It has actual solid ground and plants, trees and all the other comforts of home. This god does not like visitors though and people who come here on accident or by design are treated one of two ways. One, they are expelled from the plane of ooze forever, or two they make more solid ground for his domain. Yes. His entire domain is still alive, living people who have been transformed into the solid ground. People tend to avoid this tiny piece of paradise.

Darkness Flow Tavern: An odd little place seemingly in the middle of nowhere. This place is always open and is oddly enough, made out of wood instead of earthen walls like everywhere else. The owner is a dwarf who never leaves the building, but is usually kind enough to take care of the beaten traveler who finds the place. Nobody knows how or why the place is still standing, and still here. People say its actually a portal to other realms, and the dwarf is a gatekeeper, nobody knows.

Plane Traits.

Time doesn't move here, effectively making everyone who comes here immortal as long as they are not killed.

It is aligned to Neutral Evil

Gravity is three times as powerful as the Material plane. Due to the lack of a solid surface here it's easy to come here and simply get buried instantly.

Magic works normally here.

This place is a mixture of earth and water, it is very hard to move here with out magical assistance. The gravity here is powerful, but if you can make it here, you'll eventually get used to it and be a stronger person for it. Everything looks the same here upon arrival if you can't show up in the palace and getting hopelessly lost is far too easy. And getting out is much harder then getting in. This place is used as a prison for this reason alone.

There might be more to be found here, if you are willing to go look for it. But this is a place best avoided.

So ends the brief account of the Para-Elemental Plane of Ooze
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Para-Elemental Plane of Ooze
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