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 Elemental Plane of Earth

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PostSubject: Elemental Plane of Earth   Mon Sep 07, 2009 7:43 pm

Elemental Plain of Earth.

Welcome to the darkest natural plane of existence. This is a sunless world completely underground, filled with all the creatures of the earth. The air is always stale and motionless in the endless caves and and the gravity here is intense and in some places the natural forces are too strong for anything but the most monstrous of things to move around and live in. The undead are constantly trying to take over the realm as its very atmosphere and nature suit them perfectly. The light here is made by special glowing crystals that contain an odd magical energy. Riches are untold in this place, brave miners often go into this world to search for some of the legendary veins of gold and untold natural vaults of diamonds and other jewels, many never make it home, their bones make natural markers to the paths and locations for those willing to try.

The Jewel City: From a distance this city is a beautiful place. Every building is created with the finest dwarven craftsmanship, formed from diamonds and other incredible crystals. This place is suffering from a drought of epic and eternal lengths. Most of the city is abandoned and it is mostly silent. There are things still living in the city but they keep to themselves.

There is a silent law of this place that is enforced by ancient and powerful golems and gargoyles from a forgotten age that nobody but the oldest creatures remember. The lighting is constantly dimmed and there always seems to be a feeling of being watched from the shadows. If one looks long enough they will find some of the best weapon and armor makers in the multiverse. In the center of the city is the Crystal tower, this tower is a mile high and ten miles wide at it's base. This is where all the Golems and Gargoyles reside and maintain watch over the city. Also this is where a 95 ton diamond is kept. Many have tried to steal it, nobody has succeeded.

The Black Caves:

Out of all the realms this one is the hardest to find your way in. It all looks the same in being so dark. The Black Caves are no different, but there is no light here. Nobody who has ventured here has returned, something lives down there that attacks anybody else that ventures into it's lair. It is hard to know when you have entered these terrible caves, but when you figure it out, it is too late.


This is a maze that looks like it was man made. Its entrance is well known , there is even a town at its entrance that lives on adventurers that attempt to get to the prize in the center. In reality there is no prize at the center, there is a portal to another realm that is nothing but a giant maze of terrible scale. The Earth Plane Maze is filled with evil traps and monsters, and a fair amount of treasure. As one goes deeper into it, they are enticed to go further into it. The place feeds on the greed and ambition. Not many ever come out of it and the maze can change at random, five feet into the place and one can become hopelessly lost. If you find this place, stock up on supplies but enter the maze at your own risk.


Earth Plane has always been a battleground. The undead horde constantly charges through the portals of other worlds. The front line is a cave basin almost 600 miles long and 100 miles wide. Here is ground soaked in blood of all kinds of races. At any given time there will be a battle taking place somewhere. If you come to this place, you should avoid it as survival here is not likely.

The Mud Sea:

This is an odd place. The shore of this place is endless and made up of rocks and sand for as far as the eye can see. The Sea of Mud is just as endless. Unlike any other sea of any kind, you can walk on this one as long as you keep your pace and dont sink too far in. There are precious few Islands in this sea to go to. If one sinks into the mire there is no escape. A few seagoers exist on specially made boats to explore the sea.

Many beasts roam this area and shapeless horrors sometimes come up from their lair and attack any living thing in the area.

Stigian Mines:

Welcome to the largest concentration of jewels and gold in the multiverse. There is a fortune to be made here if you can find it. Getting in is easy, and if you do not take anything with you on your exit trip, you will live. The Stig live here. A horde of immortal spiders created to defend and secure the mines. They do this job very well. Many bones can be found among the riches as a warning to others to look but do not touch.

Also there is a great ooze that lives here attracted to all the bones, it slowly eats them, and anything else it encounters.

The Shrine of Battle:

This is the last well known caves. It is simple in design. It has a solid granite floor and two doors. Anybody can enter this cavern and they will be forced to fight their greatest enemy, it will appear automatically and the doors will close. The fight will end when the battle is over, all battles are to the death. When the battle is won you will be offered a prize that is useful to you in some way and nobody else. Also your name will be added to the wall of victory forever. If you enter this cave again, you will have the choice to battle, as the earth elemental will appear to you and ask. Also you may challenge anybody else to a duel, but it must be to the death, other wise you could be trapped in their for along time.

Plane Traits:

Its Time is normal as the material plane, but it feels slower due to the lack of light.

It is aligned to Neutrality

All magic works here, light magic only lasts half its normal time.

Gravity is intense here, it makes it hard to walk and breathe, everything is heavier here.

Earth Elementals are King here. All others suffer greatly.

This plane is opposite of the water and air plane, even though it is just as infinite in size, travel here is slow. Getting lost here is extremely easy to do and there are very few ways out of this place. There are holes that are so deep they actually connect to other realms. This place is just as amazing as any other realm, but its silence is very forbidding to most people. This is a brief detail of the realm, there is much more to be found and to explore.

They say if somebody wins 2000 battles in a row in the battle shrine that person will gain all the powers of earth and the earth crystal itself. The last battle is supposedly against One of the Elemental Dragons of the Earth Element, and A forgotten God.
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Elemental Plane of Earth
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